Progesterone Cream And Miscarriages

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hotrockermom - February 5

Hello ladies, Ive recently had a chemical pregnancy,followed by an m/c.After doing some research,I found some talk of using progesterone cream ,it is said it helps the fertilised egg to implant in the uterus,and decreases risk of miscarriages. Im planning to ttc next month,and I would love to use it and minimize risk for another m/c,but the problem is I dont know how..... what dosage should i take?when should I take it?how and where to apply it?on skin or va___ally?for how long should i use it? Please help me out girls,did any of you use it?


Kristin72 - February 6

Hi, I don't know too much about the cream. But my fertiltiy specialist precscribed me progesterone suppositories (prometrium) to start using 2 days past ovualation. The idea behind this is to help build up the lining of the uterus thus making a a bloodrich lining for the egg to implant. I have had 5 losses, and I also have one child. My doc said I could stop using the suppos' once I find out I am pregnant however my OB said it is probably better to continue until the placenta takes over progesterone progesterone at about 10 weeks or so. There is some controversy about whether it helps support a pregnancy or not and Whether it prevents a miscarriage etc. The idea is that it probably won't hurt. Many women do not produce enough progesterone and thus miscarry very early as in a chemical pregnancy. Also some people have thin uterine linings and make it impossible for the egg to implant. Others have short luteal phases and the progesterone can help legthen the cycle enough for the egg to survive. \ That said I became pregnant the first cycle after a chemcal pregnancy (and I had also 3 losses this past year)and I used the progesterone suppositories (200mg) 2 times a day. So two small circular tabs inserted interv____ally. I am now pregnant 9 weeks and have seen the heartbeat at 6 w 5 days. I did have one scare with some spotting but it turns out I have a small clot in my uterus that is likely not to harm the fetus. So if I were you I would try to get a few months priscription of the prometrium..Good Luck to you. I think the cream would not have as much affect.


hotrockermom - February 7

Thanx for the info sweety. Congratulations on your pregnancy,I pray for full and healthy 9 months for u and ur baby. As for the progesterone,Are you sure that they wont do me any harm? Im not sure if I have low progesterone levels,what if I take them while my levels are normal,u know,just in case? I dont need a prescription for it,in my country you can just pick it up from pharmacy easy.Im going to the pharmacy tomorrow to get the suppositories,and ill ask the pharmacist for his opinion as well.


Kristin72 - February 8

Thanks for the Congrats! Good luck. to you.what country do you live? I am not sure if the over the counter progesterone is the same potency as it would be if it were prescribed. Mine cost around $80 for a months supply. I forgot to mention I am now 9w1d. Saw the heartbeat again last week. Still hoping this is the one!!!!


Daynarella - February 9

Hey ladies: This info was rather helpful to me. I'm really curious about the whole progesterone thing because I read that it isn't totally proven that prog. supplements can prevent mc but then I read about many women that have taken it and had positive results. I'm currently waiting for the results of a bunch of blood work I had done after my 3rd mc. I am also supposed to have a prog. test but if it comes back normal I may want to take something anyway. I'm wondering what I could take over the in U.S. that is? Any suggestions? Thanks & good luck...Kristen - let us know your progress!! Is it 9w2d now??


stefkay - February 9

I know my fertility specialist did extensive research and writing on this and prescribes progesterone to all his recurrent loss patients. Prometrium is the way he does it and I finally had my daughter when put on 300mg daily inserted v____ally. I stopped reading all the info on the internet and just did it and am glad I did. I am not sure that a cream will do the trick though as most of the med is lost going transdermally. My doc said he doesn't even suggest taking it orally b/c so much is lost. Vaginally is the way to go with a prescribed supplement. Talk to your doc about it! I don't think it is supposed to be harmful. My daughter is perfect :)



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