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Kim L - February 13

Hey girls! I'm so excited to see the way the Going For threads have grown! So much new stuff happening! I know that it's getting crowded though, and as a result we don't get to hear from each other as often. So I'm starting this thread to hear from you gals who were there at the beginning or came in shortly after: TANYA, TRACY, CAROLE, KYLIE, ALISON, VAL, MEG, ROXANNE, SHERIE, CRISY, BROOKE, LYNN, LILU, CARLA, and anyone else I may have missed, give us an update! Love to you all. xxoo


Roxy - February 13

Hi, I think this is a really good idea. Like you I am happy that the girls have found each other on the going for threads but I just felt very imtimidated and I was having a very hard time keeping up with all of the information. So I would love to know how all of you wonderful ladies are doing. I have another ultrasound tomorrow and I am so excited. My dh gets to come this time so that is a great Valentines gift for him. Kim, I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound coming up. If you have pictures, be sure to send them to me. Hope all is well with the newly pregnant mommies, the mommies well on their way and to the mommies that have not yet concieved. When the time is right, it will happen for you. We will all be praying for you.


Kim L - February 13

Hey Roxy! Oh i can't wait to hear about yours too! Post as soon as you get back. What a fun thing it is to get to see how much our little ones are changing in these early days. I will for sure send any pictures I get. :-) Good to hear from you!


Carole - February 13

Hey Girls! I am so excited to reconnect. I feel out of touch. I can't wait to hear about everyone's progress. I need to run but I will do a better update on me tonight. Miss all of you!


Angela Mac - February 13

I thought I would give you an update since I couldn't wait to be able to tell you guys but yes I got my BFP this weekend. I won't bother you though since I'm not on the list. Best of luck to all of you hopefully you will all be holding your babies real soon.


Kim L - February 13

Angela: you're not a bother at all - CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you. I still plan to keep reading and posting some in the other thread too, so I'll be following your progress! :-) Carole talk to you soon!


Carla - February 13

Hi Girls, I love this idea! I would love to hear from you girls more! So my update is ill be 12 weeks on friday and my next appt is feb 28th. Im excited b/c they will be doing a ultrasound on top of my belly, NO more transv____al!!!! lol ROXY- I cant wait to hear about your appt and please send me the pics when u get a chance. Has anyone heard from brooke????


meg r - February 13

Hey girls!!! How are ya?! This is so great! I miss all of you wonderful women!!! Ho's everyone doing?! I'm 8w 4d and counting!!! I have my first OB appt on the 23d and am hoping I get to hear the heartbeat! It would be so neat!! How is everyone doing? CAROLE-I feel likeI haven't seen you in ages, how are ya? KIM and ROXANNE-How are your little beans doing? CARLA-YOur little bean is getting so big!! How are you feeling! Well, ladies, good hearing from you. Keep it up and I hope to hear from many of the other originals soon!!!!!! HUGS!!!


Kylie - February 14

Hello all my wonderful friends I've missed you all so much. Kim whata great idea. I'm so glad all our mums to be are doing well. I go for my blood test tomorrow to confirm my bfp and after about 10 hpts I'm convinced I'm pregnant! Isn't it hilarious the things we do. Carole when do you see you eggs again??? I hope they're ready to rumble this month. We just had Vd and dh picked me flowers from our garden and wrote me a note saying "I love you and I think you'll be a great mum" How sweet is that, I got a little teary. Take care I'll talk more later.xxxooo


Lilu - February 14

I'm cd 25. I was out yesterday. We got 17 inches of snow!! I love the snow, it's so pretty. Okay... my temps went up sunday but FF isn't telling me when they think I o'ed?? So... I really don't have a clue. My cycle is so screwy this month that I'm just gonna wait for af to come and not think too much about this tww, if I'm even in it. CONGRATS... Kylie & Angela! How's left waiting for their BFP?


TracyP - February 14

Hi Guys! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!Thank you Kim...this was a great idea! No real updates from me. Just sick as a dog (and no, not pregnancy related this time!). I have a horrendous cold and, I think, an ear infection. Trying to get a doctor to see me --ob says my primary doctor and my primary sais ob/gyn!). Anyway, today I'm 20 weeks. Half way through! KYLIE- Don't think I've told you congratulations yet! What great news. I've been e-mailing with Brooke so I'll let her know where we are.


Val - February 14

Hi ladies! Kim, this was a nice idea. I like the other thread, but I missed hearing from everyone here. Now I can do both threads! Tracy - I'm so happy you are at 20 weeks - that is just wonderful! Lilu, I think it's you, me and Carole waiting for bfps. Is that right? Kim, how are you feeling? Roxanne (do you like to go by that or by Roxy?) I hope your u/s went well today! I'm on cd5 today so not much to update. Happy Valentine's day to all!


Kim L - February 14

Good morning and almost afternoon girls! CARLA: 12 weeks. I can't believe how fast it seems to be going for you! I'm sure it doesn't always feel that way though, lol! And hey, no more transv____al u/s is DEFINITELY something to celebrate. Can't wait to see your new pics on Feb 28! And MEG you too! I just can't believe you're almost in your 9th week all of the sudden. Glad to hear you are doing well, I've been thinking about you. KYLIE: Your dh is so precious, what a wonderful thing for him to do. I'm still buzzing over your news and so excited for you! New house and new baby to celebrate, that's just wonderful. LILU, CAROLE, and VAL: I'm going out on a limb and saying it's bfp for all three of you this month. Oh my goodness, that would make my joy complete!!!!!!! So it looks like you'll be testing in that order, eh? I'm so excited. I know it's been such a long road for you guys, and I just can't wait until we can all celebrate your good news together!! Hey there TRACE: thinking about you babe. 20 weeks! Where does it go? And hey ya'all, Tracy told me via email she totally popped out over the weekend, let's pressure her to send us belly shots. ;-) ROXY: I'm so anxious!!! Let us know right away when you're back!!! I'm doing well but sick! Literally all day long off and on for the last 3 days. It's wonderful, really. I know something is going on and I just can't wait to see this baby on Thursday. In the meantime I'm going with crackers, veggies and soup. Between last night and now, I ate an entire box of wheat thins. WOO HOO!


Carla - February 14

11w 4d, Happy Valentines day girls!! MEG- wow almost 9 weeks thats great! Cant wait to hear about your appt on the 23rd. KYLIE- That was so sweet of dh, You 2 definitly are having a special valentines day this year. LILU- Wow thats alot of snow...must be fun! TRACY- So sorry you are sick, I hope you get into the dr soon and start feeling better, Congrats on your half way mark! Woo Hoo! How is brooke doing? Yes definitly tell her about our new thread, i would love to hear from her. VAL- Hi! Hoping for your bfp!!!! Happy Valentines day everyone! xoxoxo


Carla - February 14

KIM- I was posted as you did lol Hi! It felt like it went fast from 9 weeks till now but from when i found out till 9 weeks or so felt like it crawled by. Tracy a__sured me though that After 12 weeks it definitly goes by fast, thank god. Im so excited for your appt thursday you have to tell us everything when you get back! Happy Valentines day


Lilu - February 14

I have no idea when I should test?? I guess I will count 14 days from when my temp went up? Is that correct? I really disappointed about this cycle. I have a question... I don't know if you guys read my post about BV. I called the doc friday and told her I think I was starting an infection and she called me in a script. I told her I was in the process of conceieving and this was my window. She said if I can hold off taking it until I'm sure my window pa__sed... it's better. This way I won't disturb the environment. She prescribed Metrogel. have any of you taken it? I have to insert it at bedtime for 5 days. My question is can it hurt the beginning stages of pregnancy if I am preggo.


Tanya - February 14

Happy Valentine's Day! It's so good to hear from you all. Can you girls believe this thread started a whole 7 months ago! Wow! KYLIE, congratulations! I'm so so happy for you & dh and he is right - you will be a great mum! (I just love saying that!) CAROLE, VAL, & LILU, I can't wait to celebrate with you soon! I think Tracy, Sherie & Brooke are close in due dates with Crisy right behind. Can you all post your due dates? I want to put them on my calendar. ROXIE, MEG, & CARLA, I'm so glad your pregnancies are moving right along!!! This is all so exciting! Quick update for me: I'm 6 wks 4 days. I had a scan last Friday. We seen our little yolk sac. I'm hoping baby bean was hiding behind it all snug and I will see him or her soon. My next appt. is 3/1. I can't wait! TRACY, I'm sending get well wishes for ya. LILU, I think I would wait on the meds unless you are sure you have an infection, but I'm sure your doc would have mentioned if there were possible risks. So it's probably ok. KIM, your wheat thins sounds so much better than the chocolate covered strawberries, cherries and pretzels I've been eating. DH bought me a big basket of goodies, but honestly I was wishing for a basket of fruit :-) I think I've made myself sick just nibbling! But it was a "sweet" surprise!



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