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karen goode - April 30

What should I expect when I go May 8th? I know he will review my file and talk to me but I was curious what tests to expect other than the ultrasound. Thanks ladies. I hope you are all doing well.


Kristine - May 1

Hey Karen, Who are you seeing on the 8th, a specialist? Remind me what you've been tested for so far.


karen goode - May 2

Hi Kristine, I am seeing a RE on the 8th. I had about 19 viles of blood taken testing for diabetes, thyroid problems, blood clotting disorder, genetic, lupus, and so much more. Everything was negative thank goodness. I am still waiting for my husband's blood results re: Karyotype. My doctor also did embryotic tissue testing after my D&C but there was not enough tissue. I hope you are doing well. I am anxious for my appt. and also very scared about the procedures I will endure. It will all be worth it if I finally have a baby one day. It's just that I am not the best patient.


Kristine - May 2

Don't worry. We are in this together. Did you look up sonohistogram? That's probably one of the exams you will have. I hear you just have cramping. Try to think on the hopeful side that what you are going through with procedures and tests brings you one step closer to your goal........All my blood tests were normal including the MTHFR although I suspect there may be a link. I am heterozygous A1298C which is considered normal. Do you know your MTHFR results?


karen goode - May 2

What???? My doctor never explained that to me. He told me all blood wk. was neg. so i guess i don't have that.


Kristine - May 2

There's a long thread on the boards here about it. If your doctor didn't mention it then don't worry about it. ...................I'm back to work but I still have my moments. I have a close family member who is 20 weeks along so it's challenging (to say the least) to share in all her joys and milestones. With my last pregnancy, she and I were only 6 weeks apart and I was so excited. It was so hard for me to see her after the m/c. I kept staring at her belly. :-( How's work for you?


jami - May 2

Hi Karen. I went to see a RE last week for the first time. My OB had done a bunch of blood tests last august after my third mc, which revealed the MTHFR, I was treated with baby asprin during the last pregnancy and mc. So I was referred to an RE. He has ordered further blood testing, checking for infection, and is also doing a complete cycle check. Hope this helps.



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