Pregnant After M C 1st Ultrasound

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Angie603 - January 22

Hi everyone. I had a m/c in may. My baby stopped growing at 6 wks and never had a heartbeat. I never found this out until they did my first ultrasound at 12 weeks. It was a difficult loss... Fast forward to now...I am now a little over 7 weeks pregnant. I have a new doctor. I went in for my first ultrasound last week. Baby was measuring 6 wks and some odd days. They couldn't get a heartbeat. the NP told me that she was unsure if I was going to have another miscarriage or not because it could be too early to tell. My HCG levels at that point were great. She sent me in this past sat and today for levels. I found out a bit ago that the levels are rising and they are within normal limits for how many weeks I am. I am so happy but so scared all at the same time. I will have another ultrasound this week to see if they can see a heartbeat. I am praying that we will see it this time. I've never heard my own baby's heartbeat before, as I have no kids. I would love to hear some positive stories. Thanks!


hailey07 - January 22

Angie, I am very sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel. I'm actually going through a m/c right now and I miss knowing that I am pregnant. This is my first m/c and I too feel very nervous about the next one. Although I won't be ttc for a few more years, I don't think that I will relax until I hear the baby's heartbeat. It's a very stressful time, and I hope that everything will work out for you. Just try to relax, one of my very good friends put it this way to me when I first found out something may be wrong: Nothing is wrong until it's proven wrong. We know more than she that it is not that easy, but if you think about it, it's a good rule to follow. Hope all is well, keep us posted!


jessica72 - January 22

Angie, our stories are similar. I too lost my first baby last May at 8 weeks. We found out at the first u/s at 10weeks. Terrible experience as I had no symptoms and went from a happy high to an immediate low. Well, we conceived 3 mos. later in August and are now about to enter our third trimester. I had a rocky first trimester too, some spotting, etc. But the levels are a very very rea__suring thing. I'm hoping you are fine. Did they find a yolk sac and fetal pole? Sometimes 6wks is too early to detect heart rate. I am thinking of you and hope all works out. Success stories do happen and the risk of m/c is the same as if you never had one. 1 in 5 or something like that. Hugs :)


jessica72 - January 22

Hailey, I'm so sorry for your m/c. Been there and sending hugs your way. I understand you being nervous about the second baby, but odds are completely in your favor. Most of the time it's a random thing, not that it eases the pain. I like your friend's advice. It's hard to relax, but it helps to have a strong support team of loved ones. Hugs. :)


hailey07 - January 22

Jessica, Congratulations on your pregnancy! The third trimester must be really exciting! It's so good to hear a happy ending story after a m/c, give me good hope! Thanks again and good luck with the baby! Do you know if it's a boy or girl yet?


DownbutnotOUT - January 22

I had a missed m/c in May as well and was suppose to be 11 weeks 1 day and the u/s showed the baby pa__sed at 6 weeks 6 days. i got pregnant in June and had a chemical pregnancy :/ I didnt have af for two months later and in September I got preggers! I am currently 20 weeks and 1 day and have had 4 u/s so far because of cramping and spotting in the 1st tri and even mystery spotting about a week ago. The only thing is the babies kidney's look a little to big, there suppose to be under 4 mm and there 5 mm. My OBGYN is confident things are ok but other than that the baby is completly healthy and striving, Im even finding out the s_x sometime this week. I know its hard keep your chin up for I have heard women not getting heartbeats on u/s until 9 weeks and there peanuts areare perfectly healthy! take care


jessica72 - January 23

Thanks Hailey. It's a girl. :) We're thrilled.


Jennifer28 - January 25

Hi Angie. I am so sorry for your loss. I discovered at my 13 wk scan I had a missed m/c in December '05 at 8wks 5days. It was the most devastating thing I have ever experienced and I am so very sorry anyone ever has to go thru it. After having one period following my loss we discovered I was pg again in March '06. At my 5 wk scan, the dr was convinced I had m/c again b/c according to my lmp date I should have been closer to 7 wks. Anyway, 4 days of blood tests showed my levels were rising - which is a very positive sign!! At my 7 wk scan, we saw the h/b. It was the most exhilerating but frightening moment of my life. Being pg after a m/c is very traumatic and different b/c you always have that fear of another in your mind. Every cramp or spot of blood causes a twinge in your heart and makes you worry you'll have another m/c. But, I am happy to report that pregnancy, although very scary, was very much viable and I had a baby girl, Annabelle Lynn, on Nov 28, 2006. She was VERY healthy (weighing in at 9 lbs) and I couldn't be happier. I know it is so much easier said than done but if the news at your u/s is good news, try to relax and not stress yourself out worrying about another m/c. I will always miss my lost little bean and you will never stop thinking about what might have been - I still do almost every single day. I wish nothing but the best of luck for you this pregnancy!! Please let us know how your u/s goes!... Good luck to you, too Jessica! Not much longer to go, now!... Hailey- I am so sorry for your loss. Good luck to you when you do decide to ttc again... DBNO- Congrats to you!! I have seen you on this forum b4 and am very happy for you!! Wonderful news. I hope your lo is cooperating and you get to find out if your having a boy or a girl! My lo was quite proud and showed off she was a girl almost immediately during our u/s... Good luck to you all!



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