Pregnant After Miscarriage Part 6

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planklg - March 19

OK Girls new thread is good luck. And I'll start by sharing with you I GOT A BFP AT 13DPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a faint line but def. there. I'm so excited I find it very hard to work today. I called my doc and she will be in tomorrow. I'm not sure if they'll have me wait till I'm late with af which would be Fri/Mon to do beta. And, I have my b/w papers to show her from the endocrinologist so she can decide if I need any extra support. I have had dull cramps since 5am right at my cervix/pubic bone area. Cramps make me a lil nervous because of the m/c I had in November but these feel like stretching. You ladies are wonderful and I know I'm going to really need you now so thank you in advance for all your help, love, and support ****************and xoxoxoxo,Lee:0)


planklg - March 19

Tcrock-good luck-cramps could be sign of pregnant too. Beebee-I hope your af comes fast then next month a bfp. Amb,April Baby, Kdella, Miss P Bryandi and all others here I hope you find this thread fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***********************


april baby - March 19

Lee - OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and so happy you were the one starting this new thread. I know that you will need us now to talk to you durning this time. I can't believe how happy I am for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for me this cycle was not my time. AF arrived yesterday and it sucks. I thought for sure this was going to be our cycle but I guess not. I have a dr. appointment on March 31 so maybe they will be able to help me. I know that I am O and about when I am O. DH and I will try again this cycle starting late next week. I am so happy for you Lee. It really gives me hope that it will happen for me too. Have a great day~


momjoy0691 - March 19

Tcrock: I totally know what you mean about being a Grandma TTC I have 2 foster daughters, along with my 2 kids and one is 17 with a 7 week old baby, and the other in 19 and 14 weeks pregnant. Good GRIEF! I still am praying for you. I am TAB this month too much grieving(my EDD was yesterday) and pain this month for me and dh, but hopefully next month we will be TTC again. Happy for all the bfp and lb's on the way to the rest of you b__wing babydust your way!!!


kdella2 - March 19

yey Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! that is soo exciting. Keep us posted on what continues to happen along the way! You only had 1 m/c, right? I went to the endo on Monday and I am going to be running around for the next couple of weeks going for all types of tests. The doc said its best not to ttc for this time period which stinks, but hopefully in the long run it will be well worth it! Hope everyone else is doing well!! xo Kris


planklg - March 19

Thanks girls!!April Baby-Hopefully next month will be your month. I found Fertility friend very useful and they were so right because my temps remained high after luteal phase. Yes Kdella 1m/c and I waited 2 full af cycles. This was my 1st month ttc again. It's funny because I'm not even that worried to see doc yet because I want the hcg to be high. My hcg last time was 21 on about dpo23 so I don't mind waiting a few days to hopefully get a high number. It's hard not to base evrything on the hcg # but at least this time I know the day I O'd. Lot's of baby dust to all of you. Let the bfp's spread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lee


AMB - March 19

Planlg – that is awesome!!! I am truly happy for you. …but I am still jealous (*wink,wink*), MissP hope you are having a wonderful week and that things are going well for you, beebee how are you? Kdell – hope that all of your tests are informative and helpful, April Baby – sorry you received your cycle and I hope that you will have luck next month, I have faith that our time is coming! I just feel so overwhelmed with this TTC stuff. I never thought that having a baby would be this hard or take this long (yea I know it really hasn’t been that long, but it just seems like a long time) ….to be honest it seems that the longer it takes to get pregnant the more I want a baby. I have had a difficult time this month, but at least I finally started af on Tuesday. I thought it would be horrible because before that my LMP was Feb 8, but it has been lighter than normal. I have and appointment with my doctor next Thursday, so I am going to wait and see what he has to say. He and I have talked before and he said something about clomid, but I just don’t know if I am ready for that, either…. Are any of you guys on clomid, or have any of you guys taken clomid in the past. My hormones are just insane…I have developed severe acne on my shoulders and back that I have never had before – thanks to hormonal imbalance. April baby you asked about charting and I just haven’t done that yet because to be honest I just know myself…I think that it would stress me even more………but I have the Dr appt. next week and will do what he says.


tcrock02 - March 20

OMG plank----yaaaaaa!!!!! i am so excited for you.. i am smiling ear to ear. WE are all gonna believe only good things for you-- think positive. I know that is so hard my mc's eat at me all the time. But this is a new day and a new chance at a miracle. I am praying for you.Momjoy dont it make you want to scream.My neice (17) is also 5 months Pg.. Miss P how are you?


MissP - March 20

Plankg - how exciting!!!!!! Im so pleased for you!!! You must be grinning so wide right now. All i cn say is congrats and try not to be too nervous as you know already these things can go either way....and getting stressed just makes the process worse. Its not easy to stay calm when your brain is going insane tho! Believe me i know! So when are you going to go get bloods taken etc etc? Aprilbaby - im sooooo sorry about af thats witch. She has no right to turn up again. I meant to ask you and AMB, how many cycles has it been since your mc's? Just ive lost count exactly, it must be about 6mths right? Im sorry its taking so long. But i know that it cant be long until one of you fall again so keep praying and stay psitive. AMB, i havent taken clomid so i cant answer that question, but i have heard good reports from friends that it helped some people i know within 6mths. Tcrock im sorry your having a hard time of it, it must be hard to have so many babies around you. I know its going to happen for you soon, this thread will bring you some extra babydust!! momjoy i cant believe you are a grandma aswelland trying for another one, thats amazing. You must both be young grandmas tho right? Kdella, one more cycle to wait feels forever but after you will be gald yu did. Keep that chin up, its only 4wks right! They will fly by i hope. Well girls for me im nervous and scared - i was supposed to have my 12wk scan tomorrow but they cancelled due to the holidays and now i have to wait until next weds. Im scared! I keep feeling like somethings going to go wrong, like last time. Im tryin to focus on the fact i still feel sick everyday and so tired. But its hard. Il have 12wks on sunday and i cant believe it. Pray for me!!! x x x


momjoy0691 - March 20

Tcrock: yes- I want to scream and kick my feet and all that!! So NOT fair!! MissP: I've been praying for you and that little bean. I know exactly how you feel-- I am always that way: nervous nervous, anxious and all that!! Yup I am a young grandma 38 years young!! LOL Lee: happy for the BFP!! Hoping everyone else gets one soon!!!!


tcrock02 - March 20

ya i am a young grandma--im 37-- thats young still i think. I had blood work done today for my metformin. i go back to the doctor on monday to see what is going on. i still get light headed sometimes guess the meds need to be adjusted. thanks everyone for all the baby dust. i can test on monday as well the waiting is killing me. i havent had any cramps today so who knows. time will tell. miss p i know that you are nervous. after a mc that is where you mind takes you when you get pg again. but look at all the stories in here where their babies were just fine. i know that doesnt help cause its your body i feel for you. hugs to everyone this is the toughest thing any of us will have to go through. But hey at least we are not alone. Together we can make a difference to each other. plank my fingers and everything else is crossed for a great pregnancy for you. bty i reread your first post and i had those same pain in my cervix area a few days ago felt like someone was stabbing me-lol lasted all day. i know cramps make you nervous but most likely it is your body making room for the baby------april baby we are gonna rock this post and all be pg together. come on everyone get off of here and get bding-lol nite ladies


planklg - March 20

Tcrock-you crack me up lol. This thread is catchy for bfp's you watch. Thanks girls for all the positive vibes! Tcrock, are you late with af? Miss P-I can't believe you're almost to 2nd trimester, YAY FOR YOU. Good luck on Wednesday. We'll all be thinking about you. I called my doc and she said no need to come in until 6 week period. So my 1st appt. is 4/9. She told me to relax, that I didn't need to do beta, and do my yoga breathing lol. She had to prescribe me zanax during my m/c for a couple of nights being so rough. I think it's best for me to come in later because I get so shaken up from beta results because I know what the number should be etc.. I took another bfp today and got another faint positve. I'm now going to wait a couple of days to retest so line gets darker. And of course try to relax. Easier said then done. Ladies I wish you so much luck and baby dust*********************** so you can be on this journey with me. If you're not temping on fertility friend, I strongly suggest it because I knew to bd when I saw my temp go down then shot up high. Love,Lee Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!


planklg - March 21

Hey ladies-had to test this morning lol-yay line is 2x as dark as Wednesday. Yesterday's line looked pretty dull so I just had to re-test today. Line is def. darkest today. Have a fabulous wekend ladies. I'm off to chill for the weekend and no more testing for a few days. Lee


jessica72 - March 21

Hey ladies, hope y'all don't mind me joining this thread. Quick story: I have had 2 m/cs; One in 2006 at 8 weeks and one just a few days ago at around 5.5 weeks. 3 months after my first m/c, I got PG with my DD who is now 10 months old. Hope ladies with babies are welcome too? :) Congrats to all the PG ladies on here. DH and I hope to start trying again in May, so I would appreciate having a group of ladies who have been there to chat with. I am 35 right now, so I feel in a rush to get my babies born, but I know I will always feel stressed out with every pregnancy to come. I am blessed to have my DD, but want desperately for another child.


dianemarie - March 22

hello all ! i had a complete miscarriage on march 1 at 8 weeks and did not need a d and c...the ultrasound put the baby at 5 weeks.. i stopped bleeding and cramping between the 7th and 8th. On the 11th i began to have cm similar to ovulation cm and an occational twinge of cramping or two. i a__sumed i couldnt of been ovulatin ( and was told that i wouldnt). so on the 11th my fiance and i had s_x ( first time in over a month , i was so afraid to when i was pregnant!) and several times in the following weeks. starting the 18th i started having some cramping and soreness of my nipples. i thought" af is on her way! and so soon?" while at work tonight i couldnt help but sit down, im exhausted, and began to get lightheaded again, with a full tummy even, along with the cramps and nipple pain. when i first got pregnant before the m.c. i got verrrryyy lightheaded and dizzy which made me finally deside to test. so i did tonight, and its a faint post_tive. so my quiestion is.. could i actually be pregnant? i a__sumed since my hcg levels must be down that id be getting my period.. i cant help but be overjoyed but i dont want to get my hopes (drs closed allll weekend)


Bryandi - March 22

OMG OMG!!!! Congrats Lee!!!!! That is awesome! The waiting really worked out well for you! That is great! I bet you are sooooo happy right now. I can imagine you can't concentrate on work right now!


tcrock02 - March 22

Welcome Diane and Jessica. All are welcome here. if you can put up with our craziness we will share it all with you. And i do mean all-lol....and jessica mommys are welcome here as well. we just all share the loss of one or more angel babies. i have cramps today like period cramps--waaaaa...i pray it is nt AF!!! I know it is kinda soon after my D&C to hope to be pg but my heart is so set on having a baby. waiting sucks so bad. WB Brandi. i run a daycare and when the babies are cutting teeth it breaks my heart cuz i cant do much to ease their pain. Well nite all and Happy Easter. Talk at you Monday



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