Recurrent Miscarriages

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sabab - April 20

Hi All, I am 32 years old and have been having recurrent miscarriages , one in 2004, one in july 2005 and the third one this week... All of them are when I am between 5 to 6 weeks.. The first two I got pregnant naturally , the third one I used clomid, leville and have been taking aspirin , pre-natal vitamins and prometrium.. I am really concerned about why this is happening again and again... My doc thinks it is due to chromosomal abnormalities..Any body else in the same boat as me? Thanks.


karen goode - April 20

Yep, I am going through my second miscarriage right now. Had a D&C on Monday. My first mc was via a D&C on12/22 I was at 8 weeks. The baby stopped progressing and the heart beat weakened. I really felt that this time everything would be o.k. I started miscarrying on friday and had a D&C. This time I was at 7 weeks but the baby never developed at all. Just a gest. sac. I am so scared we will never have children. I have gone through so much blood work. We will find out the results next week. My thoughts are with you.


Kristine - April 20

Sabab, Sorry to hear of your losses. I just had my 3rd recurrent miscarriage since August of 2005. They have run the chromosome bloodwork on myself an DH after my 2nd m/c and it came back normal. I went on baby aspirin and prometrium for the 3rd and still lost it. We will now see what is called a Reproductive Endocrinologist. They see women who have multiple m/c's and it is their specialty. I would suggest you see a specialist with your history also. Good luck. By the way, I will be 34 next month so time is ticking also.


sabab - April 20

Hi Kristine, Tx, My thoughts are with you .. I know what it is like going through those.. I have been seeing a RE for one year already.. Now she gives me the options of going for a IVF with PGD, or keep trying and hope chromosomal abnormaliities won't happen again or to see some specialist in miscarriages which basically your insurance does not cover.. It is also frustating,confusing and mindboggling.. ..


Kristine - April 20

What type of specilaist does she mean? I was told RE's are m/c specialists. This just gets more confusing..............................................Can you explain what PGD is?


sabab - April 21

think the specialist she was referring to would do more intensive blood work to see if somthing is wrong and use some new technology IVIG... which is not FDA approved yet.


sarahbaby11 - April 21

i am not sure of the name4 but my mother was fund to have this disease by bloodwork not done by her gyno. she had it done while they were looking for brest cancer. apparently many women have this and it goes unnoticed. it can cause miscarriage after miacarriage an wll it takes is a shot while pregnant to prevent a miscarriage. i am going tuesday to the doctor to have bloodwork done and i will postthe name of the disease so other women can gte tested.


Dylan - April 21

Hello ladies!! I have had four miscarriages. Two at nine weeks, one at 11 weeks and one at 13.5 weeks. I did have a healthy pregnancy after my first miscarriage. After my fourth loss in October, my doctor finally started ordering tests and referred me to a perinatologist. In addition to being homozygous for a MTHFR mutation, I just learned that I have an Immunological Disorder. Apparently, my body attacks the embryo because it thinks it is a bad cell. This condition is costly to diagnose and even, more costly to treat. The treatment is called Intravenous Gamma Globulin (IVIG) which is basically a blood transfusion. Since the treatment is experimental, it is not covered by insurance. The test to diagnose the condition is called an NK Killing a__say. I am at a loss as to what I should do. What if I do spend thousands of dollars for treatment and it does not work???? There are very few places who will even do it here in the United States. There is a website for the doctor who invented the test. It is Best of luck to all of you and I hope no one else is diagnosed with this. Dylan


Kristine - April 22

Dylan, How did they know you have this disorder? Is it some type of blood test they run? Can I ask the cost it was to just run the test?


sabab - April 23

Hi, sarahbaby11 could you let us know what test it was that your mom took.. Also Dylan your response is extremely helpful too... I went to the web site and I think my RE did some of those test but not all of those especially the NK a__say tests.. I am thinking of getting second opinions from different RE's and a RPL(Reccurent pregnancy loss) specialist in UOC.. Do you think seeing a perinatologist will help.. I did do some reasearch on those doctors in chicago but haven't taken an appt yet..


JuJu - April 24

Sabab; I have had two m/c's this year; one in January and the 2nd in March. Although they don't usually run testing until you've had 3 m/c's, I asked my OB to run them after my second, which he was happy to do. They have undertaken a raft of tests, including chromasomal tests (placental), blood tests and tests on my lost bubs. What they have determined is that my babies were fine; my problem is that my blood is clotting a little too quickly. Something so tiny - but can have major effects on a pregnancy. Although I am relieved that they seemed to have determined a reason behind my m/c's, it is also difficult to come to terms with the fact that in both cases, my babies would have been fine had it not been for my clotting condition. The weird thing is, I didn't have a problem during my pregnancy with my DD, now 18 months. The body is such a mysterious thing!! The great thing is, I am learning about my body and it's strengths and weaknesses, which can only help me with ttc again. Is your doctor carrying out testing for you? If not, I would highly recommend extensive testing - anything to prevent you from suffering further miscarriages. It is heartbreaking to suffer from recurrent m/c's - but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thinking of you, XX


Dylan - April 24

Hi Sabab. I would suggest first asking your current doctor about testing you for an immune disorder. This way you will not have to wait to see yet another doctor. The perinatologist I am seeing is a specialist at UCLA and it takes forever to get in to see him. Even after I have my tests it takes over a month to get an appointment just to get my results. I also have a clotting disorder, but my doctors do not think that is what is causing my miscarriages. Kristine: The test is a blood test called NK Killing a__say which cost me about $1500. I just submitted to my insurance company to see if they will pay for it.


sabab - April 24

Hello, I just got my medical reports from my doctors and I see that I have a ANA (Anti nuclear antibody) of 1:40 t_ter.. On researching it says it is little above the reference range..The normal values are upto 1:40.. I can see from the reports that lot of other tests were done after my second m/c like DNA a___lysis,karyotyping and lot more.. but looks like they all came back normal.. I have been given baby aspirin then bcos the ANA levels were little high.. but looks like they went up more after the third m/c.. It is so confusing.. I am thinking of seeing an immune specialist Joanne Kwak-Kim, M.D. at .. which my RE refered to...


stephaniek - April 25

Hi ladies- I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. I too have had three miscarriages- two of them in a row since October 2004. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant but my hcg levels are not good. I am 38 and looking at my third miscarriage in a row- my second in 5 months. I just don't know what to do. I had a normal pregnancy and baby boy in May 2003 and since then have had all of these problems. In three of these four m/c I never had any bleeding or symptoms but the 10 week u/s never found a heartbeat and the baby only measured 7 weeks each time. This time i have been on prometrium and baby aspirin- but my hcg levels are low and not doubling. i'm so afraid I'm looking at another D&C. Does anyone know of any happy endings with low hcg numbers? I'm 38 now and so afraid that I won't be able to have more children..... Could all three of these m/c just be a fluke? Do I just keep trying and hoping for the best? My emotions are so raw and I'm so scared of going through this again and again. Thanks for listening.


Kristine - April 26

Stephanie, Have you ever had testing after your m/c's to detect a problem? After my 2nd m/c, I had bloodwork and it was generally normal. When I became pregnant the 3rd time, I was put on prometrium and baby aspirin. We saw the hb at 6 weeks but it was gone at 10 weeks. They never tested my progesterone levels so I guess they just a__sumed low progesterone was a problem. I am now going to see an RE on May 11th. You should definitely be working with a specialist at this point to closely monitor you. Best of luck and keep us posted. You will find much support here.


stephaniek - April 26

Hi Kristine- thanks for the support. I can tell that this is a place to feel that. (My husband is wonderful, but I guess men just can't fully comprehend what we're going through.) I was tested 2 weeks after my miscarriage in November and all of the blood work was normal. I have a 'high risk" OB doc right now- he took over in November and i really like him- but he seems convinced these m/cs are just "flukes"- chromosomes not lining up right. I think that makes me feel worse- if i knew the problem maybe we could fix it! It sounds like we are having similar situations- let me know how the apt with the RE goes. I get my hcg results tomorrow- I'm desperately hopeful, but realistically ready for bad news- does that make sense?


Kristine - April 27

Stephanie, I felt the same way at my 10 week scan. i was hopeful but had this feeling of doom. Have they ever done a scan of your uterus? I believe they may be doing that for me seeing the bloodwork is normal. Here's an excerpt from my new RE's website about a procedure I had never heard of........................ "PGD is a procedure where eggs or embryos are tested for certain genetic disorders – both inherited and non-inherited – prior to being transferred in the uterus. It is most beneficial for couples with known chromosomal or genetic abnormalities who are at risk of having an affected child; couples without genetic disorders by testing age-related chromosomal abnormalities in women 35 years and older or women with recurrent IVF failure; or couples with a history of recurrent pregnancy loss with or without a genetic basis." ....................................................You may want to ask about this but of course hope for the best with your current pregnancy. I know it is so hard but try to keep the faith today.



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