Really Confused And Need Ur Advice Please

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Crystal B - March 16

How long and how much are you surposed to bleed when having a miscarriage? B/c I was 5 weeks pregnant, and i think im having a miscarriage, I never had a miscarriage before or never even got pregnant, im VERY new to all this..I started bleeding yesterday, i havent had any serious pains or anything, im bleeding like a reg, period...i took 2 hpts that came out positives..then a few days later i took 2 more that came out negitive..please help me out? I dont know how much blood to expect or how long im surpossed to bleed..and also, how long will it be untill i get a period again? would i get it next cycle?? im sorry im asking like 100 questions but im really confused and need help....thank you so much!


LilKysMama - March 16

Sounds like you could have a chemical pregnancy situation. If you are in fact having a miscarriage it can be 4-6 weeks before your next period. sometimes longer. best of luck


Crystal B - March 17

thank you, how much do you usually bleed and for how long, i been bleeding for 2 days and im soo tired of it..


suzzieq - March 17

Crystal, sorry to hear of this and it is very confusing. I too lost my baby at about 5 weeks and I bled for almost the whole month of february. I never experienced any pain, cramps or pa__sing of tissue or clots during the entire bleeding process. Exact dates were feb. 2 &3 spotting, actual flow started on feb 4 and lasted until feb 21st. Surprisingly there wasn't really alot of blood, about the same as and less than what I have during period. So it was impossible for me to know what day I really had the m/c. But 18 days from the day I last bled from m/c I started spotting, for two days then had regular flow for 4 days, then light flow for 2 days and now I am on my 5th day of light spotting. I am hoping this was my period though it was much different than normal, but just going through m/c is rough on the body. Sorry for too much info, but but thought it would give you an idea since we were both about the same in pregnancy. But of course everyone is different, so again it is hard to say what you will experience. Have you called your doc yet? Best of luck!


Susan W - March 17

Everybody is different as far as how long it lasts. You may see a period as early as 4-6 weeks after the m/c, or it could be longer. It just depends on how quickly your HCG levels drop to below 5 so you can ovulate again. Once you ovulate, you should get AF 10-16 days later.


Crystal B - March 17

Thank you Suzzieq and susan W, gosh i only been bleeding for 3 days now and i hate it, i cant wait till i stop...i been feeling a lot better...Im planning on calling my doc today but what would i say the appointment is for, im thinking i was going to say i got a positive + and now im bleeding.. i never went tho anything like this so i dont know what to expect...


suzzieq - March 17

Crystal, have you seen your ob doc at all? If not than you should definately give him a call and get in. And yes telling them that is fine, they may get you in that day or next day. Hope everything works out ok, either way this site is wonderful so keep checking in!!



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