Pure Hurt

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babyangle - February 19

Hi, I had a miscarriage ,At 16 weeks. I guess 2 weeks ago and also 2 days before my birthday. This way my first pregnancy and not sure what to expect; every other thing was wrong I was afraid. The night before I Lost my baby boy (Jayden) I went to the er complaining of cramps; they did a u\s and eveything seemed to okay. He was moving, the first time I every saw anything like that.They sent me home in a hr. The next day, I seen mucus and I really started to worry my doctor told me to go to L/D he took some swabs like anyother papps. But when he checked with his fingers it ruptured my sack. I'm not sure what went wrong but it did. He was my first child and right now I feel empty. And to top it off my boss threatened my job the day after I got out the hospital. The wonds are still fresh and all I want is to feel him in my womb again. What do you think would help me. Please Help


april baby - February 19

Hi babyangle, I am so sorry for your loss. It is such a difficult time. I lost my little one at about 12 weeks five months ago. There is not one thing over anther thing that will help you. You are grieving for you little one and it is a proccess that will take time. I cannot believe your boss is threatening you with your job he/she must have no clue. This is your child that you loss. I am sorry again. I will be thinking of you.


Bumblebee - February 19

Babyangle - I am so sorry to hear this. I am sorry I can't imagine at 16 weeks.. I just found out last week about my 2nd missed mc at 7 weeks and am waiting for the actual mc to happen. Going thru a terrible time. I hope your boss will be understanding - does he/she know? Sorry to ask for details - but did the doc's checking rupture or was it about to ? Is the doc checking into what happened? I am really sorry for your loss. With my 1st mc last year, nothing helped in the first few weeks. I totally gave in to my sadness.. knowing I will come out of it when I am ready. Thankfully dh was very understanding.. I slowly recovered (sort of). Routine seemed to help me at times - like work or meeting some dear supportive friend. Praying helped me - to gain strength.. to know god or whoever must have a plan... that my womb was used to process a soul's time on earth.. that the baby's soul will return in next birth if intended for me... I wish you strength thru this time, and good supportive space in which to grieve.


thejr2913 - February 19

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my baby boy in Oct. at 17+ weeks. Nothing anyone says is going to make it better. The only thing I found was time. Time to allow yourself to greive and your body to heal. I'm sorry about your boss. You would expect him/her to have some compa__sion. My dr office was very good they offered follow up appointments later then the prenatal visits. Did your dr have any idea what caused the miscarriage? Take care of yourself! It will get better.


saddenedexpectantgrandma - February 22

hi babyangle Condolences to you on your loss. This is the 1st time I've read that a doctor ruptured the sack during an examination. I wonder if that's something that happens frequently or was it out of the ordinary. Check into it when you're up to it,plz. When my daughter lost her baby, we found out the day after Christmas :( She was 5 1/2 months along. She was having a baby girl. She had to come home from the 'routine visit' knowing that her baby, like every woman has experienced was not alive and still inside her. She says the same thing. She feels a physical emptiness in her body. I will never forget her face as long as I live when she came from the doc's office with her husband after finding out her baby girl was dead inside her. For your boss to threaten your job after adds insult to injury and your suffering. Jayden ( nice name ) is still in your heart, babyangle. Perhaps, only a suggestion, but when you have a baby and if it's a boy you can honor him with the same name ? OR make Jayden the middle name. In loving memory of Jayden. May you heal emotionally and physically. But at your own pace. If you find that nothing is helping you. Plz seek help professionally w/ bereavement counseling. Bumblebee. I am SO very impressed with how you word your posts. You're a very special person. God Bless!



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