Question For Those Who Take Baby Aspirin On Their Own

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SoSad - March 22

thank you --- shiner, BM, and maui for your notes - i am feeling better about tomorrow's appt because of your info - and it has helped me list a few more questions. SHINER -- they didin't tell you you HAD to wait 3 cycles after a D&C before trying due to thin uterine lining from the d&c? interesting ----------------- i am asking tomorrow about that!!! maui - your doc didn't make you wait either? why are they telling me i probably won't get AF for 6-8 wks after D&C and then i have to wait 3 NORMAL cycles before being able to try again>??? BM congrats on the healthy pregnancy! and again ladies thank you for your info ---i am sorry for your losses.


Shiner081 - March 22

Sosad,with my first miscarriage ,I saw a diff. doc as mine was away and he told me to wait one cycle and with my second,I saw my regular doc. and he said to go ahead when we were ready and as long as I quit bleeding we could try even before a period but I blead longer this time and got my period 28 days after the D&C.Now to think of it,they actually did a suction instead of a sc___ping both times so I do not know if that makes a diff.It is so weird how doc. have diff. opinions!


Cerulean - March 22

Okay Sosad....keep us updated on what your doc says tomorrow. I don't go until 4/23!! I'm never gonna make it that long! Anyway, I'm just going to keep doing what I am doing until then. =)


SoSad - March 23

hi girls ~ ok - the OB said NO baby asprin unless i have a blood clotting issue (which i do not) -- she said it could thin the blood too much - and referenced the march of dimes website & they specifically say no ibuprofen or asprin when pregnant especially early pregnancy unless prescribed by your doc. and she said it absolutely will not help me with implantation. -- everybody is different and i say be honest with your doc and ask all the questions you want answers to - di am trying to find out why after 2 weeks (today) after my D&C i am still having a positive preg test - the OB sent me for one yesterday after my ofc visit - i just got the positive result today - and she is out of the ofc till monday - so i have to wait till then for an answer unless anyone here knows. i figured the hcg would all be out of my body by now. is there anything i should do to help it go down? i a__sume i won't get AF till it goes down. and the doc visit showed nothing remains in the uterus - and it is almost back to normal size. any help appreciated.


kast78 - April 2

SoSad - I just got my period 39 days after my D&C and I STILL have HCG in my system. They say it can take anywhere from 6 to as late as 8 weeks to completely return to 0. This past one would mark my 2nd miscarriage since december. 1st was a chemical pregnancy, the 2nd I was 10 weeks but my baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. I asked my dr. about baby aspirin and she said it is such a low dosage that it doesn't hurt if you take it. I don't know if I have a clotting issue since they won't test for fertility issues until your 3rd miscarriage (very lame). I started to take it, then decided I'm not going to until I have testing done IF I have to have testing done. (I'm hoping 3rd time will be the charm and I won't have to go down that road). Anyway, I'm starting to ramble - but I wanted to respond to let you know that it's very normal to still have HCG in your system after a D&C. I believe my numbers at 4 weeks were 393...and then at 5 weeks they dropped to 97. I started my period 3 days ago and took a pregnancy test just to see if it was at zero and it still turned positive....and it was still positive. So hopefully by next week it will hit zero and we can start trying again soon. My dr. said I just need to get through 1 cycle and then we could start again whenever. Good luck and baby dust to you all!



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