Pregnant 5 Months After M C When Should I Go See OB

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Jess - August 11

Well I just found out I am pregnant again after having a missed m/c in March. I'm not late for my period yet, 3 days till I'm suppose to get it. But I tested early. Anyway, when should I call for my first OB oppointment? Should I go early because of my past or should I not even consider the m/c since it was my 1st????


Ranae - August 11

After my first miscarriage, my OB told me that I should call as soon as I knew I was pregnant again. Therefore, I would not take any chances & call. Best of luck.


Kara - August 12

Congrats!! Call your dr immediately and demand a quant_tive hcg check. They will usually just have you go to the lab a couple of times to make sure its rising since it usually takes a few weeks to get in to see the Dr. Then your pregnancy is verified and doc_mented. That way you and the dr know that the pregnancy has gotten off to a good start. If you should need more test later in the pregnancy, then there is already a baseline established. Pray that it won't happen, but if you do miscarry again it will be so much easier to get the Doc to look for the cause of the problem since you then have doc_mentation that you have been pregnant twice. I will be thinking of you!


Jess - August 12

Thanks guys. I'm actually switching Dr. THe one that I use to go to doesn't have any evening oppointments so I'm swicthing to one that does. My mom says to wait until after Sunday, when I am suupose to get my period. Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out.


crisy - August 12

Hi Jess. First of all CONGRATULATIONS! I really think that you should make an early appointment with your doctor even though it was your first miscarriage. Make sure he sends you for blood tests in order to make sure that your hCG levels are going up the way they should be. An early check up and close f/u will ensure that you will have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. I had my first m/c in April(it was my first pregnancy). I'm currently ttc. I was told that when I get pregnant again I should be seen right away because my hCG levels were low. I am also Rh neg. and even though I got the rhogam, my body could still reject the baby's. I'm scared! I hope everything works out well for you. Best of luck and take care.



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