Questions To Ask Before D Amp C

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snickelfritz - March 6

I have an appt today to follow up to my appt where no hb was found. We'll most likely schedule a D&C since it's been four weeks since the baby stopped developing. Here are the questions I have so far (it's times like these that I wish we could have new lines instead of everything being bunched up). ~~1~~What will I need to do in preparation for the procedure… when do I need to fast? ~~2~~ How early do I need to arrive? ~~3~~ Where will the D&C take place? ~~4~~ Who will perform the D&C? ~~5~~ What are the risks to a D&C? ~~6~~ How long will the actual procedure take? ~~7~~ How long will the entire D&C take? ~~8~~ Is this a standard D&C with a curette or is it a suction D&C? ~~9~~ What are the specifics of the procedure? ~~10~~ What type of anesthesia will be used? ~~11~~ Will I have a follow-up appt? ~~12~~ How long will I need to stay after the procedure? ~~13~~ How long before I can return to work? ~~14~~ What will happen to the baby? ~~15~~ Is there any testing at all that can be done on the baby? ~~16~~ Do I need a RhoGAM shot? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ So that's all I have. What else would you ask? TIA (btw, I'm 12w4d... baby stopped growing at 8w4d).


Christy1 - March 6

Also, if you want you can get them to test for a chromosome abnormality. My dr. asked me if I wanted it and I said yes. It's entirely personal. It helped me knowing what went wrong, but it was also painful to find out it was a boy. I had a D & C at 8 weeks. I promise it is not bad at all. I was completely put under and I arrived at the hospital at 11 a.m. and left at 3 p.m. Bled for a bit, but nothing ever worse than a light period. Also, my dr. did give me the option of a natural m/c, but I travel so much I couldn't risk needing to go to the hospital if I was out of the country or something. The procedure itself takes 15 minutes. Sorry I am rambling, I am trying to answer as many of your questions as I can and think of ones to ask your dr. I hope this helps and I am very sorry for your loss.


SuzieQ - March 6

I'm sorry to hear about your loss - I know it's hard. When I had to have a d&c last august(no hb at 10w, fetal growth stopped at 8w) it really was not too bad physically. I'm not sure what type of anethetic they used, but they did give me a mild sedative upon arrival first thing in the morning. I didn't feel dopey or anything, just calm. I was out by 1130 am. Basically, they'll keep you in recovery for about an hour to ensure there's no excessive bleeding, then you go back to your room for a half hour or so. Then I got to leave. I had no follow up, but the surgeon gave me his cell number in case I had any concerns or questions. He was wonderful and very thoughtful for the whole process. Also, I'm in Canada, so I don't know how the procedures differ in other countries. If you're rh-, then you'll get a rhogam shot as well.



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