Question For Those Who Had A D Amp C

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Allison - August 4

Hi everyone - I had a D&C last Friday. Things went well and I have been feeling good since. I had very little bleeding and just had some light brown spotting most of this week. Well, today I have light cramps (hardly at all) and some red spotting again! I was hoping since the brown was getting so minimal, the red was long gone.. any thoughts? Has this happened to anyone? I just want this whole thing to be past me, you know? I can't imagine this is a period already!


Kara - August 4

Have you been more active than usual? That can sometimes cause bleeding. My Doc had told me to expect to bleed for two weeks. He said that was the norm. I bled on and off for amost 2 weeks exactly. Sorry to hear about your loss.


Cabbie - August 4

Allison, I had my d&c on June 29, a Wednesday. I had no cramping and minimal brown spotting. I left on vacation that next Sat., July2. On Sunday and Monday, I had a red spotting. I attributed it to being a little more active and a higher alt_tude perhaps. After I got home on the 4th, my spotting returned to brown and lasted two more days. I didn't have any cramping that I noticed. I think this sounds normal to me. My dr also told me two weeks for the bleeding would be normal but he expected me to have less.


Annie - August 4

I had a D&C July 7th. I bled on and off for the first week. Then I had brown spotting for about a week. It all stopped right at 2 weeks.


Allison - August 4

Thanks for your replies! I really freaked because i had next to nothing the past 2 days. I called the Dr. office and they confirmed the same thing - probably doing too much and being too active! I was lifting groceries last night and she said that probably triggered it.. especially since i had it as soon as I woke up and then it slowly tapered back to brown this afternoon. I was really getting worried! Now I am scared to do anything! Guess my husband will have to do the dishes tonight :-)


coda - August 4

i had a d and c 2 weeks ago and had just brow spotting then it stoped for a day then i had red blood for 3 days i thought this was my period starting but was a__sured it was not . we are now trying to concive again but its hard when u dont know when u will be ovulating so i just have my fingers crossed


Allison - August 5

I'm so annoyed..I had pretty much no spotting all day - now at 5:30 pm - some red spotting again! I'm getting very annoyed.. I just want this whole experience behind me and feel normal again! I know I was more active than I should have been earlier this week (lifting things, doing some things around the house..) so maybe this is the residual effect. Sorry - just needed to vent right now!!


Leanne - August 5

I had the same thing. Bled for 2 or 3 days then nothing. Then about 3 or 4 days after that I spotted red blood for a good 4 days before it finally went away. It felt like forever though...I know exactly how you feel. Today I finally got my af...yay!!!!!! 5 weeks after the d&c. I'm finally back to normal!!!!


Val - August 6

Hi Allison - I'm glad you asked this question. I had a d&c on Wednesday morning and have barely had any spotting since until this morning ... now (Saturday morning) it's almost like I have my period. I guess that is normal bleeding after the d&c? Of course this is happening on a weekend when I can't get in touch with my doctor. It's really getting me down because the same thing happened last weekend - I started spotting over the weekend and then Monday found out that the baby had died. Sigh. Sorry, I guess I need to vent also. Sometimes I'm ok, and other times I just get so angry that this has happened.


coda - August 7

val yeah this is noramal i never bleed till a few days after and i thought i had started my period but i had my fallow appt last tuse and i asked the doc and she said that this was normal and that my period will come in 4 to 6 weeks lots of baby dust to u all


Val - August 8

Coda- thanks for your answer... good luck to you...



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