Pregnant First Month After D C

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Godsmyhero25 - October 2

I just want to give hope to all of you out there ttc after d&c. I had a d&c done on August 5. (I went for a sonogram at 10 weeks and the baby had stopped living around 6.5 weeks) I resumed a normal period on September 3. I then got the go ahead from my dr. to start trying. Here it is October 2 and IM PREGNANT!!! Keep God in your heart and always trust him. I prayed everyday for HIM to bless me with a child and it has happened. Remember that your other little angel is in Heaven with him. Good luck to all of you and GOD bless!!!!


karinam - October 5

Your words are really helpull. I also had a d&c 11 days ago and I'll wait for 2 months. That's what the doctor recommended. Please keep me posted on how your pregnancy is going.. Did you have an U/S already? were you able to see the baby's heartbeat? I cant wait to go thru that!!


prainom - October 23

I had a d&c on September 18th and it is now 5 weeks since then and I still haven't had a period. My doctor told me to wait at least one cycle to start tying again but I am finding it really difficult to wait. I feel like the only way I will get over this m/c is to get pregnant again. However, I am nervous that it is too soon. Any advice?


Spark - October 23

prainom- sorry about your recent loss. I lost my baby end of April and my Dr. told me to wait 2 cycles. Well needless to say it has been almost 6 mos and I am not pg. I say this: I believe your body will be ready when its ready. If you were to get pg now there is no greater risk in mc if you waited until one cycle. FYI- it took me 4 wks to get what I thought was a period but it really was not because my levels were still high that pg tests were coming back positive for 8 weeks. since then my body seems not to have adjusted just yet because my dr. put me on clomid. Is your Dr. checking your levels are they back down to 0? when this happens you should begin to bleed shortly thereafter. My Dr. did not test so I used pg tests and when I finally got a neg test I got my cycle. I hope all of this info helps.


prainom - October 23

Thanks, spark. My doctor never even checked my levels. In fact I never even had my levels checked. I found out I m/c after my first ultra sound showed no heartbeat. I guess I should go buy a home pregnancy test to see if my levels are back to normal. I have had unprotected s_x since the d&c so if it comes back positive, I wonder if I could be pregnant again. Anyway, I feel for you that it's been six months. I hope you get some good news really soon.


Godsmyhero25 - October 24

Prainom~ sorry to hear about your loss. I know how hard it is. Spark is should take a test to make sure it shows negative. After my d&c, I took a test to make sure it said negative. It would be very heartbreaking to get a false positive from the chemicals still left in your body from last time. There is hope for a quick pregnancy though. I got my first period 4 weeks after my procedure and got pregnant that first month of trying. I know its hard to wait for the period, but I would def advise you to stick it out. It would be even worse if your body wasnt ready and you started trying. I am only 7 weeks now........yall please keep me updated on your cases and I will do the same. God bless! Lots of baby dust!!


Kezgait - October 26

Hi there. Thank you to all who posted this topic and esp to "GodmyHero25" - you have really given me hope. I found out that i had miscarried pn the 5 October, i had a missed miscarriage and the baby had died at 8 1/2 weeks. I had my D&c on the 6 October. I feel that i have dealt with it emotionally, i still constantly think about it, but i dont get so upset about it anymore - i am just trying to prepare myself physically and emotionally for the next one. Still it does make me upset when everyone around you has a normal preganancy and they caryy to full term and then there's us who seem to have a M/C. Anyway its been almost 3 weeks since my D&C, and have fealt myself Ovulating - its weird how much more in tune you get with your body... anyway i know we have to wait for ttc for at least one month, but im secretly hoping... I also feel that if your uterus and body is ready, then the egg will attach, and that mirical will happen... If its meant to be it meant to be. To "Godsmyhero25" Congratulations - i am so happy that you were able to get preggers so quickly keep me updated with your progress please To "Karinam" and "prainom" good luck to the both of you for ttc and keep me updated too please.


szw2008 - December 25

Godsmyhero25- did your pregnancy turn out to be healthy? K & P= Did you guys end up conceiving? I just had a D&C yesterday. Oddly enough I feel like it never happened. I feel like I was never pregnant and that it was all a bad dream. I cried all day yesterday after I found out it was a blighted ovum and then cried up until they put me to sleep for the procedure. I spent today cooking a huge early Christmas feast for my husband and my two year old son and starting crying again a few times. I feel like the best way to get over this is to try to work towards another baby right away, but I want to know how other people's conceptions worked out before I get busy.



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