Prolonged Bleeding After A Miscarriage HELP

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Lenny - May 1

I miscarried almost two weeks ago now and am still bleeding bright red blood that comes and goes. It's not a lot, maybe one or two pads per day. Is this normal? I would have expected it to stop by now...I see my Dr on Tuesday and I am so worried he will want me to have a D&C. This is absolute worst case scenario after waiting at home for two weeks to naturally miscarry. Any advice or input would be appreciated...Thanks.


SaraH - May 1

Lenny, I had the exact same thing happen with my 1st miscarriage. I bleed for about 17 days with acouple of missed days. The bleeding was also light (3-4 pads/day) The doctors said it was strange but nothing to worry about. I adventually stopped bleeding on my own and everything returned to normal. Hopefully that will be the case for you too. I'll be praying for the best (that you wont need a D&C).


JuJu - May 1

Lenny; I have had 2 m/c's with D&C's for both....and both times I bled for 2 weeks. Sometimes it even takes a little longer - I am sure that you will be fine. If you are still bleeding 3 weeks after your m/c started - I would recommend you see your Doc. Good luck and hope you are back to normal asap.


Julie.N - May 1

Hi Leny, I had m/c 3 wks ago and am still spotting on and off. I keep thinking it has stopped, will have nothing till middle of day, then starts up again. phoned hosp other day and they sent me to get blood done to check levels (she said some people bleed untill levels are right back down) my levels came back at 112 so have to go get them check again this week to check they have come down more. she also said it could be due to some retained tissue which she said may just come away when i get 1st af. i am hoping for ggod news and for the bleeding to stop soon cos i really dont want to end up having to have d&c after all this time!


suzzieq - May 1

Hi Lenny. Unfortunately some of us bleed for a while. That was my case as well. I started bleeding Feb. 2nd until the 21st. Stopped bleeding until (hcg still at 167) March 5thtil the 16th, thought that was my period, it wasn't! It was residual bleeding, still cleaning out! I couldn't believe it, would it ever end?! Finally on April 2nd my level was down to 2. It is really hard to try to cope with the loss when we know our body isn't letting go like we wish they would. And I guess it really depends on the doctor if a d&c is done. My doctor wasn't that concerned since my levels were going down. I hope you get over this soon and are able to rest and relax ( as much as posible).


Lenny - May 2

Thanks for the advice guys...I see my doc tomorrow, so iI'll se how it goes



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