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Bryandi - February 16

Hello all, I have recently had two miscarriages. The first passed naturally, but I still had a bit of acheyness in my abdomen afterwards. It lasted even beyond the first cycle after the M/C . We conceived that cycle and again miscarried. This time we had a D&C. My question to all of you is this.....If you concieved after a M/C, how many cycles did you wait, how many m/c before finally concieving, and any other information that may or may not have affected your m/c (fertility treatments...etc.) I guess I am trying to see whether the odds in this forum point towards waiting more than one cycle after m/c or if one is plenty. Thank you sooo much for sharing. I am currently in my first cycle after miscarriage (bleeding has stopped, but have not ovulated yet) and can't decide if I want to wait or not since this time I feel great, like my body is back to normal. (maybe D&C removed everything and the first miscarriage I hadn't passed all of it?)


bettyg - February 16

I've heard you should wait at least one cycle (my dr recommended two) to give your body a chance to recooperate but I've heard about a lot of people getting pregnant right away and being fine. I've had 4 m/c - all within 18 months - but I was just diagnosed with the MTHFR gene mutuation. If your doctor is willing, you might want to get some of the blood tests for the common issues done just to make sure. I wish my problem had been diagnosed earlier. A lot of doctors won't do blood tests until your 3rd but I say it can't hurt.


BeckyBunny - February 17

After m/c twice in a row so close together, I personally would wait for 3 cycles, 2 minimum. I know it seems hard to wait that long, but if letting your body rest and heal for a while cuts down the chance of miscarrying again, then it's worth it isn't it?


Bryandi - February 17

Thanks for your responses. I already have two children, 2 and 1. My doctor thinks it was just fluke that I miscarried both times. Since I had discomfort after the first miscarriage that never went away I think the reason I miscarried again was because there was tissue left from the first one. Almost immediately following the D&C my body felt normal again no discomfort or anything. Also the D&C was January 11th but the second miscarriage actually occurred in November of last year, but did not pa__s naturally and so I had to have a D&C. So I have been waiting to try again for a while. I can not wait for 3 cycles. I know myself well enough for that and also if we don't concieve either this cycle or next, we will have to wait a while because the busiest time of year for me at work is January thru April and I don't want to deliver in the middle of that.


caseyann - February 17

Hi Bryandi! I know doc says to wait at least one cycle, this is what he told us after our last miscarriage. We have had 5 total. Honestly though the last miscarriage was a "missed" miscarriage, it heart just stopped, and it was emotionally torture for us. We ended up waiting a year until we knew we were ready. We also have a amazing fertility specialist who put me on everything necessary to get pregnant and now is treating me with multiple meds to keep me pregnant. We are now over 8 weeks along and have a very strong heartbeat. This is the farthest we have made it and I have a wonderful feeling that this is going to happen this time. God is watching out for us :). I know that it is hard not to jump right in to try again, I understand wanting something so bad, just make sure that not just your body but emotionally you are ready, its honestly very important. I wish you best of luck in everything, and I hope that you have a wonderful healthy pregnancy dust to you :)


Bryandi - February 17

Thanks Casey! I have heard a lot about only needing to wait one cycle. That is really all I want to do, but I am also afraid of another miscarriage. That is why I am asking all of you how it worked out for you. Just to see how many people have been successful and how long they waited. Thanks again for you response!


erniedee - February 18

My doctor told us to wait 3 cycles, but apparently we weren't careful enough (4 years of infertility issues and IVF for our 1st son make using bc seem a little odd), and we got pregnant within 2 weeks of my natural m/c. I'm now 17 weeks and everything is going smoothly. I will say that I was an absolute wreck getting through the first trimester - i worried about every little thing. I still wouldn't say I'm relaxed, but am finally starting to enjoy this pregnancy.


CaliTrish - February 19

AF just arrived the other day, 32 days after my D&C. I, too, am torn between TTC this cycle or waiting longer. My doc recommended waiting 3 cycles, at the very least 2 cycles.


consy - February 20

Hi, so sorry for your loss. For me, I had a miscarriage at 7-8 weeks and didn't wait a cycle before trying again. I fell pregnant about 3 weeks later, before my first af, and it was successful and I now have a 7 month little boy. My doctor wasn't concerned about waiting for 3 cycles, he said that when i was ready i should try again. There is so much conflicting evidence out there, so i guess i don't give that advice to others, but it was fine for me. xx


Klara2 - February 20

Good Day, I had a ectpic removed on the 28th and is so hoping to be pregnant even before AF arrives so i am wishing you all the best


sterlinberlin05 - February 20

well I just lost my baby at 27 weeks due to a cord accident and my doc told me to wait at least 2 months....but he didn't seem like it would be a problem. I kind of think maybe he was just saying it to make sure I was ready but then again being that far along maybe I do have to wait. Which I am just because I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks in 06. Sooo hopefully next time we'll make it all the way. good luck and don't rush it....all good things come in time.


Bryandi - February 20

THanks everyone for your information. I am very sorry for everyone's losses. Hopefully we all have better luck in the future. Sterlin I bet you were devastated. I took it hard and I had very early miscarriages both times. I couldn't imagine being that far along. Good luck to everyone.


chandellina - February 21

my drs said there's no need to wait at all after early miscarriages. I had a natural miscarriage after conceiving on our first month of trying, conceived again on the fourth cycle after that and miscarried again with a D&C. From there it took me nearly two years to fall pregnant again, not helped that i was 36 at the beginning of those two years. happily i'm 16.5 weeks now and everything seems ok. During the second year of trying, we tried clomid, IUI and IVF. finally got pregnant on a natural cycle. I don't know if the problem was my eggs just getting older, or anything to do with the D&C. None of the investigations really turned up anything. I had an HSG in August where they run dye through your tubes. My dr said mine were clear but that it could have made it that much easier for the fertilized egg to get through in November. good luck to everyone trying!!


cubbie - February 21

Hi sorry to hear about all of your losses, after my first mc at 21 weeks I was told to wait 2 cycles and after this one at 15 weeks I was told to wait 1 cycle, so I guess the earlier the mc the less time it takes for the body to get back to normal.



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