Preparing For The 3rd Loss No Yold Sac At 5 2 Weeks

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abi_77 - September 19

Hi everyone, I have miscarried twice before, one blighted ovum in dec 2005 and one Down's syndrome baby october 07. I am 31yrs old and today I am 5 weeks 2 days. Went in for beta on 14dpo it was 361 and 19dpo it was 2594. Went for my first U/S today and saw only a gestational sac (11.4x10.3mm). The doctor said he should be able to see a yolk sac by now. Anyway, is this another pregnancy headed towards doom. Also my symptoms have definelty decreased. I am hoping for a miracle and it's yet to happen to me. Is there any hope for me?


jademaiden - September 19

Hi Abi, I'm sorry I can't offer you a success story just yet, but I can tell you that you aren't alone. I am 33, been ttc for 4 years, and I have had 4 miscarriages. From the research I have done, your first two m/c's are anomolies - meaning, they are statistical errors and VERY unlikely to happen again. (which is better than having unexplained m/c's) I wouldn't give up on this one until about 7 weeks. It might just be off to a slower start and pick up! If things don't work out, make sure you ask your dr. to do a miscarriage panel to check for issues of blood clotting, progesterone, immunological, etc. Your solution might be as simple as extra folic acid, a low dose steroid, and baby aspirin! My best wishes to you..


abi_77 - September 20

Hi Jade thanks for the support. After the last m/c I got all the tests done including chromosomal testing on me & my husband and they were not able to find anything abnormal. I am so mad that my eggs are so bad even though I am in my early 30's. I used to smoke now I am wondering if it was the smoking that caused my eggs to go bad and I also have PCOS. So, anyway I fell bad for my husband. He is the only child in his family and I am so worried I will not be able to carry his baby. I don't know what to do. I hope something works for us both soon. My progestrone dropped from 33 to 18 yesterday so it does not look good. They put me on prometrium.


stefkay - September 20

Hi abi, I am so sorry for your loss...I have read that PCOS alone can cause miscarriage and that metformin really helps women carry a baby who have this issue. I understand the fears about the smoking because I too used to smoke and had 6 losses (all in the first tri) before finally giving birth to my daughter this july. I don't know for sure what was the cause in all. I know that one was a trisomy 2. Anyways, I quit smoking and got healthier and then got pregnant with my daughter. I think it played in but I don't think it will damage your eggs for life. Have you had your fsh tested? That really only tells quant_ty rather than quality, but also I read that acupuncture can help with egg quality so I also started that 3 months prior to getting pregnant with my daughter. It's funny that they told me it usually takes about 3 months. I was really impressed. Prometrium is good too but won't help egg quality. Maybe see a RE if you aren't already and voice your concerns about your eggs. I know you will be able to carry a baby and it will probablly soon. Some of us just have to endure a lot of heartache before being rewarded. HUGS


comommy - September 21

Don't give up hope, I had a m/c 1999, blighted twin ovum w/my DS (2001) who stuck around, and 2 m/c during 4 yrs ttc w/ >16 infertility treatments. I have PCOS, and those last 2 m/c were on that, I was 32 and 33 at the time. Now, after IVF #1, thankfully almost 17 wks pg, (with twin boys, although hope the u/x is wrong for 1 of the s_xes:)) despite being on bed rest for past 3 wks for bleeding and a subchorionic hemorrhage, babies are still hanging in there. So,, there is hope. They, except for my PCOS, were unable to tell why I had so many m/c all other tests came out ok. The weird thing is that with the IVF, I had 34 eggs, 22 fertilized and only 6 made it to a blastocyst stage. So, it's weird to think that out of essentially 3 1/2 yrs of eggs (34) only 6 made it far enough to keep going, so it's hard to say why some eggs are good to keep going, and some aren't. maybe it's a DH thing, but his tests were ok too. In the end, no matter how hard it is to think this, I think it's all in God's plan, no matter how painful or joyful. BUT don't give up, b/c even his palns may need a__sistance to come to fruition!


abi_77 - September 21

Hi girls thanks for your support. Stefkay congrats on your daughter. I am seeing an RE, my FSH was 5.2 tested in March. I am really worried about the smoking because I smoked a lot for about 7 years (5-10 cigs a day). Anyway, past is past I am hoping to make a fresh start soon. I will also give acupuncture a shot. My isurance covers 60%. Comommy: Congrats on those boys. You will be busy soon. I am really hopeful for a baby soon. Do you think I should go with IVF, do you get to know how good the embryo is before they put it in you? I would appreciate any advice.


abi_77 - September 29

I dont have good news. My GS grew to 30/12mm but nothing inside. I am suppose to be 6.5 weeks. Anyway, I am hoping for success next time around.


comommy - October 9

ABi77-yes you get to visualize the pics of the embryos (and select) the ones you want. We went with what they said were the best 2, they just looked lie swis cheese circles to me LOL:) The amazing thing about IVF( and IVF is something I never thought I would do) is that at least w/my cycle-I over stimmulated-they got 34 eggs, 22 fertilized, and of those only 6 made it to the 5 day stage. AMAZING that out of essentially 3 1/2 yrs of eggs, only 6 made it. Even if I was a fertile as rabbit, who knows if any of those BFP would've made it if left to nature alone. I would definately recommend IVF to anyone ttc, multiple m/c, or trying for yrs (took us 4 yrs w/2 mc inbetween). GO to the problems getting pregnant link on this site, there's an IVF forum there, many great online buds of mine, very informative, helpful, etc. That is where I started this whole journey.


comommy - October 9

OH, and ABI77 if you want to email me, it's giltinan at yahoo dot com


stefkay - October 9

Abi, I am so sorry :( Please don't worry too much about the said you smoked a lot for 7 years -- 5 to 10 cigs a day? That's nothing :) ha ha...I smoked from age 18 to age 31 and for most of that I smoked nearly a pack a day (20 cigs) and the last few years I was smoking about 1.5 packs a day. Now that's pretty bad and things still worked out. I also have a clotting disorder so that makes it all even worse. Hang in there! :)


jademaiden - October 14

Hi Abi, how are you doing? I'm glad you are seeing an RE, it's a step in the right direction. With IVF, they can test the embryos for chromosome issues before they implant with a process called PGD. It's like $5k on top of the $10k you spend on 1 IVF cycle. When I did IVF, I was 30 so the doctors didn't recommend it. They believed at my age I should have some good eggs. I got pregnant after my 2nd IVF cycle, but it ended in miscarriage. No doubt IVF is a "quick fix"... but if you can wait a bit longer, I wouldn't give up on your body just yet. After I did all those fertility treatments, I decided to take a break and I started acupuncture. 3 months later I got pregnant on my own, which felt like a miracle! That one ended in blighted ovum. Did the miscarriage panel testing... had a slight clotting disorder... got pregnant 2 more times, both ended in early m/c. I ended up getting a small fibroid removed. Dr. said they don't know for sure if it was causing the m/c's, but I was pretty desperate at this point to create the most *optimal* situation for my next pregnancy. I am now 11 weeks pregnant and the farthest I have been yet. Still early, but things are looking pretty good. I am on blood thinners, baby aspirin, progesterone...extra folic acid...the works. Hopefully, this one will the magical #5 and carry full term. I guess my point is it's easy to a__sume it's "bad eggs" when you miscarry. When I failed my IVF's the doctor told me it was because I had bad eggs. But sometimes there's another issue - like the blood clotting, or maybe the fibroid, who knows - the best place to start is to make sure your body is in optimal health. Acupuncture will help improve egg quality. I would recommend doing a saline sonogram to check for any uterine abnormalities. And of course, the miscarriage panel testing. You are still young enough to have good eggs (even with the smoking) and I would not give up faith in your body!!! She'll pull through if you give her what she needs :) Stefkay's story is an awesome success story and you should be very inspired by it! I know I am!!!



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