Recurrent Miscarriage And MTHFR Support

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bettyg - February 10

Looking for some other people like me. I’ve been diagnosed with the MTHFR gene mutation (compound hetero I think—A1298C and C677T) as well as prolactinoma. I’ve had 4 m/c within 18 months. It’s been 4 months since my last m/c which occurred at 10 ½ weeks (the longest I have gone to-date.) The MTHFR diagnosis was after the last m/c. I went to a new doctor and she reran most of the test s I’d already had including the one for MTHFR because something looked strange from my previous results. Anyway, it was finally diagnosed (first doctor hadn’t bothered to mention it) and I’ve been taking the B vitamin mix for the last month or so. I just started Folgard to make it easier and am taking baby aspirin. During my last pregnancy, I also took Prometrium so I guess I will probably take that next time as well. After the 2nd m/c, I started focusing on my health as a whole and began acupuncture and other vitamins. I am a big believer is Eastern medicine and over the last few years have lost more and more faith in Western medicine and doctors in general. I’m trying to find a good balance between the two and strongly believe in my instinct as well. I’ve put up without a lot of annoying doctors and feel I deserve better. I’m 32 and have been married 6 years and live in the DC metro area. I’ve never had a successful pregnancy and am hoping to find the right combination here soon. Just wanted to see if there were others out there who would be interested in being each others support during this crazy and stressful time.


stefkay - February 11

Hi betty! I too had several losses (6 - 3 between 6-8 weeks and 3 were very early chemical pregnancies). The only thing that really came up for me was hetero C677T MTHFR. Not as problematic as your situation, but bothersome still. I started taking in addition to my prenatal the baby aspirin, extra folic (5mg per day), B6, B12, calcium and Omega 3. I started this after the 4th I think about a year ago and then with this last pregnancy we added lovenox blood thinner shots. I too started acupuncture 3 months before this last pregnancy (got pregnant in October) and love it. I think the whole combo helped as I am now almost 20 weeks and baby has had several scans and seems to be doing good. I am still freaked out every day but am trying to be more optimistic :) OH, I also did 300mg prometrium from weeks 4-14 on this pregnancy. I was only given progesterone on one other pregnancy but that doctor was an a__s and only gave me 50mg per day and didnt start it until almost 7 weeks lmp (baby was only measureing about 5 weeks though so I knew it was not going well). I also see a homeopathic doctor who put me on iodine supplements due to low levels. Iodine also regulates hormones, etc. I don't know what my exact problem is or was, but I believe it was a combo of several things, mainly horomonal imbalances. For you I can see being compound hetero you need to be on all the stuff I am on plus possibly blood thinners. I finally got a very knowledgeable, LIBERAL doctor who said "let's try it all" and I'm glad he did. The prolactinoma you have is also a BIG deal...I know the perinatologist I saw after the 5th loss tested me for this and said it is rare for women to truly have it, but if they do it causes losses and is EASILY treated with meds. Did you get on anything for it? It is excess prolactin levels, correct?


bettyg - February 11

Hi stefkay - congratulations on your pregnancy! I had two between 6 1/2 and 8 1/2 weeks and the 3rd was at five weeks, Is that considered chemical? I've become an expert at having blood drawn. I don't think my prolactinoma is super serious. I have a micro-adenoma and yes, it increases prolactin levels so that your body thinks it's pregnant and you may not menstrate. It was actually discovered before we started trying. I'd decided to go off of BCP so my body could go back to normal. Little did I know what "normal" is to my body now :-) I take medicine for it but have to admit I don't take the full dose because it lowered by levels too much. I love acupuncture too! Unfortunately, my homeopathic doctor has been on maternity leave (ironic huh?) so I haven't been going but I miss it terribly. I tried going to her sub but it wasn't the same. I've never heard of taking iodine? I wonder if that's something I should ask about. I have been trying to take DHA (which I think covers the Omega-3). I was better about it when I was pregnant. I'm not as consistent otherwise. I'm definitely all for trying stuff that couldn't hurt. I still haven't found a doctor I'm really happy with. They are all so hesitant to commit to anything because nothing is proven. Did you see a hemotologist? I've thought about this just to understand the whole MTHFR condition overall, regardless of fertility. Anyway, thanks for sharing! And congratulations on being 20 weeks.


stefkay - February 11

Thank you! Nope, did not see a hematologist. A fertility specialist is the one who prescribed for me and he seemed very confident about it. I was more worried than he was,but apparently lovenox is the safest blood thinner. I'm on a fairly low dose too. Most doctors will probably be more conservative and not do the blood thinners, but I'm glad mine did or I'd have wondered forever if it would have helped, you know? Everything else you are doing sounds great! DHA is good...the omega 3 I take has DHA and EPA and I just did that because I heard EPA was good too for brain development, etc. My homeopath tested me for the iodine because I had symptoms of low levels (suggests hypothyroidism even though my TSH levels were normal. I guess it was subclinical or something like that.)



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