Pregnant Again After A Blighted Ovum

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BAA - April 16

I was preg. 2months ago and found out I had a blighted ovum around 7wks. Had a D&C and waited one cycle. I'm now almost 6wks preg. again and very nervous with some anxiety. My HCG levels are good, 8,000 last blood test and going for an ultrasound monday. I thought I might of had a very little brown spotting this morning but not enough to get really upset. My face is one big zit but I really don't feel anyother symptoms. My husband dosen't offer much support so I choose to keep quiet and wait to see on Monday. Any advice.


Alison - April 16

If HCG levels are good that is a good sign. When I had my blighted ovum my levels were barely rising at all and that was one of the first bad signs for us. Good levels is a good sign! :o) All the best with the scan xxx


Kay - April 16

Just want to let you know, if you have a tilted uterus, you may see your baby a bit later. All my u/s' s up until 8 week showed an empty sac and I kept refusing the D&C. Fortunately I did because at almost 9 weeks, there was my baby. I just wanted to let you know because 1 in 3 women have a tilted uterus and see their babies between 7 to 11 weeks (and even a couple further along) and I like to prepare women not to panic if they don't see the baby. (((hugs))))


Ashley - April 19

hi Kay i hope your still around i have a question about your post. i had 2 positive pregnancy tests even pregnancy signs and my stomach even started to rise. but i went to confirm pregnancy and there was no hcg levels in my blood. then they did an ultra sound and said they didn't see a baby and that everything looked normal. i still feel pregnant could it be that it was just too early to see the baby? i determined i would be around 8 weeks tomorrow. should i just give up or should i wait another month before doing so?


Ashley - April 19

anybody else go through something similar and what was the outcome?


Allie - April 19

Ashley - to be pregnant, you must have HCG in your system. That is also what HPT's are sensitive to, so if you had two positives, it's possible you miscarried before you went in to see the dr.



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