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Cerulean - May 2

I had my first m/c (natural) a month ago yesterday and I have been expecting the arrival of AF anytime now. I have been feeling very slight cramps but nothing so far. Well today I noticed cm. Isn't that a sign that I am going to ovulate soon? I assumed that I would be getting AF soon. Now I am confused. Is there any other time that you get cm other than before ovulation?


hcw - May 2

hi Cerulean - i just got a/f after my natural m/x march 16, but before it arrived i was getting all sorts of different kinds of cm and even at one point got a mild yeast infection... my doctor said it's all perfectly normal as you body tries to get all the different hormones and everything back into gear... i don't know if this is helpful or not, but i know i was getting sort of exasperated with all the goings on that weren't a/f... take care...


Morrison1 - May 2 there a possibility you could be pg? I know that both times I have been pg (both ended in m/c), I have had cm both around the time of my expected af and even after that. I also get a little "non-fertile" cm before my af on occasion, but I am sure it is more of a non-fertile, lotiony cm than the standart ewcm I get before I ovulate. Do you know if the consistency was your fertile cm?


Cerulean - May 2

Thanks for the responses. Morrison, It's the lotiony cm...which if i have learned correctly, is not the fertile cm, right? So you had fertile cm when you were pregnant? I didn't really think about the possibility of being pregnant again. I don't really know what to think right now, my body feels like it's going a little haywire lately. It feels like the mother of all AF's is on her way. hehe


Morrison1 - May 2

CERULEAN - Sorry, that was confusing...I didn't mean that I got fertile cm when I was pregnant...I just typed it weird. The cm I had when pg was the lotiony one. I pretty much only see the ewcm around ovulation.


suzzieq - May 3

Cerulean, soryy for your loss. From what I understand, as soon as your levels hit a non pregnant level you can ovulate within days. So maybe your levels are negative now and you are getting ready to ovulate. It is very hard to understand what is going on the first few months after a m/c. Hang in there.


Susan W - May 3

Before AF, there's generally an ovulation about 10-16 days earlier. So you could be getting ready to ovulate. I ovulated 3 weeks to the day of my m/c. But I didn't believe my fertility signals, we bd'ed with a condom that slipped off, and now I am 14 weeks into a third pregnancy! Oops.


Morrison1 - May 3

Cerulean, sorry...wasn't thinking again. When I very first read your post, for some reason, I was thinking that you KNEW you had already ovulated since the m/c and were "definitely" expecting af. Now, as I read it again, I think I misunderstood. If you are only a month after your m/c, then you may JUST be getting ready to ovulate now. Sometimes, like Suzzie said, it can take a few weeks for the hcg to get out of your system and you will not o until that's done. However, you did say it was the lotiony type of cm...and see...when I have that, it is not my fertile cm. My fertile cm is like textbook eggwhite the textue of the cm would make a difference. I am not sure how familiar you are with which cm you see and when...does any of that make sense? It's early and I didn't sleep well.


Cerulean - May 3

Okay, I guess I am just inpatient. I just want my body to be back to normal. The cm seems to have stopped for now, but i'll just keep watching for it and hopefully AF will come soon. I'm just ready for her to come so I can move on. I thought I was doing much better emotionally after the m/c until the other day I stupidly decided to go shopping for my good friends baby shower gift on the one month mark of my m/c. I was in the baby section of Target and someone wound up a baby toy that played that little sleepy time music and i just started crying in the middle of the store. I just think I would feel so much better if AF would just start and I could move on.


Morrison1 - May 3

Ugh. I am's so hard. I will think I am doing OK too, and then something will happend and it's like WHAM! Very pregnant ladies in Target are ALWAYS hard to see...and why are they always in Target? I can NOT go there without seeing at least 5 of them (not counting the ones who aren't showing yet)!! Your body is getting back on track...that cm proves shouldn't be long before you see af.


Cerulean - May 3

I know how you feel. I swear I never noticed so many pregnant women until I had the m/c. Well thanks so much for your help! Hopefully AF is on her way! Never thought I would say that! =)



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