Pregnant Soon After Miscarriage

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franny - September 4

I had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago and have not had a period yet. I had s_x one week after the miscarriage. Is it possible I could be pregant w/out having a menstrual cycle in between> My hcg is up again to 212.


Amy - September 4

Franny yes you could be i got pg 3wks after my m/c with no af in between


evelyn - September 4

I also had a miscarriage on July 31st, and am now pregnant again, did not have a period inbetween, so it is very possible


Sann - September 5

Amy - How did you know that it was safe to ttc again? Cos the gynae told us to try after 2 cycles but I don't want to wait ..... ! My first m/c & dnc was a little more than a week ago, I kind of lost at the moment, any advise?


Jenn - September 5

Sann, I've heard that after a D&C, they tell you to wait a bit longer than a natural m/c. I'm so confused about when you can ttc because my doc says to wait at least one cycle in before ttc (I had a natural m/c) otherwise the chance of another m/c is a little to jinx any ladies out there pg before AF. We're trying to wait out 1 AF and my husband and I are willing to do anything to have a complete pregnancy. We've waited this long, we're willing to wait another couple of weeks. But then again, if your body is not ready for a preg. your body probably won't get preg. It's so hard making this difficult decision.


Amy - September 5

Sann i'm really not sure this is just what i have read on other posts but i think that when you have a d&c it really thins out your uterus so that mite be why he said wait but then again i have read that if your body is not ready you will not get pg so some try right away i kept going in and getting my levels tested and then when they were to a 0 i asked is it fine to start tring and he said yes when ever i was ready and i was right away i did not want to wait GOOD LUCK:)


Amy - September 5

i just wanted to let you guys know i'm now 16wks 2d and all is going well sorry i forgot to tell you that part and i did have a natural m/c to i did not say that either :)


Jo - September 5

My doctor said to wait at least one cycle before trying just so you would know when you got pregnant. I did that not because I wanted to it just happened that way. I am now pregnant again.


Sann - September 6

Jenn & Amy - I had a natural m/c (at 4 to 6 week according to hcg levels) just 4 hrs before my dnc was schduled. We actually had to pick up our " baby" from our bath mat to send it in for a lab test the morning I had my dnc (i decided to go ahead with the dnc cos it could had been an incomplete m/c to avoid infections. I read from other sites that some women had to wait up to six mths to a year I'm kind of confused too when to try. I head that dnc thins your uterus lining too therefore you can bleed up to 2 weeks or more. But after my dnc (26th Aug) I had very little bleeding on that very day & pink spotting for about 3 or 4 days then the bleeding stopped. This week, I have been having some mucus discharge ( like egg white) do you gals think that I woul be ovulating cos no Af yet & my bbt is still at 37 C very morning & could it be that the progestrong & dydrogestrone before i m/c is still in my system.( My HCG fell from 400 plus to 81 in 48 hrs so I don't think hcg is cause for my temp). One last thing do you all think that I can ttc after 2 cycles cos I got pregnant after 6 mths of TCM treatment will be going back for treatments next after my checkup with the gynae (our TCM physician use the combination of western med tech & tcm in her treatments). God bless & take care :)


Amy - September 6

Sann yes you can be o'ing with out having af what i did after my m/c was when i seen the egg white cm i ran down town and got some opks and did them to know for sure if i was o'ing and it took 2 day and i got a +opk so we went for it all i can say about ttc again is go with your heart if you want to wait then wait if you don't i would say go for it :)


H - September 6

I also m/c on 8/5 week and just found out that I'm preganant again - it's possible! Good luck!


michelle - September 6

I twice got pregnant 2 wks after a mc(one had required a d&c). both pregnancies were healthy and full term. the dr.s i saw said they like a 1-2 mo wait in ttc for dating purposes. that said, I had a third mc recently and it took almost 6 wks to o again. so in other words, you could be pg or your body may be taking a while to reset.


Sann - September 6

Amy, H & Michelle - Tks for the comfort & encouragment, will get a opk to comform. I don't want to wait ... but how can you tell when your body is ready? I feel kind of strange cos I get hungry really fast few hrs after a meal ....did you ladies feel this way? Take care & tks again :)


April - October 4

It will be 6 weeks Friday since I had my D&C from losing our baby at 10 weeks pregnancy. But my husband and I started trying as soon as the bleeding stopped, and I think I could possibly be pregnant again. I've still had no sign of menstrual. So we are hoping for the best. My doc also told me to wait til next cycle to start trying, but I felt we would go ahead and try anyway. I've heard of alot of women who had got pregnant soon after miscarriage and went on to have healthy pregnancies, so Good luck to you too.


Cyndi - October 4

I heard it is possible I hope you are Good Luck!!


Laura - October 4

I had a natural m/c 9/3/05. The bleeding lasted 2 weeks. I had followup 2 1/2 weeks later with my doctor. She said we could ttc right away. I have heard many stories of women conceiving right after a m/c. I have heard if you have a d/c to wait 2 cycles for your body to heal. For natural m/c you should be able to try right away. This is what I have been told.


Cyndi - October 4

Laura is right that is what I was told too,



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