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anon - October 15

Have anyone have an missed miscarriage at 14wks (no h.b) when they in good health (no smoke/drug/alcohol), under 30, no stress in their life and stay at home? Do u know the reason for your m.c?? I guess what I am trying to find out is if u have a normal pregnancy and u go about your normal life (like lifting heavy grocery, walk for half day-tired, not enuff sleep, stress)..Does that cause m.c? Thx!


Erin - October 15

No, none of those things cause miscarriage. A miscarriage at 14 weeks may really have been fetal demise much earlier, but the body didn't recognize it, and therefore didn't expel it. Did you have a D&C? Did the doctor send the tissue to a lab for a___lysis. Most mc's are the result of chromosomal abnormalities. If this is your first mc, this is most likely, and it will not recurr (unless you're over 35, in which case your chance for repeat is greater). If this is not your first mc, or you mc again, your doctor should agree to test you (bloodwork) for immunilogical and hormonal problems, and also clotting disorders. You should also have a special sonogram which examines your uterus for structural abnormalities (septum, fibroids, polyps....). All of the above can be treated successfully. But sometimes there just is not answer, even with repeat mc's. Sometimes it's just bad luck.


anon - October 15

Thanks for your informative reply..It was mine first m.c and I am age 28. The fetus probably 11-12 weeks..14wks was dated from last mens. We heard the h.b 1 week earlier..but 1 week later no h.b. The days lead up to m.c I feel my back very sore..1 day before found out no h.b I experience extremely hunger and very very cold..Also have feeling the baby turn inside..but of course at that age the fetus is too small..


anon - October 15

Sorry forgot to answer ur question..yes I have a D.C..The fetus was sent to a lab but they just look under microscope and said everything is normal..Didn't go any testing. We don't know the baby's gender because too early...Waited for 2 cycles and now try again..


Erin - October 15

Normal means no chromosomal problems. This means that there may in fact be an underlying problem that caused the mc. Late first trimester mc's are uncommon. You should ask your doctor to run blood tests on you to rule out other common reasons for miscarriage. There's no reason you should have to go though that again if there's a problem that can be fixed (and many can be). If your tests come back normal, then you have an excellent change for a healthy pregnancy without any intervention the next time anyway. You're young and have lots of time to grieve, get tested if you like, then to try again when you're ready. Take some consolation in that. I'm 37 and have had three mc's this year. Time is running out for me.


Kara - October 15

Hi Anon - I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I am also 28. I just cringe when people tell me that I am young to try to make me feel better. I purposely put my career on hold to have babies now to avoid the problems my older friends were having. Obviously that didn't work out according to plan. It I have had 2 m/c's and 1 chemical pregnancy. My first was a missed m/c at 15 weeks with D&C (baby died approx 13 weeks). Next was the chemical pregnancy. Then I had a natural m/c at 7.5 weeks. I just had the blood work done for the recurrent miscarriage panel and a HSG done to look at the inside of my uterus. All normal. I have been told that its just bad luck and to try again. The only test we have not done is the karotyping. My insurance won't pay for it or an RE until I have a 3rd m/c. We will be trying again in November. Hopefully we will have better luck this time. I'm sure you will have better luck than me! Best wishes.


Kim - October 17

Hi anon, erin and kara: I'm so sorry for your losses. Miscarriage is a very painful experience, whether it's your 1st or 5th, and regardless of your age. I hope you will all each go on to have very healthy and happy pregnancies on your next attempts! Take good care.


anon - October 17

Thanks for your support..We still trying for first one and it's hard..Just trying to get pregnant is tough! Because male factor..Wish u guys luck!


Kim - October 18

Anon: Oh I so relate. We are also trying for our first and its horrible all this waiting and hoping only to be disappointed when a new cycle begins. I'm sure it feels even more scary and uncertain when you are weighing in possible problems with hubby? Oh dear. I'm so sorry. I reallly hope that you will get pregnant again quickly and will have a totally healthy pregnancy. How long did you try for the little one you lost, if you don't mind my asking?


Erin - October 18

Sorry Kara, I didn't mean to lessen your pain, which of course is real. That said, I too, put my career on hold for years, determined to start a family before 30 for precisely the same reasons you did - so I wouldn't be old and having these problems... Unfortunately my first marriage ended and it took some time to find a great guy. And now I am one of those older women. And it feels a lot worse to me to be in this boat now, with just a few years left, then I did when I was 29, and still had a decade of fertility ahead of me. I hope you conceive quickly and successfully!!! I have had 4 mc's, one in my late 20s, three this year. One was ectopic. I only have a few more chaces to throw the dice. That's just the way it is.


anon - October 18

Hi Kim..We at cycle #3 soon, but the problem is my DH have very low s_x drive now (compare to few months ago)..hence erection problem..So we bog down at first stage, which is TTC! DH gonna see an Eurogist soon and see what Dr. say..How about ur DH?


Kim - October 18

Hi anon: It is so hard to get all the pieces into place isn't it. My dh doesn't have quite the same problem, but I know it is stressful for him every month when we are ttc. It's hard for him not to feel like a sperm factory! I think it's just one of those hard things many couples go through, although that certainly doesn't make it easier. I hope everything turns out well for you and your hubby, and that you can get back on track soon!


Annie - October 21

I had a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks and had a D&C. The baby died around 10 weeks. I am 28 years old and healthy, so of course it was a big shock that things didn't go as planned. We didn't do any tests, because insurance wouldn't cover it. The doctor a__sured us that most likely it was something with the chromosones and was not a healthy baby. It has been about 4 months and still not pregant, but we are trying. I wish you all the best with TTC.



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