Problems After D Amp C

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Stacey90 - April 8

oh and a normal D&C should take 20-30 minutes


Una - November 22

Hello. I am either pregnant or still have tissue. I had my d&c on the 21st of Oct. It is now 21 of Nov and the result of my pregnancy test I did today is positive. Is it possible that I sill have some stuff in me from my pregnancy? Or is it more likely that I am pregnant?


Stacey90 - November 22

it is possible to get pregnant immediately, actually a woman is VERY fertile for a couple months after having a baby, but you should go talk to your doctor and get an ultrasound done either way


wnelson10 - January 19

I am having trouble climax after a d & c 2 weeks ago. Just wondering if this is normal?


abee000 - March 9

NEED URGENT HELP!!! I did a D&C last october 2011, my period came 2 months after but it lasted bout 2 weeks. After that i started pa__sing greenish-brownish stuff instead of the usual whites women pa__s. I went to the doctor he gave some pills to drink and that went away. But now,in March 2012. two days ago my period came and while i was bathing and washing my self(u know what i mean),something fell out of me looking like a chicken's heart but a little longer well it was night but the colour it think is kinda brownish-rawish. and the day after that a smaller one came out. Does anyone have any idea what it might be?? could it be tissues still inside after five months??


Stacey90 - March 9

abee000 you should go to the ER and tell them this. they should be doing an ultrasound on you and blood work. you could have an infection from a possible puncture. if the D&C was after you had a child yes it could be because there is some placenta left over that is causing problems. at this point though it wouldnt be a part of the placenta any more, it would be bleeding caused by an infection from placenta being left over. I had my placenta manually removed after i had my daughter and they left some behind, a few months later i pa__sed a large clot of blood and then began bleeding even worse as if the clot had been somewhat helping to stop the bleeding. If you are pa__sing clots this long after, and a doctor wont take you seriously enough right away, keep going back. I had to go to the hospital 4 times before they took me seriously and actually did blood work and ultrasounds and i had almost bled to death the night they finally did something about it.


abee000 - March 11

stacey90 no it was not after a child, I had a miscarriage. but thank you for yor reply. I intended to go see the doctor this Monday, which is tomorrow. just wanted to have an idea before i see the Doctor in case he doesnt take me seriousy, i would know what to tell him. Thans again Stacey90.


pweetie abby - August 31

hi..please I need advice. I had a D&C on the 22nd of July and haven't had my period since then. I hope it's nothing bcos I used gynaecosid b4the D&C and I had a knd of menstrual cramp with a little flow 5days after the D&C...please I hope it's nothing to worry about Cos m not pregnant again



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