Pregnant Again But So Scared

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Fall - February 25

I lOve this website it is so great but I haven’t been on lately; I like to step away from the computer and take a break from my obsessing over getting pregnant for a day or so!! Today is cycle day 29 for me and this month has been an emotional month. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I took a test and got a negative. With only one test left I decided I would wait until Monday morning to take it, but this evening I found myself very emotional. I was uncontrollably crying as my husband left on a week long business trip and sobbing during a movie. Oh, and my nipples are tender and my br___ts feeling different; I’m just not feeling myself. So, after my husband called me (because is flight was delayed) and as I sobbed for no reason at all I decided I would take the test and I got a faint POSITIVE. I’m so scared because I had a mc at the end of November and I almost feel like I can’t let myself get excited. And I’m crying right now :) I can’t help it:) Well I wish you all lots of luck!! XO


stefkay - February 26

Congratulations Fall!!! It's ok...cry away! :-) I'd be feeling the same way too. Try not to worry (ha ha, easier said than done I know) and focus positive thoughts on that baby growing inside of you. Was the m/c you had in Nov your first? Get yourself to your doctor right away! (mom in me's coming out....hee hee)


Fall - February 26

Thank you.... I havent had any crying since last night :) but a few times I felt like I might :) But yes I went to the doc. this afternoon. Nov. was my first mc and I was so sad after... so I'm really praying for the best!! HOw about you, are you trying, pregnant??


stefkay - February 26

Well, not yet :-) I had my m/c on Jan. 23rd and just got my first AF after the m/c this past weekend. It already seems to be done with. I have some testing that's going to happenn this month so we can't try until probably the next cycle (April I'm hoping!). I know I'm having an endometrial biopsy to check progesterone in the end of the cycle and it would be baaaaad to get pregnant and have that done. So I don't think we can even have a "whoops!" this month....ha ha


sososleepy - February 26

I've got my fingers crossed for you! Hang in there and let it STICK!!!!!! I'm ttc after mc testing like a loon expecting af any day though.


Rhiannon - February 26

I'm so sorry about your miscarriage. I understand about having to take a step back from yhe computer. When I was pregnant last year after having a miscarriage I had to stay away fromt he computer until about 2 weeks before I delivered. You will be worried. I was worried for the whole 8 months of my pregnancy. Good luck. I read this advice somewhere shortly after having my miscarriage: This is the only time you will be pregnant with this baby. Regardless of the outcome try to cherish every moment, be it good or bad.


micorazon - February 27

Fall congratulations on the BFP!!! You were on a ttc thread with me a while ago. I got a BFP this month as well and am feeling very similar to you. I want to think positive and start enjoying my pregnancy but I am so scared. I catch myself checking for spotting everytime I use the bathroom. Keeping my fingers that this one sticks :-) My doctor had me come in today for hcg and progesterone testing. I will start progesterone tomorrow if the levels or low otherwise I will be going back for lab work every 48 hours. How did your doctors appt go?


Fall - February 27

Hi ladies, thanks for all the inspirational words!!! I went to the dr. yesterday and everything is looking as expected. Stefkay, I’m sure you will get pregnant in no time! Let me know how things go after your test. Sososleepy, you never know until AF shows so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Micorazon, so good to hear from you again… Congrats!!!!! Let me know how your levels are. My doctor advised me not to get my hcg levels checked because it could possibly worry me more. For instance if my levels the first time came back (lets just say) 10 mIU/ml and then the second reading came back 16 mIU/ml… I would more than likely worry. So I decided to opt out of getting them check, unless I feel uneasy about something!! But the good news is I’m so tired, my b___sts are feeling very tingly, feeling a bit dizzy and nauseas from time to time. Micorazon, how are you feeling? XO


micorazon - February 27

Hi Fall...I agree that I would have liked to not worry about hcg numbers but honestly I am going to worry anyway :-) Hcg came back 209 and progesterone was 13.3. Hcg sounds good to me seeing that I am just 4wk +2 days but the progesterone sounds a little low. I am waiting for the nurse to get back to me on whether they will let me take a progesterone supplement. That was the main reason for the tests. I am feeling extremely tired and the morning sickness is starting to kick in but its just this kind of queezy feeling all day. You definitely seem to be having all of the signs that things are going well. I cant wait to get out of the testing phase and actually have my first prenatal appt. Stefkay, SoSo - im sorry for your losses. Wishing you all the best of luck. Rhiannon - how long was it after your miscarriage before you had a successful pregnancy?


tiffany79 - March 5

Fall and Microzan, how is your pregnancy coming along?? I m/c (my first pregnancy) on 2/6 and waiting for af to come ANY day.. want to ttc agian ASAP! I chose to wait 1 cycle. Curiuos to hear how you both are doing!!


Jenny K. - March 6

Congratulations Fall and Microzan!!!! I'm in my 2nd cycle ttc. I had a m/c last May, 2006. My doctor thought that I might have had a partial molar pregnancy, so I had to wait until 9 months. We got the ok in the beginning of Feb to start ttc again. I hope it doesn't take long. Good luck to you two...I hope you have a healthy 9 months!!! Lots and Lots of baby dust to the rest of us ttc!!! Jenny


micorazon - March 6

Hello Tiffany and Jenny. Im sorry for your losses and wish you both luck ttc. So far my pregnancy is going well. I had my hcg levels checked a couple times and they were doubling as they should, I have my first ultrasound next week and another hcg test on thursday. I do have extreme all day sickness. Even though I feel terrible it gives me some reasurrance that my pregnancy is progressing. I am on one baby aspirin a day and progesterone suppositories twice a day. Both treatments in my cause were just as a precaution because I never had any testing. My first progesterone level was 13.1 which they considered to be normal but low. so I asked that we do the suppositories just in case. I have found great support on this forum and many women who have gone on to have healthy pregnancies and babies which has been encouraging and gives me the hope I need to not worry myself to death through my pregnancy. I am really just trying to relax and enjoy my time with this one. Once I got a few hcg results I did start to relax a little. Thank you both for your warm wishes...I need all the luck I can get :-)


tiffany79 - March 7

Micorazon, sounds like all is going smoothly, wonderful!!! Question tho, how do the check your progesterone level? Is it thru a blood draw? Did you request it? And did you m/c only once? How long ago? Im praying AF starts today.. yesterday was one month fr my first m/c.. ready to ttc!!


micorazon - March 7

Hi Tiffany, I had two miscarriages one in August of 06 and the second in Nov 06. I had a chemical pregnancy in January and I think that was because I didnt give myself enough time after the miscarriage...that was the first cycle after the loss. Even though the pregnancy in January never developed they considered it to be my third miscarriage so this time they tested my hcg levels and progesterone levels with a blood test as soon as I got a bfp. I do think the amount of time that doctors suggest you wait has to do with how far along you are at the time of loss as well as if you have a natural mc or if you have a procedure done. I was about 8 weeks when I miscarried in November and had a D&E in the beginning of Dec. I think I needed the two cycles that they suggested before ttc.


tiffany79 - March 7

Micorazon.. thanks for your info! Mine was a chemical pregnancy, basically ended up with af 2wks later.. just a bit more severe. The day i started to bleed, i went to the ER, and my HCG was only 44.. and the u/s showed nothing in my uterus. SO, im sure i had a chemical..and hopefully it was my LAST! I was told to wait 3mo, but that what my doc tells everybody.. im trying after this cycle. Im hoping the long term bcp use didnt thin my lining to much, since i got prego 2mo after stopping (on the pill for 10yrs) Im thinking of taking a baby aspirin once a day.. dont think it could hurt anything. THanks for all your help and listening!


HeavenisMine - March 13

I am pregnant again after a devastating m/c in January, and even thinking about this is making tears come. Of course now I just want to cry over everything. WE just have to hold tight for our little beans. Let God hold them so we don't have to worry, and just enjoy being pregnant! I am praying for the best for you!


Shiner081 - March 13

Hi girls,Great to here your good news.I got my period today .I miscarried on Feb 13/07 and had another before on Oct/006.It is exactly 28 days today since my D&C and hopefully We will conceive in 2 weeks and have great news like yours in a month.I really do not want to go through another loss so the 3rd time better be our lucky try and we have a healthy baby to show for it.We are not ready to give up and I have faith god will give us our precious bundle.We do have 3 already but want a forth to complete our family.Some say you shouls be thankful for the ones u have(which we are) but we want a forth so bad that it is like trying for the first.I do feel so sorry for those who can not even have one and go through this so often but when you want something so bad there is no stopping to get it.All I know is that I am going to try and try .



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