Progesterone Effects

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mani30 - May 17

hi All. I am ttc this month again..took 150mg clomid, had a LH shot on sunday as the doc wasnt sure if i have actual follicle or cyst ;-(.. am on aspirin (although all my tests are negative, i dont know why she put me on that)) and using Progesterone suppository in form of CRINONE GEL. my q is does anyone ofyou know what are side effects.I have been having these really Hot flashes throughout. like i get hot and cold hot and cold. this started right with my clomid and now that im on get am not sure what to expect.. baby dust to all


frankschick2001 - May 17

I used progesterone suppositories and had no side effects at all. However, I think that because progesterone supplements (of any variety) is a hormone, so I would think it is normal to experience those "regualr" hormonal side effects such as hot flashes, etc.


Allicat70 - May 17

THANK YOU...I could not understand why I was hot one minute and then cold the next...I didn't even think it could be the suppositories DUH...aren't they gross????


Morrison1 - May 19

mani - I have been taking only 300 mg of prog a day since I ovulated, and I am at 6dpo today. I have been VERY temp sensitive and find that I go from too hot to too cold easily - especially when I am trying to sleep, and then my chest gets a little sweaty during the night. Sorry, kinda nasty, but yeah, I am definitly having temp-related side effects and I am taking a 200mg at night and a 100mg in the am. Have you noticed feeling more crampy at all? I have. Anyway...I do think it might be a natural reaction to the hormones, but not sure. I will check around and see if I find anything.


mani30 - May 19

hi Morrison1. thanx for ur reply,, i ditto ur symptoms.. im sick of these hot flashes & already the idea of PMS scares me. I m on progesterone CRINONE (GEL) which i need to take once a day..well hopefully we both and all around here will be lucky with successful pregnancies this time..Amen


madison - May 21

can i ask you why you are on progesterone? my dr. just said my progesterone is low (at 7) and i am now a week late for AF but a blood test came up negative. he wants me to wait a week before coming back to see him. just wondering if he will put me on progesterone or something else?


Morrison1 - May 21

Hi Madison - I am on progesterone mostly because I have short luteal phases and have had two miscarriages. I also see an acupuncturist that has said it wouldn't hurt since I have a few issues with circulation...the progesterone will help my body create a nice, thick endometrial lining for the embryo to implant in. Now, what day did you do your prog. test? If you did it on CD21 or 7-9 days dpo, then it is low. They like to see it upwards of 15. So, if you were pregnant right now, your progesterone would be considered low for where you are in your pregnancy. Not to scare you, but in many cases, the low progesterone is a sign that a pregnancy will not survive (one of my m/c my prog was low -7 also and the other it was up to 20). If you begin taking the prog at the time of o, then you can kind of help your body do what it should do. If you are not pregnant, I would suggest looking into taking it as a supplement during the second phase of your cycle.



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