Re Success Stories After A Ectopic

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smomustang - May 1

Hi everyone! How are you all? I just recently miscarried but they still think that it was ectopic as my levels kept creeping up. It resolved itself - thank god but I wanted to know if anyone has had luck in NOT having an ectopic the second time around. I am scared that it will result in that again. Thanks!


cbella - May 2

Hi Smomustang-I recently had an ectopic also, though unfortunately it did not resolve itself. I went through alot, ending with emergency surgery on 4/9. I'm anxious to ttc, but also very worried it will happen again, as the percentages suggest. I would love to hear some success stories as well! Dh and I will start ttc in June.


smomustang - May 2

I am sorry that you went throught a lot. I sure did go throught my share. I had a D&C two weeks ago so we are thinking about trying in June also. I hope we both have luck!! I hope we hear some success stories though!!


babytwo - May 3

SMOMUSTANG - I also just experienced an ectopic which unfortunately ruptured and resulted in emergency surgery 4 weeks ago today. I ended up having my right tube removed. That was my 3rd subsequent m/c. My dr beleives that my 2nd loss may have also been ectopic due to the intensity and location of the pain I experienced whilst m/c. I did a fair bit of google searching whist going through this experience and found a couple excellent sites for ectopic pregnancies. Try and They include forums and other ladies experiences including some who have successfully gone on to have healthy little beans. I was told to wait two months to ttc however DH and I had a mistake after a few drinks and my OPK the next day was positive plus lots of EWCM. I am currently 14dpo and am concerned that we may be pg. My HPT has what looks like a faint line if you try hard so I am not sure if it is evap line or not. Will check again in a couple of days. I was advised that my left tube looks good but I am still worried.


smomustang - May 3

I had a very faint line when I got pregnant. They say any line usually means you are pregnant. I hope you are but I totally understand your concern. My dh are still throwing around the idea of trying this month but I am not sure about that. Let me know what happens babytwo!! I wish you luck. :)


cbella - May 4

My lines (all 3 of them as I took 3 hpt's) were all VERY much so that I didn't really think it could be a line. The result was faint at the dr too, biut that's probably b/c my level was only 120 at 5 weeks. Have you checked again yet babytwo? I have also visited an informative site! They respond so quickly to questions on their message board.



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