Pregnant Not Miscarriage Please Help

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Michelle - April 27

im so confused. in the beginning of the month i thought i had gotten my period but it was light brwnish for a couple of days, then pink, then a couple days went by with nothing, then brwnish again. i assumed it was just a messed up period..... but then a wk later i take a HPT and it was very faint, but the line was there. so i take another one the next morning and it was VERY positive. since then i have been getting a brwnish discharge once every couple of days or so. Yesterday i wake up and im bleeding bright red... i go to the doctor and they act like its no biggie.... they give me an ultrasound and sadi they couldnt see anything.... and it just seems like there was no concern to my bleeding. I think im miscarrying and they cant even tell me if im pregnant or not... so they took my blood and im supposed to go back on thursday. im just very confused and i dont know what's going on. i havent stopped bleeding yet, and there's little blood clots coming also havin cramps like a period but it wouldnt even be around teh right time... whats wrong with me????


cory - April 27

Sounds like you're miscarrying. I'm sorry:(


andrea - April 28

Michelle, does your doctor know about all your symptoms - the bleeding, cramping, and blood clots? I'm surprised they aren't doing more for you. If this is a miscarriage and you are looking to start a family, I strongly suggest getting a different doctor! You want a doctor who will take an interest in you and your concerns.


christina - April 29

Michelle i am sorry for what is going on with you. I had a miscarriage with no symptoms and what you are describing sounds like what the dr. was asking me when i miscarried. They say that most women dont even know they are pregnant and have miscarriages. Please keep me posted on what is happening to you. I wish you the best of luck.



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