Pregnant After Medical Abortion

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liz25 - May 27

Hi everyone i'm new here and I want to know if any of you women have gotten pregnant after a medical abortion. I had one 1 week ago and I regret it, I can't sleep at night, i'm thinking about it everyday I regret it so much I can't deal with it anymore I hate myself I wish I can go back and change everything. I want to get pregnant again and do the right thing. Has anyone gotten pregnant within months after abortion? if yes what methods did you use to be successful? help please


AmberRae - June 4

I completely understand how you feel, it really is an awful feeling after you have that procedure. I unfortunately had it done myself in October of 2009 and in March of 2010 I was pregnant again and have a healthy beautiful 2 yr old little boy now. I know I could of gotten pregnant much sooner than that, but I continued to take the pill until I was ready and the first month we began trying we got pregnant. So YES you can definitely get pregnant again fast if that's what you choose. We have began trying again and in the past 8 months have had 2 miscarriages one just a week and a half ago and I had a D&E done which is like an abortion and I'm planning on trying again right away. Most Doctors seem to say wait one cycle mostly for calculating when you concieved, but from what I've read I think you can get pregnant before that. I hope I helped you in some way bc I can understand how you are feeling. Don't beat yourself up, everything seems to happen for a reason. Try to stay positive. Lots of luck to you.


liz25 - June 6

Thank you so much for your support. I just feel so les valuable because of what I did. I'm scared becasue I've been reading a lot of awful things on the internet and I'm so scared that ill have trouble concieving. And yes you did help me a lot because I can finally talk to someone that feels the same way as me. Again thank you so much



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