Pregnant After Miscarriage Part Two

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AMB - December 5

Hello - I agree with Clauds about needing a part 2....I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Clauds I had spotting 2 weeks to the day from af…Ovulation spotting? Never thought about -it so maybe? How have you been? Still having some of the pregnancy symptoms??? April Baby how are you doing? Our dates are still very similar…so what are you symptoms – this month, if any? Erniedee – how have you been? Have you had another HCG level drawn? Alley – I know it is very difficult for you not to worry. I hope that you will be able to relax and enjoy the pregnancy ride. MissP – maybe this will be your lucky month…DMC – On the 3rd when you had the US they didn’t do a Vaginal US? -- At 12 or so weeks you can see very well transabdominal especially if the patient’s bladder is full. Glad that things are progressing well. What is your actual due date? Bgodd – how are you? Are you still around? Ok ladies…those of you that are pregnant already please post you due date J - - I hope that the rest of you get the BFP this month. Baby Dust to all!!!


erniedee - December 6

Things seem to be going well. I have minimal symptoms - really tired, occacional nausea, strange food issues/cravings - but all in all I'm feeling frightningly good. No more hcg levels. Dr. was happy with the rise in the 2 she took. Have an ultrasound on saturday to try to establish a date since i haven't had a period since my m/c. I think I must be around 5.5 weeks, but I can't be sure. If they see anything with the u/s I hope to get a due date then. I think early August.


Alley - December 6

AMB- Could your spotting possibly have been implantation bleeding? Thank you everyone for the comforting advice. I am really trying not to worry. All I can do is just wait for my U/S at 8 wks and go from there. They will be doing an "OB screening". Does anyone know what this entails? Erniedee, I'm so happy for you! Goodluck with your u/s, sounds like we'll be due around the same time.


april baby - December 6

Hi Ladies, I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I just wanted to post here so it will get sent to my e-mail. Thanks AMB for taking charge and starting a new thread. I will write later this evening. I am at work right now and need to get some things done. Take care~


MissP - December 6

Hi girls, its so nice to have a new thread, i hate scrolling! Ernieee and Alley, its nice that you two are close together in dates..keep us informed. AMB, yes i hope dec wil be a better month for all of us. Hi aprilbaby too, sorry i cant remember what you said last on the other thread! Im having a good day today so i want to make the most of the positivity and spread it around. The last few days have been im enjoying feeling better. Babydust everyone!!


Salemzs - December 6

Hey got some new updates. I know it wasn't old levels that gave me a postive test because I was back at 0 shortly after the miscarriage, but it must have just been a chemical pregnancy. I had only a faint line at first and then I kept retesting to get a darker line, but started getting neg tests and 3 days ago I got af. Or maybe it was just a false postive the first time. I'm not sure. I'm going to try again this month so I guess we'll see what happens at the end of december. I hope everything goes well for you erniedee and Alley. I'll try to keep in touch more.


Clauds - December 6

Hi ladies, cd33 now I feel a bit nauseous (or maybe I imagining it wishful thinking) and still have the sore b___bs and backache but mine are almost always like that before AF so it could be AF. Still getting bfn as well just waiting to see what will happen. Salemzs so sorry to hear that. How are you feelings about your results? I think its still worth going to the doctors just to be sure of what is going on with your body because it is very very rare to get a false positive and if is was a chemical pregnancy you should have it recorded on your medical records. I am thinking of you....stay strong. Erinedee things seem to be going well for you good luck with the scan on saturday, keep us posted with that. Aprilbaby what going on with you? AMB I really think it was ovulation bleeding they say when the egg burst out you can sometimes get spotting but it goes unnoticed by most women but because we are in this situation it just makes us super observant. Let us know how you continue. Missp glad to hear that you are having a better day hopefully by the end on your cycle you will be feeling much better. Alley I'm not sure what OB screening is but I'm sure all the other girls can a__sist you...... thinking of you. Best best wishes to everyone I really hope things get much better this month. Lots of sticky baby dust. **********************************


april baby - December 7

Hey ladies, hope you are all doing well. I love that we have so many women on here and I appreciate all of your support and kind words. Thank you! DMC, congratulations you must be really close to 12 weeks. I am sure having an u/s was emotional and exciting. I am so happy for you and I hope you keep updating us. We all love to hear good news. Alley, waiting is so hard but so worth it. Please try to relax and be happy that you are pregnant again. I know that you have been through a lot. I am not sure what OB screening means but you will soon find out. I am really praying for you and hoping for the best. Take care of your self and that little one. MissP, it is completely normal to be worried and looking on the Internet… is never a good idea but we all do it to find answers. I am glad that you had a better day yesterday and are doing well. It is fine that you can’t remember what I said last time I have the same problem. Take care and keep us update. I believe you are only less than two weeks away from seeing your little one on the u/s. AMB, I am right there with you…whatever happens, happens it is in the Lord’s hands. I am not sure what that spotting is. I have never heard of ovulation spotting. Very interesting to me. I hope all is well with you. Clauds, when do you think you will test again? What are your normal af cycles? Just curious because my af are between 28 and 30 days. It is easy to imagine symptoms. I go through the same thing, but yours really sound like it may be happening. I guess we will wait and see. Okay so I think I am almost caught up. erniedee, it sounds like you are doing well. I am sure you will feel better tomorrow when you get some good results. Please update us as soon as you know anything. Salemzs, I agree with Clauds. I am sorry you are going through this. Please take care of your self. I am so happy we made a new thread and this will be great for all of us. I am currently on CD20. I should find out on Dec. 14 or 15 if I am pg again. I hope so but at the very least I hope I get an af on the 17th so I really know I am back to normal. My husband and I just bought a new SUV that we are hoping to fill up soon so we have been trying. I am really hoping for some great results. I am not trying to think about the symptoms this time around. I will just wait until about the 15th to see how I feel. I will try to keep up to date so I don’t have to write such a long post…sorry. Sorry if I missed anyone. Take care~


MissP - December 9

Hi everyone, i havent got any news to tell but just wanted to say hi. Weve had a good weekend, not too many upsets so feeling good. Aprilbaby, i think you got me mixed up with one of the other girls, but like you agreed with me, its easy to do! When theres so many ladies, and we all have similar circ_mstances at times but thats why its a nice forum to be part of. Im glad you only have a few more days to wait to find out one way or another. Im hoping for good news for you before christmas! Salemz, im sorry it didnt wrk out this month. It must be hard when your hopes are high. I agree with april, go to get it checked out and at least its on your records. Clauds, its been 3 days since you were feeling the nausea, so you must have done the test by now, whats the situation?? Hope your ok. All the other girls, hope you all had great weekends!


erniedee - December 10

good morning all. so, i had my u/s on saturday. we didn't see a heartbeat, but the tech seemed unconcerned by that since i'm measuring between 5.5 and 6 wks - right in line with my calculations. Of course I'd feel better if I saw a heartbeat, but i'm trying not to stress. The heartburn has kicked in in full force & my bbs are starting to get sore more frequently. Other than that, I feel really good - which of course makes me paranoid. Time will tell.


Alley - December 10

7 weeks today!! 1 more week to go until my first u/s. Erniedee, don't worry, I've read it's normal not to hear a heartbeat that early in the pregnancy. When is your next u/s?


april baby - December 10

MissP, thanks for understanding. I am glad you are feeling well. Erniedee, Alley is right a lot of times they don’t hear the heart beat until 7 or even 9 weeks so don’t worry too much and take care of your self. Congratulations Alley! 7 weeks that is wonderful. It will be great to go in and see your little one on the monitor. Is your u/s on next Monday? As for me, I am feeling some cramps and my bb or getting somewhat heavy but it could just be my mind playing tricks on me. I really hope this is our month but I will have to wait and see. I think I am going to test on Friday and then Saturday and if I still get a bfn then I will wait to test on Monday. I should get me af on Sunday. So we will see. Take care~


Clauds - December 10

Hi ladies, erniedee it good news that you are measuring in line with dates and I agree with the other ladies I have heard it is quite normal not to see the heartbeat that early some don't until about 9wks. What did they see in u/s did they tell you? When is you next u/s? Alley good to see you are progressing well with your pregnancy good luck for you u/s. April baby sounds like you are getting pregnancy symptoms, hope they are. Keep us informed of your testing! My cycles are normally about 32 days in length. MissP glad you feel ok. Are you ttc this cycle? I am on CD37 today took another hpt this morning and bfn. I still have sore b___sts and feel nauseous on & off but I know my chances are quite slim now because so much time as pa__sed but still hoping for the best. I wanna know either way. Speak you ladies soon. Lots of baby dust*********************************************


AMB - December 10

Hey ladies! Hope you had a great weekend! erniedee - did you have a transv____al or transabdominal Ultrasound. At 5+ weeks it isn't uncomon not to see a heartbeat. DO NOT STRESS!!!!! I know it is easier said than done....April baby - keep us informed since you are going to test soon. ....ok about ths spotting...I don't know what or why...but I had a little more today....but only enought to show up in my undies and could see it when I wiped....but only a tad....I am suppose to start af on Wednesday. Maybe..but who knows..since MC I had a one 35 day cycle and one 24 day we will see what this month brings.... Ok ladies...I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!


Alley - December 11

Hi ladies, I've noticed my b___sts have become much less tender this past week and of course I'm worrying again because I know a loss of pregnancy symptoms is not a great sign. Has anyone else experienced this or heard of others? AMB, when I had one of my m/c, I bled from the m/c for a week and then about 3 weeks later I started bleeding again. I thought it was af but I didn't have cramps and there wasn't much clotting. Also, the bleeding was very light and on/off again. My doctor explained that I probably had an "unovulatory" cycle, common after a m/c. The next month I had a normal af cycle and ovulated. Hope this helps.


erniedee - December 12

Thanks for all the responses. I'm trying not to worry too much, but I read into every little thing. For instance, today I don't feel as nauseous as yesterdy & it's freaking me out. My u/s was transv____al. They saw the sac, but no fetal pole yet. The sac was measuring 5 weeks, 5 days. Neither the tech or my ob seem concerned that they didn't see a heartbeat yet. I go in next tuesday for another u/s. I'm still hopeful that everything is good, but will feel so much better after seeing that hb. I've had no spotting or cramping at all. My only real "symptoms" are reduced appet_te, things taste strange, and disturbed sleep with lots of dreams. I never feel great, but nausea comes & goes - though today it's absent. It's almost 1:30 & all I've had to eat are a cup of yogurt & half a frozen burrito but I'm not hungry or thirsty at all.


Clauds - December 12

Hi ladies, took another hpt today and bfn I'm on CD39 today. I still feel slightly sore but all my symptoms are fading so I think it very unlikely now that I’m pregnant. I had a bad day yesterday my19 yr old brother told me his 17yr old girlfriend is pregnant she actually conceived the same time I did and is due in April like I would have been they found out this week that they are having boy and I think it was a bit to much for me I just felt like it should be me and my husband. I do feel happy for them also I’m going to have another nephew and they sound really happy after getting over the initial shock and telling our parents so I was pleased but feel horrible about my situation. Trying to keep positive though. AMB did your AF come? Check out remember to use WorldWideWeb it explains about ovulation spotting and the spotting you had recently could have been implantation bleeding…best of luck and keep us informed. Erniedee good luck next Tuesday everything sounds quite normal from what you are saying I know it must be extremely difficult but not to worry. Alley and erniedee reduced symptoms during pregnancy do not mean anything is wrong google it and you will see how much women worry about this same thing and have healthy babies. Keeping you in my prayers and continue to keep us informed of your progress. Best wishes to everyone*************************



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