Pregnant Or Not After Miscarriage

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5babies - August 7

Hi everyone. I've read tons of these things, but this is the first time I've ever actually posted my own question or even joined a forum. I'm asking because I can't find anyone with my same circ_mstances. I had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago. I was 7 weeks. I had no symptoms of anything for 3 weeks after. At 3 weeks I started getting nauseous. This really concerned me because the only time I get nauseous is when I am pregnant and I have had 5 pregnancies. I know they say all pregnancies are different, but I definitely have a track record and it is always the same. This is my first miscarriage though, so I thought maybe my body is just out of whack. I also started taking my bbt 2 weeks after the miscarriage and my temps were all over the place. They were higher than my normal temps, but again after a miscarriage anything goes, right? The nausea continued for 4 days. I was nervous because my cervix was VERY high and soft. Then the nausea stopped and my nausea does not stop ever, so I thought I'm good. So then I was fine for a week, more than fine. I totally deep cleaned my house everyday and actually liked it, lol! Anyway, for the past few days the nausea has begun again! A few days after my miscarriage my mom told me to go to the doctor and make sure everything was gone. I called my doctor and he said since I had a natural miscarriage all I needed to do was take a sensitive pregnancy test, so I did and it was negative. A few days later when I started taking my temps again it was higher than normal so I decided to take another one and it was also negative. I read that a lot of women can ovulate within a week following their miscarriage so that's what I thought happened. So a few days later my husband and I started to have s_x completely unprotected thinking we were safe. Then I took my temperature and it was lower and I kind of freaked out. I got online and found out that even more common, women ovulate 2 weeks after their miscarriage. That was right when my husband and I had started having unprotected s_x! So I had a little meltdown, but I watched my temp for the next week and it was all over the place, so I thought there was no way I ovulated yet and I didn't even have my biggest sign, nausea. Again, I thought safe. A few days later the nausea started and it was bad. I lost 5 pounds in 4 days! The nausea was huge for me, but I was still hanging on to the fact that I had these crazy temps. After the nausea stopped I just thought that it was another weird thing following a miscarriage. Then I had this awesome, energetic week and then 2 days ago the nausea started again and it is gradually getting worse! Now, my temps were all over the place so at one point I considered that my thermometer might be bad, but then before I got another one 5 days ago my temps started going up and not going back down, telling me my thermometer was fine. So here are all my questions... Is it possible to have no symptoms after miscarriage and then 3 weeks later start getting some? Is it possible to still ovulate after a miscarriage EVEN though your temperatures are erratic? ( The fact that my temps started going up 5 days ago and staying up could me that I ovulated then, but that doesn't explain the nausea a week before. ???) My friend thinks the first nausea happened around when I conceived and this time is when I implanted. I am somebody who starts feeling nauseous within a few days of conception. I know this because with all of my pregnancies I thought I was further along than I was because I based it on when the nausea started. Turns out it was always real close to conception. My last couple of pregnancies I never even got a positive HPT because I took them based on the nausea. Turns out I just wasn't far enough along. My last question is something I haven't really talked about. I know that your cervical position can go up and down, but can it fluxuate between soft and hard in early pregnancy? Or once it's soft it stays soft? I've read lots of forum posts and done a lot of research. I found only a few women who conceived after a miscarriage with erratic temps, none who had symptoms START 3 weeks AFTER their miscarriage, and no one says anything about the feel of your cervix, only the positions and how it is unreliable. I am hoping if I post my exact circ_mstances instead of waiting for someone else I will get some answers. Sorry for being so long! It's complicated and I'm desperate. :(



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