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ellamay - October 14

had a miscarriage on the 28th september done a pregancy test on the 13th october 07 it come up positive can i really be pregnant already please help me


drivingmecrazy - October 14

Hello ellamay...I too had a miscarriage on 15th of september (5 weeks) pregnancy symptoms are back again this month too...i am also really worried and just crossing my fingers...The best way for you to find out is to do a blood pregnancy test (quant_tative) to see hcg levels are high again...Lets hope for the best...Good luck


april baby - October 14

Hi ellamay – I am sorry for your loss. I also had an m/c on September 28. I am not sure how to answer your question and I was going to ask my doctor that questions when I went in to see her on Friday but I forgot. I would like to know also because I got the ok from my doctor to start trying before I get my first cycle. I know that it probably is possible so I would check with your doctor. I plan on doing a hpt at the end of next week if I don’t get my cycle. Good luck and keep us updated


AMB - October 14

Hey ladies...I am in the same situation as all of you.....drivingmecrazy I have almost the exact same dates as you...what date do you expect your cycle? Actually what are the chances of ovulation so soon after mc? ...what to do, what to do???


julie2007 - October 15

hi girls - if you all had m/c's around the same time - you'd likely be just starting to ovulate now. and the HPT's that you may be gettin positives on are likely the residual hcg left in your body from your pregnancy you lost. (drivemecrazy & AMB - you are about 2 weeks ahead of the others - but no one said how far along they were - it takes usually atleast 3 - 5 weeks to have the hcg levels come back down depending on how pregnant you all were - but since you were a little longer than the others - you may want to have a QUANTATIVE HCG blood test done with your OB mon or tuesday - and then another 2 - 3 days later - if it is rising = you are prego - congrats - if it is declining - you are seeing residual hcg from your miscarriage.) --- i am sorry for all of you to have lost a pregnancy - mine was august 28. -- you usually get your period back 4 - 6 weeks after your m/c - sometimes a little longer. if in doubt call your OB for a beta hcg.


drivingmecrazy - October 15

Hello julie2007..I went to doctor a week after my m/c...(m/c on 15th september ) they did a quant_tative blood test on me...and told me that my Hcg is back to Zero...I came back home and took another HPT on the same day...which showed a big fat negative...and now i have all the pregnancy symptoms back which i had the last time...i am just planning to wait for another week to do a HPT again...AMB...I too have the same questions and confusions about ovulation and periods...generally ppl say that my periods shd start in 4-6 wks of m/c...


AMB - October 15

I am pretty sure that my HCG was back to O just after the mc. I had three bHCG drawn and they were all low, but hit the lowest was 19 (yes just 19) and that was a while before I started to bleed. I went to my doc and she said that there was no need to do another bHCG because my numbers were low at the last test. Oh I was only 6wks along when I had the mc. so I guess they call that a chemical pregnancy? you know what...I am a sonographer and know a lot of this sutff just because I deal with on a daily basis, but I become an idiot when it deals with me....I just doubt my knowledge when it is about me. :)


drivingmecrazy - October 15

I really understand ur concerns AMB...i am a medical transcriptionist and know these kinda stuff cuz i transcribe OB/GYN doc_ments..its like you need some kinda moral support when u r going thru stuffs like you dont have to feel stupid abt it :)


AMB - October 15

glad you can's funny. I have access to the us machine all day, but at this point it won't do any good to look. All I will see is a prominent endometrium...which is what I would see if I had an early pregnancy and/or about to start af---at this stage in the game it looks the same...aargh..I just wish I were calm and collective and would not stress about this.


drivingmecrazy - October 16

I took HPT today early morning...initially i could not see any positive line, but my husband was staring at the result window and he could see a disappearing faint positive line...v am not sure if it is positive or our eyes/minds playing going to wait for another two days and retest again


AMB - October 16

I will be praying for you.....I honestly hope that you get the positive that you are hoping for. I am just too chicken to test again so soon....I was suppose get af today and no sign of her yet, but I am still going to wait a little while longer.


drivingmecrazy - October 16

Thanks for your prayers!!! i am also waiting for my periods...donno...i am very confused with the test result ya am also gonna wait for another week or so and test again...i really wanna finish a cycle...btw, my friends tell me that the period after m/c would be you have any idea about it?


AMB - October 16

No, but who knows? Did you bleed heavily when you mc or did you have to have a d/c? What are your normal periods like? My normal af is only like 3 days. My mc was a little heavier less than 5 days, but I had what the medical field calls a complete natural I did not have to have a d/c............. At this point I hope that you get the positive you want and we don't have to find out what af is like after mc wishes


drivingmecrazy - October 17

I had had a normal bleeding for two days...i pa__sed some tissues and clots and then i stopped bleeding...not heavy at all during my m/ normal period is only for 3 days...i just spot on 4th and 5th day of my cycle...and cycle usually 28-35 days


april baby - October 17

AMB and drivingmecrazy - Doesn't all of this drive you crazy. I also like AMB had a complete natural abortion on September 25th and my bleeding stoped on October 1st. So I am wondering when I can take a hpt. I think I might this weekend just to see what it says. I hope I don't get my cycle and I get pregnant now. I hope you all get pregnant and can miss our cycles. Keep me post and take care -


drivingmecrazy - October 17

Its right...its is driving me crazy...especially since TTC for past four months...I got all excited to see a faint positive surge on HPT last time....I kept testing for two continuous days...the positive line kept getting fainter and fainter...i went to the urgent care to get the qualitative pregnancy blood test and they confirmed it to be positive ...i was all happy...and the happiness lasted only for two hours...immediately after getting back from urgent care...i started bleeding like a normal period...i called up the nurse and she told me that i might be m/ heart broke...i took complete bed rest for two days...meanwhile my husband got an appointment with my ob/gyn...who did a quant_tative blood test on me...and said i m/c and my Hcg came back to zero....i had a bleeding for two days and spotting on third day...doc told me that i had a complete spontaneous abortion...:( ....Hmmm...Lets hope we all get a good news ASAP...Good luck AMB, ellamay, april baby, & Julie2007


AMB - October 17

well...not knowing is definitely driving me crazy....but unlike you ladies I was not ttc when I got preganant. I had a LMP on August 6 and 3 days before that I took my last pill. So I ovulated and got pregnant approximately 2 weeks after that....then at 6wks or so I had mc....then I was told by my doctor that I should wait 3 normal menstral cycles before I am not TTC but I am not -not trying either...and since I haven't been careful... here I am with all the same pg symptoms.... It has been 32 days since the first day of my mc (is that considered the first day of my LMP?) I have no signs of af yet I am frustrated and confused. Oh and when I had the mc I went to the ob/gyn and she gave me rhogam (I have - blood type) as a precaution for the next pregnancy....wonder if it could affect when I could /should ovulate? ...



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