Recovery Time

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stefkay - January 22

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me if the recovery time is shorter after a natural miscarriage or after a d&c? I had a d&c 2 years ago so I don't even remember how long it took for me to bounce back. This time I've been waiting to miscarry and the dr suggested another d&c. I was hesitant because I was afraid of scarring (this would be my 3rd d&c). She told me I would bounce back more quickly from the d&c, but it seems it would take longer after being sc__ped (sorry, I hate using that word). BUT, I started bleeding this evening and it will probably happen on it's own before the d&c which isn't scheduled until next week. I'm wondering how soon my body will be back to "normal". I know it varies for everyone, and time will tell when my cycles come and are normal again, but what have your experiences been? Thanks...


sharerc - January 22

I was doing yard work the day after my D&C. But I'm just weird like that. It took me 5 weeks to have my first period. I'm on my 2nd cycle and it's so incredibly heavy that I'm worried that it's not just a period. Best of luck and I'm so sorry about your loss :(


stefkay - January 23

Thanks, sharerc...I too am sorry for your loss. It is good to know you are on your 2nd cycle! I dread the waiting. Right now I am feeling horrible. Everything hit met late late last night (cramps, etc..) and I'm still pa__sing stuff this morning. I'm never up this early but ibuprofen and alleve arene't even touching the pain. It comes in waves and I just want it done. I think the worst has pa__sed about 30 mins. ago (I'm hoping, I don't think I can take more of that).


oct19bad - January 23

Hey Sharerc, have you noticed any sort of pull or streatch on your right side a few months after your D & C? I am unsure if this is ovulation or something resulting from the D & C.. I also just posted this question this morning


sharerc - January 23

Hey, I had lots of cramping with this second cycle. All throughout the cycle. And (TMI warning) I swear I losing entirely too much blood right now. I've never in my life had a period this bad. But I talked with a friend at work who had a D&C 2 weeks before me and she said that her 2nd period was the same way, lots of pain and LOTS of bleeding. I'm not sure why your 1st period is light and then the 2nd so heavy. I go to the doctor tomorrow for a clomid check so I'll ask her then about it and post up what she says.


oct19bad - January 23

Oh ok Thanks for resonding. I have always had a heavy AF with bad cramps so it seems normal for me, the weird thing was the the pull or streatch feeling in the mid cycle. please keep us posted on what you Doctor has to say. PS what is clomid?


sharerc - January 23

No problem. Clomid helps regulate ovulation or start ovulation in my case. I don't ovulate every month so hopefully this will give me a jumpstart on getting pregnant again. I'll let you know what she says tomorrow about the heavy period and cramping on 2nd cycle.


sharerc - January 24

Hey, the OB told me it was very normal to have a heavy period and cramping with the second cycle. Just FYI.


oct19bad - January 25

Oh great.. Thanks for the info it really helps. Did you manage to get your clomid? I hope all is well


sharerc - January 25

Yes I did. I started it last night CD4 and will take it through CD8. Then start estrogen, then progesteron. I hope it does the trick!


oct19bad - January 25

Great! I hope it works. Please keep us posted on your progress. We have decided to wait till my 3rd cycle to TTC again which should be around April. Just a question how did you find out that you were not ovulating? I wonder if i should be checked ??


sharerc - January 25

Thanks! I hope it works out well. With my first pregnancy (my daughter) I did the temps. With the m/c I did the ovulation predictor kits. I ovulated 2 times in 6 months and was ovulating too late in my cycle. The luteal phase was not long enough. Late ovulation can lead to m/c so when I went in for the D&C I convinced my OB to let me try clomid to regulate the ovulation. She didn't argue. Hell she was about to operate on me so she probably didn't want to upset me. LOL!


stefkay - January 25

I've heard it is best to wait 3 cycles (sometimes 2) after m/c to ttc again. Is it the same with a natural m/c? After my 2nd d&c, the dr. told me to wait 3 cycles and I got pregnant after the first cycle. I m/c that one so I am going to try to wait. I just wonder if it is different with a natural m/c...can't seem to find any info on this. I too am wondering about the ovulation thing. This last time I got pg it was my first month charting so I really couldn't tell when I ovulated, but it seemed kind of late. I'm wondering if that might be my problem too. If I can just stick with this 3 cycle thing then I can actually see. I started a new chart the day the m/c started, but I don't know that a m/c would be considered a period? Anyone know?


oct19bad - January 25

Hi Stefkay, I am not sure but i dont think your M/C counts as a period? But again i am not 100% sure so see what other people say.


dukele - January 29

Hello. I just had my m/c wed evening before last (two weeks ago). It hurt more than anything I had ever felt before, for about 24 hours. I was then admitted to the hospital for a D&C. I was bleeding after, pretty heavy. After a couple of days it subsided, and now I am just spotting. I am still cramping and I still have lower back pain. I am worried and would like to hear stories of women who have miscarried. I am reading your stories about the second period and I am getting worried. I don't think I can handle that kind of pain again.


stefkay - January 29

I know, it was horrendous. I was so scared of it happening (I found out it was going to happen a week before it actually took place). Then I started to cramp and though, "oh this isn't toooo bad", then WHAM. I could barely breathe. I didn't bleed that long though, but I think now that I hemorraged. The nurse warned me that if I fill up a pad immediately and it drips down my leg then I'm hemorraging, but I made it to the rr each time I felt a gush come on and it was way more than a gush, sorry totally tmi...but I know that it filled a tupperware container each time b/c I had to "retrieve" it for the dr. to test. Talk about the grossest thing ever that I refuse to go through again :-(



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