Progesterone Levels

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parkermegan - April 26

I am on CD21 and just had blood work done earlier today. My prog. was 11.87. I would be about 7-8 (probably 8) dpo. My Dr. is having me come in again for a pregnancy test on Thur. (next week) What should prog. be at this time?


Kara H. - April 26

That's considered low normal (the cut off is 10). You may want consider asking your doctor for a round of progesterone to start taking two days after each ovulation to make sure their is enough progesterone in your system so the egg will be able to stick to your uterine lining. Good luck!


parkermegan - April 26

Well, she has been doing a prog. test every cycle. Just on different days. Last time it was CD14 and today CD21. I am not really sure why the different days. She said everything looked great. So I am not sure....


deltabwa - April 26

Parker - if she said everything looked great.. why are you asking? If she said it's great.. she wouldn't lie to you.


parkermegan - April 26

Yeah, I believe her lol I just don't know anything about prog. levels and wanted to know what the average is. I like to be informed so when I get info I know something about it. I am just trying to learn as I go.


deltabwa - April 26

google it, there are tons of sites.


frankschick2001 - April 27

PARKER: From what I've read, women benefit from progesterone mostly, BEFORE they actually become pregnant. If you really want to, ask her to put you on some rounds of suppositories to take before you actually conceive. Once you are pregnant, the progesterone may or may not help, there is a big debate about it.


Kara H. - April 27

Personally I swear by the progesterone. I have lost three pregnancies including a set of twins before this one (currently 24wks). When I started bleeding with this pregnancy, I was referred to a fertility specialist who put me on a rather high dose of progesterone, despite my levels showing up in the low end of normal range. I kept thinking that I was going to lose this one too, but the days kept pa__sing and the baby was still hanging on. I stayed on the progestone until 14wks. Did the progesterone make the difference? I'll never know for sure, but I will with any future attempts at babies I will most definitely be on progesterone again.


suzzieq - April 27

Parker, I don't blame you for wanting to get info! And what better people to ask then women who may have personal experience with it! I wouldn't mind hearing feedback from others as well. When I talked to my doctor about it he said many doctors perscribe just to put the womens mind at ease and that it really doesn't make a difference. But what I have read, it does! I am going to see a different doctor to get another opinion. I wish you the best, as always =:)



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