Prenatel Vitamins Important

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M - April 7

I had two miscarriages. I started taking the prenatal vitamins and the same day I began bleeding with the first mc. I didn't take them with the second mc. Now I am pregnant. But I'm scared to take the vitamins. I wonder how important it is for me to take them? I'm scared since the bleeding began right after I started taking them with the first mc. Am I just being paranoid?


SC - April 7

M-I cant say for sure, I am so sorry for your loss. I had a m/c on 3/27 and was told to keep taking my prenatal vitamins...have you asked your doctor?


Alison - April 7

I appreciate it's hard not to look for causes when you have a m/c I know I have! But it seems very unlikely that vitamins would bring on a miscarriage. Usually an early loss in put down to a chromosonal abnormalitly and is not something that was brought on my outside factors. Even if you took something harmful for your pregnancy in terms of diet would it really start the miscarriage on the same day? Usually when you start bleeding the miscarriage has been pending for days or possiibly even weeks before the bleeding starts. I am so sorry for your loss I know how devastating it is, but I don't feel taking vitamins would have had any connection with your first m/c. If you're not going to feel relaxed taking them try eating lots of cerial containing folic acid or there are certain fruits that have alot e.g grapefruit. I wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy this time xxx


angela - April 7

oh, i am so happy to hear your question! honest to god i believe the same thing. this is my third pregnancy and i am taking a different vitamin this time and i swear as soon as i started taking them i started spotting. i dont take them reguarly but when i do i spot lightly and have stomach pains.ive been to the doctor and they put me at risk to miscarry even though the baby is fine. no explanation at all, but i suspect the vitamins. so im not taking them until i see the doctor again. what is your brand vitamin? i thought i was just paraniod until i read your question. i even put out a post on pregnancy complications, or whatever its called. please get back with me.


Lily - April 7

I agree with Alison. I don't think it is the vitamins. I have taken pre-natal vitimins for almost 2 years. I started taking them because we were going to start "thinking" about getting pregnant and I wanted to be healthy. The folic acid is actually suppose to help / prevent certain birth defects. I had a healthy baby boy, who is now 14 months. I am still taking them and just lost a baby at 11 weeks. Nothing changed -- including the brand of the pre-natal. ~ There was nothing you took or did that caused the m/c. We all look for something.. I am trying (I emphasis "trying") to be really positive -- our bodies are healthy enough to know when something is wrong with a fetus and dispeal it. What if we weren't healthy and had a baby with lots of issues.. that may or may not survive as an infant. I think I would rather go through this now, than have major issues later. ~ Good luck with your pregnancy.. I hope the rest of us are able to get pregnant soon too! :)


Jill - April 7

What vitamins have you guys been on, because when I started my prenatal vitamins, I started spotting shortly after that. At first I was convinced it was the vitamins and thought the pharmacist gave me the wrong thing. I looked it up on line and it was infact a prenatal vitamin, but I was still worried. I went off after my m/c because nobody told me to stay on them. At a follow up, the doctor told me to go back on them if I want to ttc. I started them two days ago and today I had this weird discomfort in my stomach which I felt around the time I m/c. Almost like a woosy feeling. I know I am probably being paranoid, but now that I have read about others experiences, I am a little scared again. I think I might call my doctor and ask about it. My vitamins were called Novonatal.


new2this*** - April 8

Surely if there were a link between pro-natal vitamins and miscarrage there would be an investigaton by now if not the vitamins being stopped for sale! I take Sanatogen Pro-Natal vitamins I am trying for a baby. My doctor says it's good to take them.


Heather - April 8

M - Ask your dr for a prescription of prenatals. You want to have 1mg of folic acid. Over the counter ones won't have more than 800mcg. That is NOT enough. The vitamins (folic acid most of all) are vital to the development of the umbilical cord (your baby's life line) as well as your baby's brain development. There are a lot of problems that can occur if you don't have enough of these vitamins. I actually had an allergy to the dye in the over-the-counter prenatals. Good luck!



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