Retroplacental Clot At The End Of First Trimester

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Light house - January 29

It sounds quite scary. It is a ultrosound finding, but the baby seems to be OK according to the same ultrosound, with a heart rate at 170. My OB doctor ask me to have another one next week and measure the thickness of the neck of the baby. But I have so many questions about the clot that were unansweared. Is it common/normal? I guess not. Can it be something serious that I may lose the baby? Is it casued by exercise, too much movement? Do I need to rest all the times to keep it getting worse? Anyone have some similar experiences? Please help. Thanks a million. L.H.


JuJu - February 2

Hi Lighthouse; I am so sorry that you are facing such a worrying situation. I Haven't had a retroplacental clot, but during my first pregnancy I did have a very similar type of clot, called a 'subchorionic hematoma' (SCH) and I am happy to say that everything turned out fine. I think a 'retroplacental clot' is when the clot is fully between the placenta and the uterine wall, whereas an SCH (I think) is when the clot is partly behind the placenta. I had no idea that anything was wrong until I started to spot at around 9 weeks, and it continued on and off for a few weeks until the SCH drained/healed. I was so scared during that time, but the u/s I had always showed a healthy fetus, which was rea__suring. In terms of what you can do to help the situation, if I were you I would definitely take thing easy over the next few weeks, although my OB did tell me at the time that the evidence is only sketchy that bed-rest helps with clots in the first half of pregnancy. Still your odds are good if further u/s show that bub is still doing well - by your stage of pregnancy the baby is becoming quite resilient and attached in there - statistically the odds are in your favour. Hope everything continues well for you- good luck!



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