Pregnant After 2 M C

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Amanda_18 - April 26

Hey ladies, Im pregnant again, Iv had 2 M/C. I am now on a Progesterone suppository. And im still really scared to lose. Have any of you ladies had this before? Please help me! Thnx


Fall - April 26

Amanda, I too have had two consecutive mc in the last 6 months- I know how you are feeling. I am on progesterone suppositories this time around as well (100ml 2x a day). I put one in the morning while I watch Good Morning American and one before bed. They are a little messy/oily. I’m really hoping this does the trick and this one sticks. I think we just need to stay positive. Have you had you hcg numbers taken and you progesterone levels???


Amanda_18 - April 26

Tnx Fall. Ya i had them taken last friday and im getting them again tomorrow, Then find out on may 2nd. Its kind of a ..Err i jus want that day to be here, What are your levels supose to be? Im taking 100mg once per day.


kdella2 - April 27

Hi Ladies I miscarried in March-finally got AF today and would like to start trying again. I have such mixed emotions. I am so excited to start to try, but nervous this will happen again. I was hoping I could get some comfort from similar stories. I am sure what I am feeling is normal, but its nice to hear from people who had an MC also..Thanks!


SarahMarie99 - April 27

Hello friends. I myself had 2 M/C over the past 12 months. I got pregnant again in January. My wonderful Dr. put me on progesterone also 2 times a day and I am happy to say that I am in the second trimester forum. When you are on progesterone I would recomend laying down for a hour after you insert it. I find that it absorbs better and I have way way way less leakage. This stuff works ladies. I have never ever made it this far and I have already seen the baby on a ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. Just because you have had some losses doesnt mean that it will happen every time. So good luck and baby dust to everyone :)


stefkay - April 27

Hi ladies, I'm kind of worried now...I am on progesterone suppositories too and I use 2 daily as well, but mine are only 25 mg each (50mg per day). Is that enough??? I called the pharmacist and asked him about it and he said that it is fine and that suppositories get to where they need to be faster so not as much is needed. He said if I were taking it orally I'd need to do more like 200mg per day, but not with suppositories. But I see here you guys have the same type as me but much higher doses. Should I be concerned?


Amanda_18 - April 27

stefkay I dnt think you should be concerned. Its still progestorone. I dnt have it 2xday like these other ladies either, But im very hopeful that theyll be good enough. Iv already noyiced i have less of those early pregnancy cramps;


micorazon - April 28

Hi Amanda, I had three losses and can completely relate to how you feel. This time my doctor put me on progesterone and bsby aspirin and im currently 13 weeks. I have never made it this far in the past so I do believe the progesterone makes a difference. I took 50 mg suppositories twice a day as well. I still had cramping in the early weeks but I think that was just ligaments stretching. Stef - I was concerned about being on 50 as well because I had read so many other people post that they wer eon 100 mg or more but when they tested my progesterone levels again after taking them it increased my levels significantly.... I wish all of you the best of luck.


stefkay - April 28

Mico, so you were on 50mg 2 x daily? See, I'm only on 25mg 2x daily so that is only 50mg for the whole day, not 100 like everyone else here. That's why I'm worried. I've never heard of anyone on 25mg suppositories! I swear the pharmacist thinks I'm a lunatic after bugging him about it, but he seems to think this is a normal dosage, at least where I live!? I guess I shouldn't be too too concerned because we don't even know if I need the progesterone. My last OB never tested my levels (have no idea why) and I'm going to a new OB here in a few weeks so I am just taking the progesterone on my own as a precaution. Therefore I'm not being monitored as to my levels as of now. I really can't freak out about it though because really I'm not sure that progesterone is really the issue.


pba74 - April 28

Congratulations to everyone who has a sticky bean! I have had 2 m/c in a short time period and decided to wait until May - June to start ttc again. My doctor never told me any of my levels either and that leaves me wondering what the next pregnancy will be like. Did everyone here have testing after the second m/c or did your doctors just put you on prog. supp. for precaution? I am in the process of looking for a new doctor and dont' know whether I should have a "pre-conceiving" appt to go over my history or not? What do you all think?


Erin15 - April 28

Amanda - thanks for starting this thread. I'm very curious about progesterone and levels that people are on. I'm not on it as we're still trying to get pregnant again (been there 2 times, 2 m/cs). I am on baby asprin already and then once i find out if i'm pregnant, they'll give me progesterone. so is it something you'll continue on throughout the full duration of the pregnancy? i thought my dr. said they would only give it to me for the first trimester. hoping to actually have to use it sometime soon!! good luck to all. i would definitely think that fear of losing will be stuck with each of us no matter how many pregnancies we have in the future. Let's hope that our fears are squashed with the arrival of 10 fingers and 10 toes! Good luck.


stefkay - April 28

Hi Erin! Yes the progesterone is only used until 10-12 weeks because after that the placenta takes over and the progesterone isn't needed. I'm just gonna relax and use what I have as I'm sure it is enough. Last pregnancy my dr. put me on it as a precaution (actually I asked for it!). I asked her to test my levels and she told me it was too late since I was already pregnant and that she would have had to do a test in the late part of my cycle before I became pregnant. This confused me because most women here would post that their progesterone levels were checked along with their betas in early pregnancy. Who this time I'm switching dr.s (wasn't real happy with the last one) so I never got my levels checked still. The last dr. was supposed to do it after my m/c but cancelled the test on me. I still don't know why.....


micorazon - April 29

Stefkay - how far along are you ? I was on progesterone until 10 weeks. Im not sure why your doctor told you that tthey dont test your progesterone levels during pregnancy. I never had my levels tested prior...I was put on progesterone as a precaution. When I had my first hcg level taken it was on the low side of normal. I never had any testing after my m/ this area they dont do any testing until you have had three miscarriages. I actually got my bfp the week I was supposed to meet with the RE to start my testing. Amanda - I would suggest a preconception appt. After all that I have been through I wish I had mine. I think even though things are going well I will always wonder what was the problem in the past. I a__sume it was either a blood clotting disorder or progesterone levels but I will always wonder.


stefkay - April 29

Hi micorazon, I know this all drove me nuts with my dr. because it just didn't make sense. She is actually a RE and told me she is an infertility specialist. She is also a OBGYN. I got in with her because I'd heard she was good. I later wondered if she dealt more with infertility than with actual pregnancies, you know? Well on first hcg draw I asked for my progesterone level and it was explained to me that to find that out the dr. would have needed to see me and test for a luteal phase defect by performing an endometrial biopsy in the end (25th or 26th day) of a regular (non-pregnant) cycle to see if I were deficient in progesterone. I know, I know, it just doesn't make sense. I'm guessing she never tested progesterone levels on any of her patients? The only way I knew it was done regularly was from reading this forum! She was also a know it all so I didn't really want to say "well, I read on this forum that you should be checking mine with hcg blood tests"....blah blah blah, you get the picture! ha ha....Soooooo, needless to say I'm going to a new dr. for this pregnancy and I'm praying that she is caring and knows what she's doing.


stefkay - April 29

oops, mico I am 5 w 1d today



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