PREGNANT 2 Months In A Row

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Shannon - November 10

I concieved in early october with positive tests but miscarried around he time my period was supposed to come. Now I am pregnant again, right on the next cycle after miscarriage!! I am not even excited because I am scared the same thing will happen, its soo soon?! What are the chances that it won't happen?


Alyssa - November 11

My story is almost identical! I got PG the first time the end of July and miscarried a couple of days after AF was due (on Sept 4th.) Then got a positive PG test on Sept. 24th!!! My first one m/c at a little over 4 weeks. And now currently I am 9 weeks and 1 day PG. So far everything is great (besides the brown discharge from one of the twins that I was carrying - it m/c) But my one baby is doing great so far!


Amy - November 11

Shannon hey i got pg 3wks after my m/c and now i'm 25wks 6d and i to was worried but it's going good


angel - November 11

hi u should be fine if u body was healed enuf to get pregant u should be fine and after u have a mc ur chances for a healthy baby are high :) good luck!!


cindy - November 12

i found out on the 6th of oct that i was pregnant and had a miscarrage on the 9th and now it is nov 11 and im preg again so we have the same thing going on.really there is no answer if our babies will be alright cause everybody different and we can do is try to follow good diets and im a smoker and since i found out today that i was preg i havent smoked and dont plan on it.let yourself get excited though. obviously we were suppose to be preg or else when we lose the 1 baby we wouldnt of got preg again.


Rebecca - November 28

A quick question for anyone with more knowledge in this area than me...I suffered a miscarriage about two weeks ago and have finally stopped bleeding yesterday. My husband works away from home and will be home in two days for a week. Is there a chance we could get pregnant again during his week off? If yes, is that a bad thing?


J - November 29

rebecca, I swear I o'd 5 days after I stopped bleeding, which was 12 days after I m.c.


cindy - December 1

rebecca, i got preg 10 days after my miscarrage.i had just stopped bleeding the day before.there is a chance cause if the wasnt your period you ovulate 14 days before your period and you would get preg then.or also a miscarrage can throw off your cycle and you wont know when your going to start the best thing to do is make sure you wear a condom and try not to get preg for 6 months to let your body heal from the miscarrage.



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