Rate Of M C After Seeing Heartbeat

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Tiffany - June 22

Hey everyone. I miscarried in early April. I wasn't even 5 weeks yet. I am now seven weeks pregnant and just heard my baby's heartbeat. I am just wodnering what the miscarriage rate drops to after seeing the heartbeat


Diana - June 22

Congratulations Tiffany!!! It is encouraging to know you were able to get pregnant so soon. I m/c May 28, my DH and I are ttc, hopefully our attempts worked......hopefully I will find out this weekend. I asked my doctor the same question. What is the percent of m/c after you hear a heartbeat. He said after hearing a hearbeat, the chances of m/c were very small. Of course, it may seem like a high percentage when you read all the postings here, but keep in mind, only those of us who have had a m/c post on this website. There a lot more women who have had great preganacies and beautiful children. Take care!!!


Tiffany - June 22

Diana, Thank you for answering so quickly. Sometimes I do make myself crazy reading posts on here. I have to stop and remind myself that this is a forum for women who have lost babies. I hope this pregnancy goes well. When I heard the heartbeat today I started crying hysterically because I was so relieved. I hope all goes well for you


Sunshine - June 22

I just had a scan earlier this week(after spotting all night the night before) and was told baby looks great, and heart rate was great. The CNM stated that the MC rate drops to below 5% once the heart beat is detected. Which is great news. I'm just going into the 7th week and as symptoms are not what they were with the previous pregnancies, I was begining to worry. I guess once you've MC'd, the worry really doesn't go away til you deliver. Try not to worry too much, and God's blessings to you.


Diana - June 23

Hi Tiffany and Sunshine, how are you two doing, I hope everything is going GREAT for both of you. I can imagine I would probaly feel the same way after having a miscarriage. Just remember one thing, if it is God's will, both of you will have beautiful precious angels in your arms. I want to be prgnant so bad, I took an at home pregnancy test. I had to call my husband to come help me read the results. There was one pink line, and I am almost certain, I also saw a second very very faint line. My husband saw the same thing I did. Without knowing when AF is supossed to visit, I am not sure when I should test again. Any suggestions? I will keep you both in my prayers!!!


Tiffany - June 24

Diana, that is great news. What brand did you use? I got clear results with clearblue easy and ept. Have you have a period in between now and your m/c?


Q - June 24

Tiffany, thanks for asking this question. I saw a heartbeat last week and have had a m/c in the past, so I was curious too. I am exactly 8w and trying not to worry over everything. I just want a healthy pregnancy so badly.


Tiffany - June 26

Diana, I was wondering if you had found out anything? Q and Sunshine, when are you due? I am due Feb 8th and have had morning sickness since week 6. The morning sickness actually rea__sures me everything is ok


Diana - June 26

Tiffany, I puchased ept. There were two tests in the box, I used one on Thursday June 23, and I told my DH I would wait a week before using the second test. Well......I used it the next day and saw a very faint line again. I have not had Af yet, I m/c on May 28. Could it actually be possible?!?!? I would be very happy if it was!!!! I bought another pregancy test today.....I will try to wait until next weekend before I use it........


Sunshine - June 27

Tiffany, my ETA is Feb. 5th, but normally because of past GD's Dr's have always del. me at least 2 weeks earlier via C-section. And I think maybe I spoke too soon about symptoms....as they seem to be coming on now and stronger each day! Take care and let us all know how you are progressing!


Tiffany - June 27

Diana, that is great news. I hope all goes well. Sunshine, I still have the monring sickness and have been getting heartburn more often lately, Honestly, these signs just let me know everything is ok with my baby.


Stephanie - June 28

I had two ultrasounds, one at 4 weeks and another at 8 weeks, both showed strong fetal heartbeat. I recenlty m/c at ll weeks on 6/24/05 after my third ultrasound which resulted in no fetal heartbeat. I was devastated. first pregnancy after trying for 4+ years. Good luck,



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