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bng710 - November 28

I'm 23 years old and I have had three miscarriages. My first was when I was 17 (I didn't even know I was pregnant!), my second was at 19 (I was right around 3 months along), and my third was a month ago (at 5 weeks). I just found out yesterday that I am once again pregnant. I am shocked, scared, happy - really just feeling a million different things at once. After my last miscarriage, my boyfriend and I fell apart - it really affected us big time, we were so excited for the baby. We are now broken up but still in contact (obviously since he has gotten me pregnant again, ha) and the realization of another pregnancy really has us nervous. I never thought it was possible to get pregnant again SO soon, and to top it off we used a condom in order to prevent getting pregnant again, and here we are. Our miscarriage really took a toll on us and I don't think either one of us has fully recovered from it. Has anyone else had these relationship issues after miscarriage? How can you come back from this and deal with another pregnancy?


hkeyes - December 3

All i can say is that you are sooo lucky!..sort of. I would kill to be pregnant again. My boyfriend and I are having such horrible issues right now after my MC. I was arounnd 12 weeks and had a D&C on sept.25th. Iv had one looooong period since then and im due for my next but its late...... n doesnt feel like its on its way. Im anxiously waiting to get pregnant again but no luck so far. Its killing me...and also killing our relationship. My boyfriend works out of town and I sometimnes think of sleeping with other men just to get pregnant! Crazy i know. I love m boyfriend so much i could never but im almost bsessed with getting pregnant. I get so angry with him since he has a baby with another woman..and its hard when his son comes around becasue its a slap in the face. He was an 'oops' and his mother barely appreciates him. and all i want is a baby.. well... i think if men wud just pick up a book and read up on why we are soo angry,sad, happy, all over the place they wud understand. Our hormones are off the charts right now..and were dealing with a huge loss! Men cant relate because its not in them so its never felt real.. but its OUR baby... we eat for it, exercise for it, take vitamins for it, looks at everything we injest for this little bambino in us.. then one day out of nowhere its snatched from us.. Not only is it hard enough to accept a baby when it isnt planned. but now we have to accept the baby being taken from us when that wasnt planned either. I think your boyfriend, or your ex, will come around and maybe u shud explain to him why u are feeling the way u are... I sat down and explained to my boyfriend.. hes really good about it and understands.. and sometimnes he gets frustrated.. but for the most part he gets why its soo devastating for me... I hope this baby works out for you!!!!! so jealous.



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