Pregnant After D Amp C

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Julie - April 16

I had a d/c on 2/25/05. To date, no period. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came back positive. Is it possible to be pregnant without a period? How far along am I?


Sandra - April 16

Definitely possible. I had D&C on 2/17/05 and when I had no period I took test on 4/2/05 which came out positive. I've had no period inbetween. I am estimated to be 6 weeks pg, but am going for a scan this week to confirm some dates.


Julie - April 16

Thanks Sandra! Let me know how it goes.


Sandra - April 20

Hi Julie, went for my scan which said I was 6.1 weeks pregnant and so far everything looks normal. We even got to see an heartbeat!


staci - April 20

sarah-congrats again! how far along were before you m/c in feb? I am so happy for you-it gives me hope. how did you know when to ttc on the right days after m/c? my m/c was on 3/28 and I do not know what days we should be ttc...we waited 2 weeks after D&C to ensure cervix was healed and then started and have been now for a week like every other day-do you have any idea how many more days we should go on like this for? thanks, before my cycles used to average every 31 days! thanks


Sandra - April 21

Hi Staci - we didn't know when to ttc exactly, but I started charting after the D&C (did it before I got pg the first time) and used that as a guideline. I conceived 5 weeks after D&C but it is different for everyone. My cycles used to be 33 days but from what I've read on this site the first few cycles after mc is not as usual. If you really want to ttc tis cycle you should probably continue what you currently do every 2-3 days. But can't really say. Good luck!


staci - April 21

thanks sandra-I will keep you posted-please do the same! I am so anxious and happy for you! what a great thing! good luck


Sarah - April 22

That is rea__suring news. I have u/s scheduled for 4/26. I am so nervous.



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