Pregnant Again After Stillbirth In December

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vicky9989 - May 20

Hiya, i lost my baby boy on december the 7th at 26 weeks. Me and my partner decided to try and conceive and now im 11 weeks pregnant, with my due date as december 7 th! i just wondered if there was someone newly pregnant after a loss that could share this stressful time with me!


littleangel - May 20

vicky, congrats thats great news how wierd is the date to be the same, its easy said then done being stress but just take it easy and enjoy, hope full you will get a lot of help from you docs good luck :). sorry i am not pg a the mo but i am trying i lossed my DD on 11/1/6 @ 21wks due to problems with the placenta not producing enough oxygen to her so next time i will get meds to thin my blood. sorry for going on. good luck any way take care :) ((((hugs)))


Blake - May 21

Vicky, I lost my baby Gabryel to an cord accident at 28weeks on Spet. 21, 2005. My due date was 12/10/06. I am now 11-12 weeks pregnant and due around 12/8/06. It is a very overwhelming. I'm filled with many emotions but I just try to take one day at a time. I see my doctor every 2 weeks and will be seeing a high risk doctor as well. If you need to talk I am here. My prayes are with you!


Lilu - May 23

Vicky... I had a stillbirth in August, 05 at 34 1/2 weeks. I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant and due 12/5/06. I had an unexplained stillbirth. The only extra testing they've done so far is 1st trimester prenatal screening and everything came out okay. Then at 15 weeks I go in for Maternal Serum Screening. That's just a blood test to check for more chrom. abnormalities in the 2nd trimester. I really don't have any anxieties at this time. I had a smooth pregnancy with my daughter until then. My only panic is losing another but I try and think very positive. I've had 2 ultrasounds already and my next will be my 20 week scan. Good luck to you guys!



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