Pregnant After A Molar Pregnancy

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gramma2 - March 9

can any one share any thin on a Molar pregnancy experience?


michelleshockley - March 11

Hi gramma2, my name is Michelle and I had a complete molar pregnancy in July of last year. I faithful took my birth control until December of last year. I started having trouble with getting two periods a month and my mood was out of control. I stopped taking them to try to get my system to get back to normal and got pregnant. I am currently almost 11 weeks pregnant. I have a little bleeding and have been to the ER a few times. baby is doing well. Growing and has a strong heartbeat. There is hope after having a molar pregnancy, but if the dr. says to use precautions, I would. There is alot of things that can happen if you don't. So, if you have anymore questions or I can help in anyway, I am here for you. Michelle


k-momma - August 31

Hi michelleshockley, I don't even know if you are on here, but I have a question. What can happen that is not good if you get pregnant soon after having a complete or partial molar pregnancy? What are the risks? I just had a molar pregnany and am devasted that I have to wait a whole year to try again! Can you help me understand???


michelleshockley - August 31

Hi k-momma, When I had my molar pregnancy last year I was advised to wait 6 months to a year. The reason being so they can check my hcg level ans make sure that it returned to 0. It never got to zero, but to 2-3. I know that the hcg needs to be below 0 to get pregnant for awhile because when you have a molar pregnancy those cells can come back at any time and then your body can think it is pregnant again,but actually it could be another bad pregnancy.When I stopped taking my birth control, my husband and I were together and wouldn't you know it I got pregnant. This pregnancy has been very hard on me emotionally and mentally. As of today I am 36 weeks pregnant. I would highly suggest if you do decide to get pregnant before 6 months or a year that you monitor your hcg's and see a specialist just in case. Anyhow, I hope that I have been of some help to you. take care and keep me posted. Michelle



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