Pregnant Before First Period

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Liz - April 4

I just wonder how many women here became pregnant before their first period. I was told that I although they liked to wait because of dating, that I could ttc now if I wanted to. I just want to see what other people have done, and if everything was successful.


Sandra - April 4

I've just had a positive test before having my first period. Still waiting for bloods to confirm it's not a false positive. Doc did say risk of m/c was higher as cervix might not have closed properly after D&C. Maybe this is different where no D&C.


Sally Sue - April 4

I am pregnant now (about 5 weeks). I had a natural miscarriage on February 20th. I was 7 weeks. So far, everything seems fine with this pregnancy (but, of course, it is only 5 weeks). My doctor said that there is no more chance of miscarriage, and you are actually more fertile following a miscarriage.


Heather - April 5

My dr told me at first that if I was to become pg right after my m/c before a period, I'd be fine. Then when I called and spoke to the nurse she said, quote "we know there is an increased chance of a second m/c if you don't wait for one cycle first"... So... I don't know. Hope everything is ok. You can have bloodwork done to see that your hcg levels are increasing as they should. Could help ease your worry. Good luck and congrats!!!


SC - April 5

Good luck to you! I had a m/c on 3/27 and a D&C on 3/28 and am anxious to start trying again. I got to see my dc on 4/21 to follow up and she said I could start trying then once she has checked to confirm I have healed. Prior to this she did say that you can try before getting your first period and that your chances of m/c are the same as they were before. Good luck!


Davida - April 5

Liz: I m/c 2/5/05 and I am now about 6wks pregnant. No period in between and so far things are going great! Of course I still have a long way to go but I am staying positive and I am more hopeful everyday! Good luck to you and everyone!


mrswright - April 6

liz- i m/c 3/8 and had pos hpt on 4/4 went to docs today and they said my test came bak questionable and reschuled me 48hrs later which is friday. i wonder how sensitive their test are. anyone else experienced this?


Misty - April 6

I had a miacarriage back on Jan. 12th. I never got my period and after two months of waitng went to the doctor to find out why. Turns out it was because I was pregnant again. The dating thing is a bit of an issue though because at the moment they have no idea where I am. Somewhere between 9 and 13 weeks ( I think I am 10). Everything is going great for me though. It is just a bit scarey. Everytime I go to the bathroom now I look nervously to see if I am bleeding at all. But, so far so good.


SC - April 6

Misty-congratulations! It gives me hope that I will conceive right away after my m/c on 3/27 and am hoping to try soon. How far along were you when you had your first m/c? Does the doctor give any clue as to how far along you are based on measuring?


Misty - April 6

I was 5 1/2 weeks when I miscarried. The dostor will know for sure how far along I am based on measurements when she does the ultrasound but they aren't doing one for me until I am 20 weeks. My insurance doesn't cover it. So I am in for a bit of a wait to know for sure how far along I am. Funny thing is I even had this feeling one night after making love to my fiance that I was pregnant and I told him so. He told me I was crazy. But, silly me time went by and I forgot what day that had been and so when I turned out to be pregnant I couldn't remember the likely day of conception. See, we weren't really trying but we wouldn't have minded getting pregnant again so one night he slipped up and came in me and that just had to have been the night. But I can't remember what day that was!!! Ahhhhh!!! Now I have to wait for the ultrasound. I generally go to the first trimester forum but I miss how nice everybody always was on here so I occasionally come back to see if I can say anything to help.


SC - April 6

Misty-good luck to you! i am so happy for you and hope that my husband and I can get pregnant soon! We had seen the heartbeat at 6w2d and then miscarried 3 days later, it was devastating. I had a D/C the next day on my 30th bday. I am wondering when we can start f/u appt is on 4/21 and she said we could try then, but who knows if I will have a period by then, probably not. Do you know if using ovulation tests could say I was ovulating even w/o a period?


Misty - April 7

I'm not sure how all that stuff works. I would tell you if you are wondering though go to the thread t_tled Stacey. She had helped me once so I stopped in to tell her thank you and that I was wishing her luck and they were talking about lutal phases and thing like that that I never even heard of before. I would say go talk to them and they could help you tremendously with any questions you night have. Good luck to you.


emily - April 7

i had a micarriage last july and was pregnant again before i had a period. i'm now 8 months with the 2nd pregnancy and everything so far has been just fine.


SC - April 8

Misty-thanks for the info, I will check into that and find more info on that. emily-congratulations! that is great news, I am hoping to get pregnant w/healthy baby next time. when did you find out you were pregnant? did your doctor seem to worry? how far along were you when you had your m/c? so happy for you, staci


Dahn - April 19

I m/c on March 31 at 8 wks....I too am trying to get pregnant right away...I'm so happy to hear of success stories...I ahve been feeling nausea and my nipple is a little tender than usuall....I know I ovulated exactly two weeks after I m/c and I started having s_x with my husband exactly a week after (I felt fine and was ready) I won't know for sure if I'm pregnant until sometime next week...Is it too soon to feel pregnant.....I would be very nervous since I've already had two m/c. I did get pregnant 4 months later after the first m/c and had a healthy boy.....I wish all of you the best....and I hope I am pregnant


Sandra - April 20

Just wanted to give you ladies an update. I went for an u/s today and am 6.1 weeks pregnant. So far all is good and we saw a strong heartbeat. Baby dust to you all.


Dahn - April 28

Well I'm not pregnant.......Has anyone had a period right after the miscarrige.......I just started bleeding again only 3 wks after the actual misacrriage (not the day I actually started bleeding). My doctor said it could be my period and I had to get a blood test done to check my hormone levels.......this is so confusing......I read that you can't count any bleeding after a m/c as a period unless you've gone 20 actual days without bleeding. I know this is off the subject but I'm confused.....



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