kate - January 9

Any type of miscarriage, abortion, amnio, cvs, or 28 week gestation and subsequent birth requires Rhogam shot if you are Rh-.If you do not receive this shot you will build antibodies to fight anything foreign in your system..like a fetus.My question..what if you had a miscarriage and didn't know it..it happens.After d&c I will be asking for a screening to see if I carry these antibodies.Once you are sensitized you can never rid of these antiobodies..just like antibodies against chicken pox.Ask your doctor for this screening if you have had a miscarriage and are Rh negative.


Pam - January 11

I had a miscarriage 2 weeks before Christmas on my 3rd pregnancy and it never occured to me that I would need a jab. I'm rh- and had several of these with my 2 boys, my doc is new to me and as it all happened early he never asked my blood group. I'm also living in a non-English speaking country so it makes it harder. Do anyone know how to ask for this in Greek?! Should I go back and ask if I need this?


julie - January 11

yes yes yes! make sure you get it! it could harm you especially if you plan on getting pregnant again!


kate - January 11

Within 72 hours is best...an early miscarriage might not be too, bad tho.Rhogam...say Rhogam...doctor should know what this is.


KORRI WHIPPLE - January 30



Amy - January 31

I just had a miscarriage, but the first round of blood tests they do, the VERY first thing they do is check out your blood type. The reason why you need a Rhogam shot is in case the baby has a positive blood type. Kate is right, your body will see the baby as a foriegn object and will fight it. I have a friend who is a L&D nurse and she told me the doctors always check for that first so I didn't have to worry about telling them. At least the Dr. I go to- they know what they're doing. She said I needed the shot with this miscarriage in case my body prouduced antibodies. I think I remember her saying that this shot will take care of the next pregnancy, but I will need another shot right after I have the next baby.


kate - January 31

I know that I am Rh- and have had all the Rhogam shots at appropriate times...my concern was what if I miscarried and didn't know...thus never receiving the shot.I want to be screened for antibodies already formed..which you can never rid of.Subsequent pregnancies may require invitro transfusions.


Karen - January 31

Kate, your specific question may have a harmless answer. My latest miscarriage was @ 13wks (baby died about 4 wks previously) and I practically had to shout to get the shot. The doc said its a matter of personal opinion and debate (among doctors - who aren't personally affected by it) whether early miscarriages need the shot or not. She said that the baby doesn't develop its own blood supply until about 12 weeks gestation, so anything before that is unlikely to cause problems. But it isn't HER who is affected, is it. I myself have enough problems with ALL the babies I have conceived with my husband dying at some stage, and rhesus incompatibility would just make the situation impossible. As for an un-noticed miscarriage, you must mean VERY early, probably before a baby had even begun to develop, so I think its probably physically impossible for it to cause a problem. But you are doing the right thing asking for screening, it pays to check. PAM, I'm living in a non-English speaking country too - but sorry, I can't help with Greek! I don't know if its too late now for the jab, but yes, the term Rhogam is universal, and so is Rh-.


Trisha Kelly - October 3

Hello everyone. I am RH "A-" blood type and am a believer in the Messiah Yahshua(Jesus)Messiah. I have some good news to spread to all RH- people. We are most likely the tribes of isrealites scattered worldwide(Gods chosen seedline of Abraham). This is my thoery and I also have scriptures. Please email me if you would like to know more concerning this. The real truth needs to be known. Please email me at [email protected] and spread the news to your RH- friends and family. Love and hugs in Yahshua, sis trisha kelly


mia - October 3

I too am Rh-, i have a six yr old and i had the shot after him i had a m/c last year and have not had the shot i am ttc now but thought the shot i had after my six yr old covers subsequent pregnancies.


Cyndi - October 4

After my last m/c the doc didn't want to give me the Rho gAm shot I had to beg for it. Good thing I did because I already had 2 m/c and I dont want to make this any harder than it already is.


Amanda - October 11

Given that you asked this questionin Jan I hope yo uare now the proud mum of a happy baby. For anyone else reading this who is concerned about leaving the shot too late, the shot must be taken within 72 hours of contamination (for lack of a better word). I unfortuanately did not know about it until 6 weeks after contamination as my Dr never mentioned it. I now have no choice but to wait and see how it affects my baby.


Erin - October 12

Rhogam is knows as ANTI -D in England and other parts of Europe as well. They do not call it Rhogam. Recent studies are upheld the belief that Rhesus incompatibility does NOT cause early miscarriage. If an RH- woman becomes sensitized by blood crossing over from an RH+ fetus (either at delivery or during a big bleed, such as an abruption or late miscarriage), her first baby will be FINE. The risk is to subsequent RH+ fetuses (RH-babies pose no risk and will not be affected by a sensitized mother, basically they are NO problem). If a woman has been sensitized and gets pregnant with another RH+ baby, that child will show trouble in the second, sometimes third trimester. Treatment is a complete in utero blood transfusion for this fetus. This is the concern with Rhesus incompatibility, not early mc.


Erin - October 12

I believe now that the doctors can give you injections to reverse contamination. There are lots of different antibodies that cause mc's and this an area where doctors are making a lot of progress treating woman with recurrent mc's. I know a woman who had antiphospholipid antibodies, and they were able to control them with some sort of injection.... She had a healthy baby girl at 40 after this treatment.



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