Prolonged First Period After D Amp C

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Sha - August 24

Hello everyone! I had a d & c last July 3 due to subchorionic hematoma. AF came 5 wks after (Aug. 9). DH and I were so happy AF came so that we could ttc right away. But to my surprise, it took too long. At first, It looks like a normal AF; red blood with clots and cramping for 4 days. At 6th day, I thought its over coz i had only a spotting. It is a thick brown discharge; looks like old blood (sorry for this gross description). It's been 2 wks now that i have this discharge and i'm so worried that i might not get preg right away. Before d&c, my cycle is very normal. It will take only 3-5 days with 28-29 cycles. I'm so disgusted about this that i have to wear pantyliner everyday; and sometimes it messes a lot! Has anyone experience this after d&c? What medication did you took? Thanks for any response!!


Cabbie - August 24

I had a d&c on June 29 due to a blighted ovum. It was very easy with no complications. My AF came on July 24. It also started out normal, then turned extrememly heavy. I bled heavily from day 2-5. I continuted to have brown discharge up to day 12. I started cramping on day 13...pretty sure I ovulated then. My next AF came Aug 19. It was also very heavy for days 1 and 2. Day 3 was brown discharge. Day 4 was bleeding again. Day 5 and 6 (so far) very very light. My best friend had a d&c last year and said her first few AF were very hard too. Mine seems to be getting back to normal. Give your body a few months to heal! Take care.


MrsHalvie - August 24

I did not have D&C but my miscarriage occurred the end of June. I got Af on July 28 for about a week, then though gone but spotted in evenings, then it got a little more and lasted 2 weeks. I also am afraid it interfered with ttc.


Kim - August 24

Hi Sha, I think you are normal. During my m/c I bled for two straight weeks. It was horrible. Then 30 days later got my AF which was about 11 days long (too long for me! Normally 6 days). I too have heard bleeding and cycles in general can be funny for a while. Interestingly though, I ovulated right when I always do. I'm not sure you necessarily need any medication - like Cabbie said, may just want to give your body a break and time to heal. Good luck!


Sha - August 24

Thank you ladies for all your responses. Well, as of now, the dark brown discharge turns out to be getting heavier. It became really bright red felt like a new AF AGAIN! I have a lot of cramps in my back and lower abdomen. It sooo really bad. I hope my body heals right away and came back into normal just like before. Im thinking of going to my ob this week to discuss about this and have some meds needed. I'll keep you posted! Again, thank you ladies! Babydust to us all!!


Sha - September 12

You are so not alone on this one. I started my AF on 8/27 and I am still spotting as of 9/12. I went to he dr. last week and he said it is normal. He even did an internal exam. I have to return in two weeks. I guess TTC this month is out because of the constant discharge.


KI - September 16

Sounds pretty normal. I have to wear a pantyliner as well. How are things going for you?



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