Remembering Baby Memorial Ideas

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gbsmom - May 9

I just saw on another thread some really nice ways that moms are memorializing their lost babies. It gave me some inspiration (I'm going to get a necklace with my 2 babies' birthstones, to wear on special/family occasions), so I thought I'd see if more moms would like to share what they've done to honor and remember their LOs. I'd love to see more of the beautiful ways we keep our babies with us.


Nopi - May 11

Hi Gbsmom, i miscarried our first pregnancy at 7wks. My husband and I were devastated. It has been just about 3mos since our loss. I have my good days and my bad days. I am ok, for the most part, with pregnant women and babies....I just get sad when I watch baby shows or see baby shower pictures. I decided to do research on miscarriages and pregnancy, which has helped give me strength through all this. I decided to get a Miscarriage Awareness Ribbon tattoo. Tattoos are my thing, and I knew the second i saw the ribbon I wanted it! I was having a rough time dealing with the loss. I got the tattoo on the back of my neck. To me, it symbolizes that this experience made me a stronger and more appreciative person. Our neck supports our head, and this tattoo (for me) has made me hold my head up and keep pushing forward. Good luck to all who have lost in their hopes for a BFP and a H&H9mos!


DownbutnotOUT - May 14

I had 3 really early mc's, too early to even figure out due dates, than I went on to have 3 healthy babies I felt truly blessed. I had a really horrible missed miscarriage that started May 15, 2006, I did go on to have another baby May 31, 2007 (Baby #4). What I did is got my husband and all 4 of my children's horoscope on the back of my neck. I created my own design and was able to fit my husband and 3 boys horoscope sign into a really neat design, and than mine is separate right below theirs and my daughter's is separate right below mine. though for my horoscope sign, the baby I lost was a Sagittarius, has an arrow crossed threw mine to represent the child I lost that will always be with me. My horoscope and the baby I lost horoscope are the only ones that actually cross. To me it is a reminder to the baby I loved so much but never got to hold.


mltp74 - July 10

sorry 2 all who had miscarriaged. i was 5 weeks when i misc and it broke my heart. i was so happy when i found out i was preg. me and my hubby found out on father's day wit a home preg test. i stopped eatin and drinkin anythin dat could b bad 4 da baby. it was my 1st preg. when i misc it was like i lost a piece of me. i kno things like this happen but da bleedin and crampin hurt so bad but not as bad as losin a part of u. it made me kind of scare 2 try 2 get preg again only cuz i dont want 2 hav another misc. but n time me and my husband will try again.


lozzy - August 13

I also miscarried a few weeks ago, I was nine weeks. The way I remember our little one is I got a bead for my pandora bracelet, its a little angel with the march birthstone in it as our baby would have been due March 6th 2010. I have not taken the bracelet off since, now whenever I look at it I think of our little angel and am filled with hope that it will happen for us one day. I really love the idea of a tatoo though :)



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