PROMETRIUM Anyone Used It Vaginally To Prevent Misscarriage

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please help - October 14

hi anyone used prometrium(progesterone tablets) va___ally to prevent M/C


Kim - October 14

Hello - I know that many women use progesterone tablets to lengthen the second half of their cycle, which is good for women who have short luteal phases (a short luteal phase will prevent the newly fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus wall). But I've heard many doctors say that after implantation, if you are experiencing dropping progesterone levels, that is usually a symptom of miscarriage, not the cause. In this case, taking progesterone only prolongs the miscarriage. I'm so sorry - that probably sounds very scary. On the other hand! I have heard of women whose doctors put them on progesterone when it looks as though they may miscarry, and they end up being just fine. It may or may not be from the progesterone, but I guess if your doctor feels it wouldn't hurt, you might as well see about getting a prescription. Good luck to you.


PLEASE HELP - October 14



Jen - October 14

After 4 weeks I found out that my prog was low so they put me on prom. v____ally, twice a day 200mg. Honestly I think it was too late to start it and my body was already set to miscarry. I saw a hb at 6 weeks and by 8 there was no hb.


Erin - October 14

My story is like Jan's. I was on crinone (like prometrium) for a progesterone level of 12 at 5 weeks. I saw heartbeat at 8 weeks. Ultrasound showed baby died before 10 weeks. I was pretty shocked, as I had a lot of morning sickness. My doctor thinks that the embryo must have had some chromosomal abnormality. They are testing the tissue at the lab now. Prometrium does help women who are genuinely suffering from Luteal Phase Defect, which is chronically low progesterone. Kim is right - many abnormal pregnancies show normal HCG but low progesterone - nature's way of preventing the birth of children with gross abnormalities. I highly recomment your dr. scan you at least ever two weeks, even every week, to spot a missed miscarriage, which progesterone can "disguise" if the problem is something other than Luteal Phase Defect. Otherwise you could go on thinking you have a healthy pregnancy for more than a month!!! Some women don't find out till they are at 12 weeks and think they are out of the woods, only to be told it's over. I think that must be very hard to take. Good luck.


please help - October 16

i have normal progestrone level,actually my sis had m/c so doc think i shud use it as soon as i will get pregnant. what shud i do ?


Kim - October 17

Hi "please help" - that's wonderful that your progesterone has been found to be normal - did they test you for low progesterone when you were pregnant? Are you trying to get pregnant now? If your doc says to use it, then I suppose it really couldn't hurt. But I should mention - sis's miscarriage would have nothing to do with you miscarrying or not miscarrying (unless she tested for some kind of genetic disorder which you might also have). I'm not sure if your doc prescribed progesterone for your peace of mind or because he thought somehow you were at higher risk because of your sis?


Erin - October 17

There is some evidence to suggest that Luteal Phase Defect has a genetic component. You sometimes see it run in families. However, if your Doctor tested your progesterone at the correct time of the month and it was normal, therefore ruling out Luteal PHase Defect, then your sister's experiences should have nothing to do with your situation


please help - October 17

hi Kim, atually i am ttc 6 mths for my 1 babyand i had my HSG,blood test,everything looks ok. As i told my doc. about my sister M/c, she said it is better to use this to prevent any m/c.But i am so confused why i shud use this?


please help - October 17

thanx erin for the info. i have no idea about luetal phase defect& i went for my progestrone&fsh.lh test on my last day of my period.So i think i shud test again for my progestrone test before using prometrium.And my sister was so stressed out during her pregnancy,may be thats the reason she lost her 2 baby.


Erin - October 18

Yes - get your progesterone tested again AFTER ovulation and BEFORE your period. I think day 18 or 21 is when they like to do it.


kay - October 23

prometrium is, I believe, intended for oral consumption. There are different products for v____al use--crinone is one in a gel, and my reproductive endocrinologist had a pharmacy make a progesterone suppository in wax. I miscarried anyways at 12 and a half weeks--the baby died at 11 and a half. Not sure it made any difference except make me bloated all the time.


Kay - October 23

I used crinone unsuccessfully this summer. I miscarried at about 10 weeks. Doctors thing it was genetic and baby died around 8 weeks (we saw hearbeat at 7) - crinone actually prolonged the pregnancy. I had no symptoms of a mc. Only found on via ultrasound. And I was totally nauseus.


Erin - October 23

Kay - did you get any gross discharge with the wax version? I used the gel and I can't tell you how disgusting it was...


michelec - January 17

I too was prescribed prometrium tablets v____ally due to low prog. level. I just completed the first cycle. I have not experienced the side effects that other people have mentioned that are taking it orally.


Delia - March 17

Hi. After having 2 miscarriages, I was placed on prometrium tablets (100mg 2x daily) when I got pregnant for the 3rd time. I took it for the 1st trimester and am presently 20wks (5months) preg. I believe that this really works.


desuru - March 17

No but actually my doctor had prescribed them to regulate my ms it might help I was wandering the same



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