Question About After Miscarriage

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Sara M. - September 4

I just had a miscarriage about a week ago. Several days afterward..."physically" I was still feeling horrible. Of course emotionally I was upset, but the physical symptoms after the miscarriage left me feeling overwhelmingly tired, very hungry, and slight stomach ache on and off for 3 to 4 days after. Has anyone experienced symptoms like this after a miscarriage?? I would love to hear from other women on how they felt "physically" speaking...the days following their m/c.


Sann - September 5

Sorry for your loss. It's had been a little more than a week for me. Physically is feel i little tried & I do have some stomach cramps(according to my gynae it is normal i.e. the uterus contracting back to its normal size).However the degrree of pain varies with different women & at what stage of your pregnancy when you m/c, my was 4-6 weeks. I feel hungry too(don't know why). I've been having some clear mucus discharge for the past few days, do you hae the experience?


comadre - September 5

Sorry for all of our losses! Well, I just felt incredibly fat. I was about 7 and 1/2 weeks but I had gained 5 pounds already so I had to go out and buy "fat pants" which made the whole process more miserable. I still eat a lot more than I'm used to and it took me about a month before before I felt "normal" again. I sometimes still feel like I'm preg. and the doctors just misdiagnosed me but I know the harsh truth to the matter and that it's just wishful thinking. My cramps went away pretty quickly after discharging the sac and bled for about a week. I'm still waiting for AF so that we can try soon and hopefully she'll visit this week.


Sarah M. - September 5

I was about 4 weeks along when it happend. I have still felt pregnant too....not that I had much time to get bigger, but it more that a feeling. Do you know if the bleeding that happens for the few days around the miscarriage effects your period? I dont know when to expect my period again?


JO - September 5

I had a miscarriage on June 7th I only spotted one day so I didn't find out until June 30th that I had a miscarriage. I had no other signs until that week of the 30th I started bleeding heavy. I had an ultra sound on the 30th that showed I had miscarried. Then the next day I had bad cramping for 3 days in which I pa__sed large blood clots. The following week I pa__sed everything that needed to go. I just really had the bleeding and cramping.



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