Pregnant Right After Miscarriage

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Erica - April 8

I had a miscarriage on February 14th (nice no?!) and I still haven't gotten my period. I've had PMS/pregnancy symptoms for the last week and a half but still nothing. We've only had s_x once since...but I can't help but think that it would take a miracle..I mean once?! Anyone else with anything similar?


rachel - April 8

I miscarried 21st Jan and had no period for weeks so on 18th March i plucked up the courage and did a test which came up positive. So it is entirely possible sadly i have been confirmed to have a missed miscarriage today. but the chances of that happening are so slim. My advice is get a test get it confirmed sit back and enjoy the ride :)


SC - April 8

Rachel and Erica-so sorry for your losses. How far along were you Rachel both times? I also had a m/c on 3/27 (my first baby) and am so anxious to start trying again but am fearful that we will suffer another m/c, has your doctors said anything about the risks of having another m/c after your first? My doctor said there was no more risk than there was before. She said we could start trying after our f/u appt on 4/21. Nervous!


theresa - April 8

Erica, what are the odds? I had a long, late period on 12/1, which must have been an early miscarriage, then had my normal period on 12/27 and got pregnant on 2/9. We had s_x once. Once. I'm turning 45. I think it could happen just like that.


rachel - April 8

SC i was 8 weeks the first time but the foetus was only 3 and the second time the foetus was 8 weeks and i don't know how it should have been as i didn't have a period between. Apparently there's no more chance of having another miscarriage after one after two the odds increase by 5% and again after 3 but these are only statistics and as we all know don't mean very much to real people. My advice would be relax if you feel ready to try and are successful just enjoy it and don't fall into that worrying about it trap. you have every chance in the world of going on to have a healthy baby i know so many people who have. Good Luck xx


christina - April 22

i had a miscarriage on 3/18 its now 35 days later and still no period. my normal menstrual cycle is every 29 days, and when i was 2 days late i knew i was pregnant the first time. Now i am a little bit concerned i have the same symptoms i had when i first found out i was pregnant.... is it too soon, will i miscarry again???


stacey - April 22

Christina- I also had pregnancy symptoms before my first af- also, my cycle was usually 30 days, but after my m/c it was 40 days. It really throws your body out of whack. It is a possibility to be pregnant again though.



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