Problems After D Amp C

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neha - March 18

i had a D&C on 7th march. i was bleeding for 4 days & spotting for 1 day. after that day i started passing brown mucus like discharge not heavy but still worried. i m experiencing pain in my lower back but only right side. am i ovulating? is there anything to worry?


Jess - March 18

I had a miscarriage and D&C the same day as you. I didn't bleed that many days after, I pretty much just spotted for that many days but I also was bleeding the whole weekend. Anyway, here and there I'll have a slit discharge (CM) that is tinted brown. Also, I have a pain here or there where my left overie is. I was thinking that I might be ovulating as well since its almost been two weeks. Did you have a MC is that why you had a D&C? If so are you going to start trying again?


Heather - March 18

I had a natural m/c and didn't have to have a D&C. I did bleed for about 5 days and then had the brown discarch for another 5 days. I'd call the dr and just ask about it. Good luck.


Kat - March 18

Hi... I had a m/c that began last Friday. I have had some brown too and I am guessing that's natural for all the blood that has had to come out. I would say to call the doc too since you did have a d&c... but I bet it is common to have some old blood come out. I have had a little pressure or maybe like a dull ache on my left side too. I suppose it could be ovul since we don't really know for sure-for sure when our bodies started to m/c - or it could just be our bodies healing??


neha - March 18

thank u ladies. i think it is common & nothin to worry. but i have started a pain in my belly b___ton from last night. is that bcoz my uterus was enlarged & now shrinking to normal or is it healing after a D&C causing a pain? i would appreciate any advice.


Etchika - March 28

I really do not have an answer only another Question? on the 23rd of Feb. I had a D&C and it has been over a month and I still have a bloody discharge and no period...I feel like it will start but it never does..I spoke to the doctor more than 2 weeks after the procedure and he suggested that if my period does not start I will need medicine to start it and stop it or its back to the D&C again...Anybody out there ever heard of this occurring and if so what did you do about it...My family thinks I should have my uterus removed all together.


stacey - March 28

Etchika- I def. would not remove your uterus! I think that's very extreme! Some people don't heal right away, or have some of the tissue left over in them and need another d&e. You could ask for a blood test to check your hcg levels and see if there are alot/if any left. I would ask your dr. about this!


Christy - March 31

i had a d&c on march 17th and bled until the 30th of march. i think it is really normal to worry after such a trauma....i think it is really importnat to allow your body to heal at whatever rate it chooses. unless the pain is unbearable or even consistantly not relieved by a couple ibprophin then you should not worry...If you are feeling feverish, chills, and dizzy then you should see someone pronto....but if not, rest, love yourself, excercise a little, eat well and let your body heal completely then try again


U - April 12

Hello All, I have a question on After D&C. I had D&C on Apr 8th due to blighted ovum. Its been 3 days since the surgery and I am having heavy cramping (90% pain goes away after taking motrin). But I also noticed that I have fever (99.6). Is this normal? My advice nurse told me that if the fever is 100.4 then I should go to ER. Anyone had this symptom and didn't have infection. I am not bleeding heavily. Its quite minimal. Only thing I am concerned is the cramping and the fever. Please advise.


Lisa - April 13

U- I had a D&C on April 6. This was an IVF baby and my husband and I were destoyed. Like everyone else has said they have had a brownish discharge. I have experienced incredible cramps. I was given a prescription for Tylox and never had it filled. I thought I could control my pain with Advil. For the most part it worked... I knew when I needed to take another dose. I never had a fever though.


carrie - May 12

Well you are gonna love this I was pregnant and on Feb first I had to have a D&C there was no heart beat. So after the D&C i continued to bleed for 2 months I went to the doctor three times and he told me to go on the pill and give it three months and see what happens not even two weeks later I got really sick and ended up ant the hospital. So they took blood and the test came back as still positive so I was still pregnant they left tissue in me. I ended up having another D&C and well the same thing is happening so now i am facing a third sergery. So i would go to the doctors and have them do a ultrasound and see if somthing is going on in there weather you were having the precedure done due to misscarage or just from excessive bleeding.


Tracy - May 16

I found out that I was going to MC on April 28 at the ultrasound that was suposed to confirm my due date. By using the date of my LMP I was 11 weeks, but the baby only measured at 7 weeks 3 days. My husband and I were crushed because we had had a ultrasound 10 day’s prior that showed a heart beat of 163 per min, and measured the baby at 6 weeks 2 days. I had to have a D&C as my daughters first B-day was coming up and we would be hosting a lot of family, and I didn’t want the actual physical MC to have any part of her birthday. I only bled heavily for one day, and after that I just spotted for about 12 days. My question for you all is this; How long did any of you have elevated HCG dectable in your blood or urin? Right now I’m taking a First Response HPT every 5 day’s or so, just to see when my HCG levels no longer register. I also started a home ovulation test kit last Monday, 11 days post D&C. My ovulation test showed a fairly dark result line, but not as dark as the test line, for 3 days in a row from the first day I started testing. On the forth day the result line barely showed up. I’m just driving my self crazy wondering if the ovulation tests showed a actual surge and I may have ovulated, or if it was just my whacked out hormones. I would value any response to this. I’ve never been on a chat line before, and I’ve never thought I would need to support from strangers. But I never dreamed I would go through this, and I need to hear from people who’ve been there.


Christina - May 18

Bless you, I'm glad that you recovered so quickly. Unlike most women, I have problems recovering so nicely. I bled heavily for over two months and had numerous blood clots; some the size of golf b___s. The Dr. said it was nothing. The pain was worse than the birth of my twins. I'll never do it again. I still wander if they made a mistake and took the life of my unborn (?????) :0( Good luck to you and many prayers


Julia - December 8

Hi guys i was after some help, if anyone thinks they can. I had a D&C done in October after our babys heartbeat stopped...i then got a regualr period exactly 28days after that, then it stopped for 3 days then strated again...lasting just 2 days. Now since last Saturday it's started's never bright red (except for after the D&C) now it continues to be a brownish/blackish colour. I'm no other pain..b___st are fine so i'm guessing i'm not pregant. I went to the gyno today and he didn't even look inside me, he reffeared me to some better u/s place which can do me tomorrow but i'm unable to go so i must wait for next week. I also went off for a pregnanct test, which he should have the results bty tomorrow. Why is this happening, he said maybe there could be some tissue floating or taht my hormones need to adjust still. Anyone got a clue or experienced anything kinda the same? Thankyou.


sweetpea60207 - March 23

I had a M/C last yr. in the beginning of January (2009). I had to have a D&C and I didn't get my period until the next month. After a year of having the miscarriage and also the D&C my period blood is looking like a dark brown almost black and it looks like their is mucus in the blood, kind of like the stuff the put on ur tummy to give you an ultrasound, could this be because they didn't clean me out all of the way? My boyfriend says I wasn't in surgery long at all. How long does a normal D&C procedure take? Thank you for all your help.


Stacey90 - April 8

**READ ALL: D&C gone wrong** I had my baby on Feb 23. When I delivered her the umbilical cord detached from the placenta and I had to have it removed manually. A few weeks later I was still bleeding and pa__sing clots every other day so I went to emerg. They ignored me for the most part and sent me on my way with antibiotics. Then on Friday on Easter weekend AFTER I was done my antibiotics I pa__sed another large clot and was having sharp pains in my lower stomach so I went back. They scheduled me a D&C for the next morning. I went home and within 20 minutes I went to the washroom and was then pa__sing blood in a solid stream. I had an emergency D&C that same night but because it had been so long I also had an infection in my uterus that was also in my blood which caused the tissue of my uterus making the tissue softer. When they performed the D&C they said they may have punctured my uterus which can be very dangerous. I was kept in the hospital for the following three days to be monitored for pains in my stomach, in which case I would have had to of had surgery to find the puncture hole through the uterine wall to have it repaired. It is now 5 days after my D&C and I am beginning to have pains which could mean that I actually do have a very small puncture that is just now causing discomfort. I am most likely going back to the hospital sometime in the next 24 hours because of this. You may have a puncture as well if you are having these pains AND continual bleeding, and I would suggest to do the same thing I am doing...going back to the hospital. If they never told you there was a chance of puncturing, then tell them that you know it happens and that they should investigate the matter immediately. This is a very serious matter and if you leave it too long there is a chance it can kill you.


Stacey90 - April 8

oh and a normal D&C should take 20-30 minutes



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