Pregnant Again And Very Nervous

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hayleyc - May 17

Hi, I discovered my missed misscarriage in feb. Although I was 8 1/2 weeks along with my pregnancy (or so I thought). After going for a private ultrasound, after excessively bleeding for 3 days with no help from nhs, I was told that a actually misscarried at around 5 1/2 weeks. I am really nervous right now as am 5 1/2 weeks, just getting to 6 weeks will be a big step for me. As soon as I reach 8weeks I am going for and u/s to put my mind a rest. I know its early days... its just a waiting game now.


charliepaulchloe - May 18

hi hayley, i know this is a pregnany loss thread but i like to come here to see how ppl are getting on, i had a m/c in dec 05 when i was about 6 wks (i say about cause i didnt know i was preg til i m/c). i am now 18wks gone due in october and i know exactly how ur feeling. i was so anxious til i got past the last stage and then it was getting to 12 wks and in a way im still quite anxious now at 18 wks all i can suggest is think positive as stress puts extra pressure on you, take each day as it comes and instead of thinking weeks think days each pa__sing DAY is a milestone. good luck will keep looking to see how ur getting on. congratulations by the way xxx xxx


hayleyc - May 18

Hi charliepaulchloe,Congrats on being pregnant again and that everything is going well!!!I am really trying to think posistive, but its little things like not really have much sickness and wondering whether the reason why is because the pregnancy isn't prgressing as it should, and when people ask how your feeling you now their worrying about putting there foot in it. But I think I try to take your advice and thnk positively but it hard as you know. I have decided to go for an u/s at about 7 weeks as lots of people have suggested that maybe once I see a h/b I will feel much better, hoping so anyway...good luck on the rest of the pregnancy, keep me posted!! thxs xxx xxx



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